Monsoon Awareness Week: Flash Flood Safety

Welcome to the Monsoon Awareness Week web
briefing, brought to you by The National Weather Service in Phoenix Arizona. The week of June
9th through the 14th has been designated as Monsoon Awareness Week in Arizona. Each day
a different topic will be addressed to highlight significant weather hazards and safety precautions
to take when severe weather strikes. Today�s topic is Flash Floods. The number one thunderstorm related killer
is flash floods. Most flash flood deaths occur in vehicles, and the slogan �Turn Around,
Don�t Drown!� was created to help remind people of the dangers of flash floods. Moving
water only two to three feet deep will carry away most vehicles. As a precaution, keep
children away from creeks and washes when heavy rain is in the area. It is especially
important to be careful when driving at night, as water depth and road conditions are harder
to see. Here are some more flash flood safety items.
It is good practice to never cross through running water covering a roadway. If it is
muddy, the road conditions and water depth are hard to determine, especially at night.
Water filled roadway dips can cause hydroplaning, so slow down! Only two feet of running water
can pick up and carry most vehicles, including trucks and SUVs. This is illustrated by the
graphic at the bottom of this slide. For more information, please visit our webpage
at for up to date information and the latest forecast products.
As always, having a NOAA Weather Radio in your home or business will ensure you receive
timely notification of watches, warnings and advisories that are issued in in your area.
The National Weather Service Phoenix office is on Facebook, so check out our page and
�Like� us to follow along. We are also on Twitter and YouTube, posting updates with
weather and climate information. Thank you for tuning in and have a safe Monsoon!

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