Oh Sharers well so we’re having a major
storm at the house we’re having insane flooding this is going to cause I don’t
even know what’s gonna happen with the pond monster but this is going to be
crazy I’ve never seen so much flooding my entire life this is insane oh and
there’s the storm the storm is still here and check this out we have like a
muddy river in our backyard now it’s almost about to touch the pond whoa this
is getting crazy that means the roads probably flooded probably everything’s
flooding so sure 7/10 there’s the storm water gets so scared water come on we
got to go explore we gotta see what’s going on down by the pond ready go
outside yeah okay let’s go come on come on we gotta go
check outside it’s absolutely crazy outside shoes on let’s go let’s go let’s
go come on honor it’s okay you can come out good boy good boy come on
oh whoa we had crazy lightning come okay out here we have to be very careful but
come on come on water come on you got it it’s okay it’s okay baby Oh
otters are scared oh are you so scared okay you want to go back inside yeah you
don’t like the Thunder okay you stay in there okay I’m gonna go explore all
otters so scared it’s okay it’s okay baby it’s okay it’s just a storm it’ll
pass oh well I hope it passes it’s like the
skies clearing up it’s not pouring down rain anymore but it’s thundering so loud
this flood is crazy shares it has never flood like this in our backyard this is
probably the craziest flood ever I don’t know what this is gonna mean we were
just back in the woods the other day exploring that’s when auto right off to
look for that Paul monster that giant turtle was in the woods there this thing
is absolutely massive look at that thing that turtle is massive look at the claws
on that thing absolutely huge and you know what let me
show you where that giant turtle was because there’s no way that giant turtle
is still going to be there because uh he probably got swept away like this is so
much water this is normally all land all back in here so I don’t know what this
means for that giant turtle Wow okay look at this oh it’s completely soaked
all my socks and sandals are soaked right now Wow
the grass is flooding this is all mud oh my goodness chairs the creek isn’t even
a creek anymore whoa and it flooded all the way up here
so it was all the way up here earlier Wow look at this
all this is wiped out oh this is one crazy storm look at this wow I can’t
even get back to the creek there is no creek it’s a river back here whoa this
is insane oh look at that something’s going down Oh what is going down the
river something’s getting washed away oh oh oh it’s not a plum on sir what is
that oh it’s just a log wow this is crazy I can’t even get back their shares
it’s completely flooded already but look at this look at this thing what is this
this totally just washed up it’s like somebody uh
well what is this I’m kind of scared to touch this thing
what is this ooh what is that how did this washed up ooh I don’t think no one
know what’s gonna be inside of that shares the thing we might have found
some hidden treasure or something I don’t know what let’s look at that later
but we got to figure out what else is washed it up let’s get it close to a
book oh whoa whoa careful we got to be super careful shares this is called it
flash flooding and flash floods happen when there’s so much rain Wow yeah this
is definitely a flash flood look how rapid
that water is you do not want to fall in there you would get washed away oh my
goodness this is so strong just show you just how strong this water is check this
out I’ll throw the stick ready three two one
let’s do we’re going and it is gone that’s how quick this water is moving I
have no idea what this means for the pond monster well let’s go check on the
pond see if the pond still intact or if the water completely flooded over
into the pond oh my gosh it’s so wet it is so wet my sandals are dope
the grass is completely flat Wow and it’s still thundering over here although
it’s really weird because over here it’s night bright and the sun’s act is
starting to come out over there oh is that my mom coming down the hill oh
there’s my mom mom there you are mom it’s flooding like crazy touch the
pond hoe so far so good I’m trying I took the baby koi up up to the house are
you brought him inside they won’t wash away yes it shares this
oh wow it is flooding a lot it’s getting so close to the pond it has never
flooded this much here before let’s see what my mom’s up to let’s see if we can
save these baby could be real quick we got to save the baby koi I’m what are
you doing okay so we’re gonna drain some oh yeah we got to dream more water out
of there Wow okay this is not good sheriff it’s too hard to get the baby
koi out of here so we gotta come over the different
method how we can save up this little pool fills in too much water it will
flood causing the baby koi to go into the main part of the pond and then the
bigger fish will eat them and we’ll lose the baby cow forever mom I’ll pull this
pull closer oh wow okay okay I’ll pull this pull closer and
take the bucket from there and start pouring it in just carefully oh there’s
a lot of baby coin here shares are still really small but we’re gonna try to save
as many as we can just keep dumping the water from that one into this one
because it has more room it’s a bigger pool
there we go I didn’t even realize this but check out the water level there’s
lightning up there we should not be outside sure if there’s ever lightning
don’t go near don’t go outside little and don’t go near water so this is super
dangerous I just want to show you how how much the pond is flooding right now
it is completely filled up to the ledge look at this it is like not even like
there’s no legend emore it’s just water right to the ledge I don’t see how a
pond monster is going to survive this because it probably got washed away by
that roaring River back there I mean it is just completely flooded but if used
to be and I mean there’s still signs of stuff in the pond I wonder if that’s
just rain dropping down though let’s Sharers if you ever see a pond
monster comment right now because maybe it’s in the pond or maybe it was in the
river and got washed away I don’t know what’s going to happen oh and there’s
baby otter hi otter I thought you were scared of the storm what are you doing
you’re here to save the baby coy good boy good boy there’s too much lightning we got to get
out of here let’s go come on how do we got to get out of here there’s too much
lightning come on let’s go let’s go let’s go there’s too much lightning
right now mom I think the storm is coming back the storm is definitely
coming back always let’s go let’s go let’s go let’s go
let’s go this storm is coming back let’s go water
come on come on it’s like great on this ride with this drums coming back to play
I don’t know what to do we got to get inside come on oh wow
even the front yard flooded oh my goodness wow it’s so weird because it’s
sunny on this side of the house but right above our house is where the storm
is this is the craziest storm we’ve ever had
Wow Cera’s come right now if you’re having the same storm honey this is
insane this is crazy mom what are you doing
you’re like in the swamp the monster could be in there I don’t know what’s
gonna be in that water that’s crazy looks like a swamp okay mom I’m going to
look for a shovel too all going this way I think there’s a shovel inside the
house okay aughter come inside otter come on we got to get a shovel come on
otter come on we’re gonna go look for a shovel let’s go to the basement come on uh-uh
how do you hear what I’m hearing what is that noise what is that noise
oh my goodness Sharers it’s leaking in the basement otter that’s so much water
what is going on there’s so much water in the basement whoa we got a massive
leak oh no so much water coming into the house oh no cheers this is crazier this
is all this is a crazier storm that I thought wow I don’t think the storm is
over yet I don’t know what this means mom you’ll never guess it basements
flooding there’s a rainbow oh there’s a rainbow
what is going on this is the weirdest store ever oh you can see the rainbow
sheriff’s come right now if you can see that rainbow whoa this is the weirdest
storm we’ve ever had it’s sunny outside it’s thundering there’s a rainbow and
it’s completely flooding what is going on and then there’s like fog over there
this is so crazy what kind of storm is this oh and there’s an animal what is
that thing what is that thing what is that mom there’s some monster in
our backyard what is that been doing whoa otters stay back don’t let otter
come out what is that animal doing oh that animal probably got fled out of its
own home oh no that poor animal doesn’t have a
home to go to otter maybe you can be friends not with a squad still Thunder
we got to stay inside oh and it’s so bright and sunny on this side of the
house what is going on I don’t know what just happened we have the craziest storm
a mess everywhere I don’t know and the storm looks like it’s coming back that
rainbow still there oh this is gonna be so cool there’s gonna be a rainbow over
the house let’s check this out all ready for this check it out chairs there’s a
rainbow over the house whoa that is so cool a rainbow over the house in the
middle of a storm look at that that is so cool
oh my goodness that is so epic so get this there’s a rainbow over the house
it’s sunny on this side but if you look closely there’s gonna be lightning wait
for it oh look at that lightning Sun and a
rainbow all over top of the house that is crazy Oh mom looks like the
storms clearing up whoa how’d you get that all drained out I got it going a
little bit in a dream down whoa all that water is completely gone
yeah but I might get more yeah I don’t know wait the storms coming if it’s
going there’s a rainbow over the house so that’s probably a good sign but the
thunderstorm clouds are still overhead so those storms still might come back oh
and I saw movement in the pond you see that Ripper right there something came
up if I keep my camera on it just in case it comes up again oh oh oh there’s
something coming up there’s action at the pond I got to go down and explore
this mom I’m gonna go check out the pond something’s going on down here and the
rainbow is getting even stronger the storm is getting stronger but the
rainbow is getting stronger too okay we’re down by the pond this used to be
plain grass it’s flooded all the way over here I’m literally walking in the
swamp Oh in the swamp water right now I’d take my
sandals and shoes off Sharers I don’t know where the monster is the monster
either got washed away completely it’s either still in the pond or there
could be new monsters from other territories getting washed down and
maybe a little dry up in here I don’t know what’s going to happen but I don’t
know how we got such a bad storm like this storm was crazy I bet you the road
out there is flooding the pond still looks good right now so I don’t know
what’s going on inside the pond it’s raining really hard right now but other
than that the pond looks good hopefully this river which is super close doesn’t
come and end up in the pond that would be bad we got that river over there too
we got to worry about oh this is just the craziest storm we’ve ever had so
much flooding oh wow check it out here’s the drain pipe
on the pond oh wow that’s the drain pipe and it is roaring because it’s so
flooded the water levels so high the fun is just draining water like crazy you
know that the pond is flooded and the river is this flooded this street has
got to be really flooded let’s go check that out maybe the monster got stuck in
the drain pipes oh wow we’ve got some major flooding this sidewalk first off
is flooded and yeah look at these drain pipes I used to be able to walk inside
of these things but not anymore it is a river look at this there’s four massive
drain pipes and they’re all completely getting destroyed as pleasant look at
the sticks that are getting washed into them
Wow this is crazy well that cars going by – luckily the
roads not flooded but these drain pipes look at this water it is just roaring I
have to be careful not to get too close otherwise I could get swept away and
into that current which would be so bad Sharon I was feeling that after the
storm the monster the pond is either going to be missing or the new species
of monsters in the ponds are gonna get washed up from different areas in this
world I don’t know what’s gonna happen all and shares over here this is the wet
ponds where we first spotted the eggs for the monster in the pond oh my gosh
Sharers look at that look at that what is that
that’s definitely some type of egg check out how flooded this is it is absolutely
roaring it has its own waterfall it is so loud you definitely don’t want to
fall down in there I can’t believe it I’ve never seen a waterfall here whoa
this is crazy there’s no way those monster eggs are still over there that
nest is probably completely walked out oh my goodness
roaring waterfall on that side let’s see what’s on this side
oh just more roaring water this stream is insane I can’t believe how bad this
storm has got after the storm passes and the flood dries up I’m gonna go explore
some more you haven’t already hit that subscribe button
join the sheriff Dam turn on post notifications because you don’t want to
miss tomorrow’s vlog I don’t know what kind of animal species we’re gonna find
what kind of monsters we’re gonna find this is getting crazy I never expected a
storm like this okay sheriff blocky tomorrow so until then you know what to
do stay awesome and share the love peace woo!


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