MONSTER River Shrimp!

– [Coyote] Let me scan a
little bit better here. Keep the light right
on the leaves there. (mumbling)
(yelling) Oh, yep, I got something! – [Camera Man] Oh,
I see it, it’s huge! (dramatic music) – [Coyote] From a
bird’s-eye view, the rainforests of Costa Rica appear to be nothing
more than dense jungles. However, as you venture down
through the towering trees and into the endless valleys,
you find an intricate maze of rivers and streams. – We are forging our way up
this water stream right now. Had a lot of rain push though, that’s why you have so
much water moving through. It’s loud. Right now, it’s not raining,
so probably a good time to start looking
for some creatures. What do you think? – Yeah, man, it’s intense
but it’s really nice. It’s like primeval. – [Coyote] Yeah. – [Mario] Like Jurassic Park. – Nothing like moving
camera equipment through the rainforest. All right, let’s find
some drier ground. On the Pacific side
of the country, these freshwater
systems appear to be void of life under
the light of day. But as the sun disappears, and night sets in, there is a
bizarre-looking creature that emerges from the shadows, armed with razor-sharp pinchers. Tonight, we are searching for the giant freshwater prawn. (dramatic music) (yelling)
Yep, I got something! – [Camera Man] So what are
you looking for, Coyote? – I’m actually
looking for eye shine. Similar to spiders or frogs, the eyes of these prawns will
reflect my flashlight beam. And that will help us locate
and, ultimately, catch one. These arthropods go through
three distinct life cycles, and as they evolve in size, the color of their
claws also changes. From clear, to orange, to blue. My goal is to show you
all three of these stages, beginning with the clear claw. There’s one, right there. That’s a clear claw. See it? Right on the back
side of that rock. – [Camera Man] Oh,
yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Coyote] Now I wanna see
if I can spook him backwards. No no no no, don’t
go over there. Oh, you went under that rock. (dramatic music) I got him, I got him! Yes, I got him! I’ve got a stick too,
but I also got it! – [Camera Man] No way! – That’s the tactic right there. Oh, don’t pinch me! Ow ow ow ow! Woo! There you have it. Our first catch of the night. Woah, strong for a little guy. Now, woah, okay, I see ya. Let me kinda turn
him here towards you without taking a pinch. Okay, look at that claw. You see? It’s almost translucent. That’s why they call
these ones clear claws. But you can see,
near the joints, they’re starting to change color towards a reddish orange. You’re not gonna believe
how big the blue claws are when we find one, so just
remember the size of this as compared to both the
orange claw and the blue claw. But that is a great first catch. – [Camera Man] Be honest, that was a little
bit of a blind catch. – It was, because
there was a rock there, but I feel this is a
great start to the night. We’ve got the clear
claw, now it’s time to move up the ladder
to the orange claw. All right, let’s get
it back into the creek. My first catch of the
night was a success. There he goes. Now it was time to
find the second stage in this animal’s life
cycle, the orange claw. However, catching one of
these medium-sized prawns wasn’t going to be
simple as they have successfully avoided
predators night after night, allowing them to reach
this stage and size. Okay, so we’ve found our first
good, deep, pocket of water and I have spotted what I
believe to be an orange claw, which is the
medium-sized shrimp. (dramatic music) Got him, yes!
– Great catch. – Woo! Yep, that is an orange claw. Hold on a second, woah, he’s
trying to get outta there. Come here, you. I’m going to… Wow, it is really,
really strong. Now this is what’s
considered medium-sized freshwater prawn. – [Camera Man] That’s a medium? – That is a medium,
that is an orange claw. Woo, look at it
flicking its tail. Look at the
orange-ish coloration on the front of this
creature, right? That’s what defines
this as an orange claw. All right, I’m gonna
gently hold up this claw and try to not get pinched. Look at that. Look at the hooks on
the end of that claw. That means serious
business right there. All right, well,
I don’t wanna keep this one out of
the water too long. The orange claw is the
middle-of-the-road size for the freshwater prawn. But what we’re really
after is the blue claw. You guys think we’re
gonna catch one? – [Camera Man] I hope so, man,
if they’re bigger than that, that’s gonna be really crazy. – Oh, we find a
blue claw, trust me, it’s gonna know your claws off. All right, let’s
put this guy back. (mumbling)
(yelling) Oh! Ah! I guess that’s one
way to say goodbye! Oh, he just pinched
right into me. Okay, you can go now, goodbye! Well if an orange claw can
pop a hole in my finger, I don’t know if I wanna know
what the blue claw’s gonna do. All right, let me grab the net, let’s head up creek and see
if we can find a bigger one. Our search into the
night continued. And with both the clear claw
and an orange claw caught, filmed, and released
back into the wild, there was only one stage left to get in front of the cameras, the elusive blue claw. The only problem was that the
deeper into the rainforest we traveled, the more difficult
the environment became. Okay, we have made it to the
top of this very slippery, very dangerous rocky
outcrop that goes down into a very deep
pocket of water. And There is a good chance
this could be a spot to find one of these
freshwater prawns. But before I bring the entire
camera team down there, I’m gonna go down myself
and scout it out, okay? – [Camera Man] All right. – All right, you guys
stay here and be careful, these rocks are
extremely slippery. (water rushing) – [Camera Man] Ready to
go down there, Mario? – Heh, slip and slide.
– Yeah. – Well, Coyote
basically just slid down this entire rock face,
I’d say it’s about 75 feet down to a large
pool at the bottom and he’s looking
around right now. And if he finds something,
that means, Mario, you and I are gonna be
going down there, man. – What?
– Yeah. – Down there?
– Yeah. Hope you keep your
camera dry, man, it’s gonna be a wet and
wild ride to the bottom. (yelling) – [Mario] What? What’d he say?
– You got one? Oh boy. Is there? Should we come down? Yeah, I’m rolling. – [Mario] What
happened, what happened? – He found a huge
one, apparently. – Uh-oh.
– Careful. – Okay definitely
saw the largest prawn
I’ve seen all night. There’s a deep
pocket down there, enormous eyeballs shining from
underneath this yellow leaf. It tucked back under, I
can’t tell if it’s an orange or a blue claw, but I think
we gotta go for this, guys. – So we’re headed down there?
– Yes. If you guys are ready, let’s go, I think we’re gonna
catch this one. Just be really careful,
it’s super slick. When you get to here,
hand me the camera. Got it, got it, got it. All right, the pocket of
water’s just in front of us. Let’s see if we can
catch this giant prawn. Maybe we are just gonna get
really, really lucky here. (dramatic music) (mumbling)
(yelling) Yep, I got something! – [Camera Man] Oh I see it! Oh my gosh, it’s huge!
– Wow! Woah, my thumb! Ow! Ah, yeah. Popped a hole in my thumb, that’s why you don’t
just grab the net. I think we have got
ourselves a blue claw, ladies and gentlemen.
– Let’s back up a little bit. – Yep, it is
definitely in there. Yowzer, that hurt my thumb! You can see why it put
a hole in my thumb. (laughing) Oh my goodness. Now, I’m just gonna let it
hold onto the net for a second, let’s zoom in on the eyes there, those are compound
eyes and they refract the light from the
flashlight beam, and that was a complete,
blind swoop of the net. As we came up, I saw
large eyes reflecting and I said, it could
be a blue claw. Now, look a the
coloration of these claws. You see the blue in here. And I guess, it’s not
super blue, but it is dark. This is definitely
a considerable size, they do get bigger than
this, let me see if I can get it to let go here. You gonna let go of the net? Oh my gosh, my hand
is shaking right now. Can you believe the
size of this thing? – [Camera Man] Oh my goodness. – We have been
searching all night for one of these
creatures and finally managed to net one in
this deep pocket of water. – [Camera Man] I think you’re
gonna have to let it down. – Let me dip it in
the water real quick to get it off of the net. (dramatic music) – [Camera Man] Don’t lose it. – I won’t, I got
a good hold on it. Wow, it is locked
onto the net though. You know what I’m gonna do? No, no no no! Get the light over
here, light light light! Oh no!
– Did you lose it? – No! (dramatic music) – [Camera Man] No way. – That did not just happen. That did not just happen. – [Camera Man] What happened, it just slipped
out of your hands? (dramatic music) Did you let go of it? – The net, because
it kind of came apart when I caught it originally, it was kinked on
the side and it shot out of the side of
my hand and just completely just
slipped out of my hand. I don’t even know if we,
did we get a scene there? – I don’t know. I know it was huge, the
whole time I was like, woah! – Well, we got a few shots. I mean, I guess we
can keep looking, I don’t think we’re gonna
find another one that big. I cannot believe that
that thing just got away. – Here, just look around, try to take some
searches in there. – There is no way. I can’t see anything
in here now. This pocket of water
is not that big. But I’m telling you, I bet he went back up
into these crevices here underneath the rocks. This is all a bunch
of cavities here, especially under this big one. I bet you it bolted straight, straight up into there. – [Camera Man] I think
we gotta call it, I think that Prawn is halfway
to Panama by now, man. (groaning) – You’re right. The water is so murky
now, I can’t see anything. I cannot believe that that giant
slipped through my fingers. It’s okay though, you
guys did get to see it. – They exist.
– They exist! The giant freshwater
prawn does exist and we saw the
hierarchy structure from clear claw to orange claw and then that massive blue claw. But at least we got it
up close for the cameras, just for a brief second. I’m Coyote Peterson, be brave, stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next adventure. Ah, that was frustrating! If you thought the
giant freshwater prawn was an incredible catch, make sure to go back
and check out the time I managed to finally get
the smoky jungle frog up close for the cameras. And don’t forget, subscribe, so you can join me and the crew on this season of
Breaking Trail. (dramatic music) (animal calls)

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