Monster Barramundi Fishing with Andrew at Faust Dam Andy’s Fish Video EP.346

Hello everyone, Andy here, fishing in Peter Faust Dam. Fishing with Andrew today. The average fish about 100cm long. I don’t fish here much, but Andrew keeps dragging me here. Andrew usually out-fishes me. I am fishing with the handle on the wrong side of the reel today. It is different to how I normally fish. Bite time is in half an hour. I’m very pessimistic about the fish bitting. Fishing through the dense timber And try to pull a meter Barramundi out of it. Good luck. Are you not ready Andrew? First fish coming up. We are sinking! Have you got a bilge pump? We are sinking everyone!!! We just need to putt he bung back in. This is the bung. Is the hole in the middle? Andrew didn’t do his job at all well. Ok, the bung is in now. We won’t die today, phew! Good work Andrew….. You idiot! Team effort. Water is coming out. That will take a while. Ten minutes is up. Oh, fish on. Wooo, hooo, what a good fish. Very big fish. Here he comes. Very big Barra. He is wearing through the leader. The Barramundi is around the tree. Coming up. I haven’t caught a Barra for a long time. I was about to say ‘lets go home Andrew’. Here is the Barra. Huge fish. The line will break soon. Catch him this time. Barramundi is touching the boat. Beautiful, nice Barra catch. Woo hooo! Massive Barramundi. Great fish. The lure is right down the Barra’s throat. Pull it out… My fist going into the Barra’s mouth. Get some pliers. Just one little piece of hook. Just under a meter long. 97cm Barramundi Quick photo and release. There we are 97cm or prime Barra. Beautiful fish. Let her go very soon. Drop the Barra over the side. Almost ready to go. There she goes, wooo! I wonder why I come to the dam at times. But that is exactly why. Andrew wants a pat on the back for driving the boat. Thank you Andrew, thank you.
Andrew wants a pat on the back for driving the boat. Thank you Andrew, thank you. Now, it’s your turn. Nice, nice. Lets catch another one. Here is the lure I caught the Barramundi on, a Wild Eye minnow by Storm. I have cut the worn leader off. It was that far inside the Barra’s mouth. A long way in, and I put my fist in her mouth. Big fish, lots of fun. Here is the knot I use, perfection loop. Loop first, then through the eye, in the loop and back in the eye. And back through the loop, all about the loop. Nice and lose. Andrew stole the front of the boat. That fish felt much smaller at the start. The hit and the first run. I would have called it for 80cm to begin with. I cast with right and wind with right normally. I am confused, it’s all different. You caught me out. That is for when fish bit. Not for tricking. Ha ha, Andrew is caught in a tree. I am just going to sneak in and catch your fish. YEP, GOT HIM! Around the tree, turn the electric off. Back up. He is still there. Still there. Yes he is out. I think it’s a Barramundi. He isn’t jumping. This rod is now uncomfortable. Here is the fish, Barra. He is only just hooked. My faith in the dam is restored. Where is the net? Caught another Barramundi, yea haa. Use pliers to get to hooks out. Same lure again. Barramundi of 73cm long. Off you go fish. Thank you! I can never remember where the fish came from. I always forget. YEP! He heee he… Got you. That was a good day for me. How do you feel about that Andrew? Not with the finger… No words from Andrew. Time to go home.

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