Monster Bag of St. Johns River Bass!!

46 thoughts on “Monster Bag of St. Johns River Bass!!

  1. Was that rod an Abu Garcia Heavy Action Veritas? Also, what size weight were you using?

  2. Awesome video bro!!!  We moved into this area a year ago and me, my oldest son and three grandsons started bass fishing together. After watching this, I am stoked!  That area looked familiar. Was it the sand bar down near 7 sister islands, few miles south of Palatka?   

  3. What time of year was this?  I am looking to go down in late December and over new years so could definitely use any tips!

  4. Also noticed your trolling motor was out of the water almost always.  did you see these fish actually in the water or were you pitching to holes?  what were your most successful baits? did you use any top water like skinny dippers or frogs?

  5. Flops and rain gear gotta love it.  Great edit and some chunky chunks. 

  6. I grew up near there, and caught fish like that almost every day.
    Too bad Florida Governor Rick Scott is allowing the Koch brothers (Georgia Pacific) to dump millions of gallons of toxic waste into the river in Palatka every day.
    They're killing OUR river for a few measly dollars.

  7. Loved the video. Was wondering if you took people out fishing. I'm new to the Jacksonville area and don't have a boat. Willing to pay.

  8. we're you fishing near Clark's fish camp because I live near there and I never catch anything 😑

  9. Check here before consuming to much bass. Our lakes and rivers here are poisoned with high levels of mercury and pesticide. Sad but true. Be safe and peace.

  10. Hey man, I have a high school state tournament coming up this weekend. If you could comment back some tips or even message me on Instagram @kyle.hinds that would be awesome. Thanks!

  11. You absolutely Rock !!!Love the video .and OH Yeah YOU definitely know how too fish.

  12. Bro this video got me so jacked I hope I don't break my flipping Rod tomorrow😃

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