Montana: Path of a river

(wind blows) (water rushes) – If you’re looking for adventure, Montana’s waters are like
no place else on Earth. Hike up into Hyalite Canyon, where snowmelt tumbles
off 10,000 foot peaks. (drums) Float through the canyons
of the Gallatin River. (people whoop Or just wade out among the alpine meadows and the best flyfishing on earth. Waiting for that first strike. (water runs) Montana’s waters are like liquid
highways under the big sky. Some move fast. (water rushes) Others move slow. (water sloshes) And unexpected adventures
can happen at any moment. From the first light in the canyon, to the afternoon hatch of stoneflies, to Douglas firs silhouetted at sunset. (air whooshes) So go ahead. Load your fly rod. Follow the trail down river. Feel the energy of Montana’s waters inspiring your next adventure. (epic music)

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