Moon River Brewing – Q+A

– Hello and welcome to another edition of Buzzfeed Unsolved Postmortem, a show where we answer your
most pressing questions about the most recent
episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved, which was Moon River Brewing. All the questions we’re answering today came from you guys via our
Buzzfeed Unsolved Facebook page and our Buzzfeed Unsolved Instagram page. – That’s right. – Oh, couldn’t help but notice. – Oh. – That we’re matching. – Lookin’ sharp today, Ryan. – Yeah, what kind of boots do you have? – Oh, these? Why, they look to be
about the same as yours. – These bad boys right here? – I guess you could call us boot brothers. (laugh) – That’s what happens
when you challenge us. You mess with the bull, you get the horns. You mess with the ghoul boys– – You get the horns.
– You get scorned. – Huh?
– Yeah. – Oh, yeah, whatever.
– I was gonna try and make… Whatever, you got fuckin’ owned, internet! You challenged us and we delivered. We matched. I don’t feel like a winner right now. – I do. – You know what? I do, you’re right. You got served, yes! (laughter) (honk) – We got some questions
to look at, don’t we? – That’s why we’re here, right? I completely forgot why we were here. – Yeah. You might notice, we’re loungin’ this week and you know why? – ‘Cause it’s Friday. – It’s Friday.
– It’s Friday, baby. – We’re shooting this on a Friday. Usually we shoot this on Mondays, so you’re gonna get a
different vibe today. – Yeah, it’s gonna be wacky energy. (mumbling) – This is from Christina Minton. Shane, are you intending
to keep the mustache? I sure hope so. As a Shaniac, I would appreciate
you growing it out so you can twirl it thoughtfully and
smirk skeptically at Ryan. Hashtag Shaniac. – That is a fun thought. You know, my time with the mustache was very meaningful to me. – And short lived.
– I had a lot of fun with it. Very short lived.
– Thank god. – In fact, I did keep it
for a little bit longer after Savannah though, if you’ll recall. – I’ve blocked that part out of my head. – I loved having that mustache. I’m glad so many people are
such vocal supporters of it. You know, maybe next season, there’ll be another mustache episode, we’ll see. – I hope not. – We’ll see. – I didn’t enjoy looking
at it, it was horrific. – Anyway, take it on
over to ‘Gram town now, this is from Nay-me-ay. Nom, name– – Namas, no, no, nay, nay, ne-may– – Nommy may. You really should leave a bit of time for the ghouls to answer. You always ask a question then
talk for five minutes after. They can’t fit a word in edgeways. – That’s actually just editing. We do actually shut up for
quite a good amount of time. and if we included those pauses, the episode would be eight hours long. We’re sparing you of
the most soul crushing, boring patience testing
parts of ghost hunting, which is 99% of it. – We are heroes. (laugh) – Yeah, we’re doing something so noble. – The burden that we bear.
– Yeah, yeah. – You don’t know what
it’s like in those rooms. It’s very quiet. – Yeah.
– And the silence is long, right?
– Long silences, yeah. – You learn a lot about yourself– – You do.
– –in those long, pregnant pauses. – I go up into here, into my mind palace. – Yeah, yeah. – And I learn a lot. – Dark, dark corridors in that palace. – Yeah but I know my way around, you know? I know my way around. – Things you thought you buried for years, and now they’re reappearing,
and suddenly you remember that dirty shovel and
that cold winter night. – The screams. (laugh) – The screams! What is happening? Oh my. Friday, baby.
– Friday, baby. – Oh what the hell was that? – Cloe Letele, that’s a fun name. Shane, do you think
Ryan is becoming braver when talking to the
spirits because he’s slowly doubting their existence as
each episode doesn’t reveal any concrete evidence of the paranormal? – I think if you truly believed
in ghosts with conviction, you would not be disrespecting them in the way that you so often do. – You know what’s funny about that– – What?
– is you actually twisted the narrative of the question to something that had nothing to do with the
question in the first place. The question, sir, was whether or not I’m starting to doubt their existence. – Yes.
– And that’s why I’m becoming braver. It’s about my bravery, not…
– Exactly right. I’m saying essentially the same thing. Your bravery goes hand in
hand with the disrespect, because your bravery
usually comes in the form of telling them to gargle
your balls or something. – First off, I’ve never told
them to gargle my balls. – Alright, well.
– You have, maybe. I don’t think you’ve even said– – Different hats, different horses. My point is, you sort of
get this brash attitude. You’re yelling at these ghosts
and I think it’s because you know there’s going
to be no repercussions, because, say it with me. – No, no, no, no, no, no. – Ghosts aren’t real
– Are real, are real. – They’re real.
– We got him. We got him.
– Here’s the thing. – He said it.
– No I said ghosts are real. You wanna roll back the tape? – Roll it back. – Ghosts aren’t real.
– Are real, are real. Yeah, I’m just, I’ve developed a tolerance to the fear somewhat. There are some places that
bring me back to square one. In fact, the next episode
is one of those places because some shit goes down. – And you get a little spooked. Here’s one from Gilthm. What if hiccups are just
ghost frogs possessing people? What about that? Is that a thing? – What about that? Yeah. – Good question. – Good question.
– Ryan. – Yeah? – Can we take it back to Facebook? Yeah. Katelyn Trevino, boys do you
think that using the spirit box to try to talk to spirits from
a time where technology was in its infancy or nonexistent
might be causing the spirits to become frightened and hide? It seems you get the best
activity from spirits that died around the time where technology was advancing verses
older, less advanced times. These older spirits may see
it as witchcraft and fear it. Just a thought, love you both. Logical question. It’s a good thought. – Yeah, I guess, yeah. – I mean, I’m not gonna say
I know what they’re feeling. – Because if it’s someone
from, say, the 1700’s, they hear this radio feedback, that’s nothing they’ve ever heard before. – To be fair, even if it’s
someone from the 1700’s, they see us with a flashlight,
they’re gonna be like, what’s that giant light stick? – That’s true. – Maybe just the bright lights in itself could scare older people
or more ancient cultures. – Which is why we also use the EVP. Very quiet. – Yeah, just quiet. – Very quiet.
– We go in quiet. – And we stay quiet.
– Silently. – We stay quiet.
– Super quiet. – Stealthy. – Like Sly Cooper. An old reference. – What? – Sly Cooper.
– What’s Sly Cooper? – It’s that raccoon, he was a thief. – What are you talking… What? – You played Sly Cooper, right? What? – We got nothin’ over there. – Does no one know what Sly Cooper is? Sly Cooper, he was a
raccoon, he was a thief, because you know how raccoons have– – In real life?
– No, no, no. A video game, this was a character. – Oh, okay. And then what would he do with the money? – He’d buy little raccoon
things, I don’t know. – Let’s take it back on over to Facebook. – This comes from Abbie Grace Winter. This seemed to be the least
compelling haunted sight. I’m actually wondering if the reason why is because it’s only you
guys in the building. After all, these spirits were surrounded by people and noise when they died. Maybe if the bar was open, the
spirits would be drawn to it and would want to put on more of a show, as seems to be the case with the staff. What do you think? Hashtag Shaniac, hashtag
I appreciate Boogaras too. Thank you. – Boogarastoo. – Just because when we
visit a haunted site and it doesn’t perform,
I suppose, doesn’t mean that it’s not haunted, it just means that it wasn’t active that night. – Yeah, some people live there for months without hearing anything and
then one night, someone will knock on their door downstairs
at a reasonable hour. – And it’ll be a ghoul pouring milk– – And we’ll assume it’s a ghoul. – –with its cookies.
– Yeah. – I’ve said this before,
it’s like catching lightning in a bottle to go to a
haunted site and expect it to do spooky things. – That’s true, I agree we’re not there– – It’s not the haunted mansion. – –a very long time. – It’s not an attraction at a theme park. It’s a living, breathing entity. – Melanie Rose, if one of
you die during filming, will you upload it anyway for us to watch? – Yeah. – Yeah, for sure. – I promise you that. – I guess depending how gruesome it is, we may censor some of it. – Oh yeah, like if one
of us got decapitated, then yeah, we probably couldn’t show that. – Right. – We could cut to a reverse
angle of one of us reacting. – Of the other person
just going, oh, shit! – Holy shit! Yeah, I mean we’ll
probably show what we can. Chloe L. Easterling, Shane,
when you were sweet talking that ghost lady at the 10
minute mark and you got that whisper feedback from her, it sounded like she said, kiss me. – Is that what it sounded like? – It was a whisper. (whisper) – I don’t know if it sounded
like any kind of words, but normally I’m all for
maybe this ghost said that, but the only reason why I
have hesitation to admit that it may have said kiss me is because that ghost would have
been saying, kiss me, to a mustachioed Shane
and that’s the opposite of anything that I would expect to happen. – Actually, that, I think,
may support it even more because the mustache was probably very on Vogue for the time. – Or she could have
been saying, disgusting. – Disgusting?
– Disgusting. – No, I think it was kiss me. This is from Bella H. 802. What happened to the Berry Boys? What’s with this ghoul boys crap? (laugh) Hashtag bring back the Berry Boys. – I’d love to. – We had a great time– – Yeah.
– –bein’ the Berry Boys. It was the honor of a lifetime. – Yeah, that was, this is not
a joke, I am 100% serious, one of the greatest days of my life. – It was very good. – Truly. I mean, we kinda communicate
how much of a nerd I am when it comes to theme park history – Yeah.
– –and just theme park awareness, but truly, one of
the greatest days of my life. – I cherished that day. – I did, too. I do, too. – Delicious.
– It was very good berries. Anyways, that… – What do we got comin’ up this week? – Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, that’s the part of the episode where we do that. This week, we go to our
second and final location in Savannah. – A hell of a town, by the way. – Yeah, what a great town, by the way. The location we go to is… This episode’s a whopper. – It’s a real humdinger. – It’s a good one. I’m quite rattled at this joint. – Stuff happens. – Check it out. Anyways, that does it for this episode of Buzzfeed Unsolved Postmortem, make sure you watch
the episode this Friday and send in your questions
to the Buzzfeed Unsolved Facebook page and the Buzzfeed
Unsolved Instagram page, the thing I’m looking at right there and don’t forget, we matched. – Yeah, that’s right, we did it for you, and it’ll never happen again,
unless it happens by accident. – Yeah, but know that when we
wanna match, we fuckin’ match. – We fuckin’ go there. – We fuckin’ go all out. Alright, we’ve been–
– We swear a lot on this show. – Do we? Yeah, probably. Who gives a shit, right? (laughter) Tell your stupid tale.
– Fuck yeah. (laughter) Our weekly Q & A concluded,
I now welcome you to the part of the show
we call The Hot Daga, The Hot Dog Saga commissioned by and starring Ryan Steven Bergara, written by me and adored
by every single viewer, and if you don’t like it,
you can kiss my apple taters. In the subterranean Plopple cave state of the planet Tamat Zero,
Joblet, the elder Plopple, lounges in his stalactite
penthouse, readying himself for the spectacle of
Maisy’s trial by combat. Oh, Joblet, what have you
gotten yourself into this time? – It’s getting hot in here.
– Anyway. – It’s fuckin’ hot.
– Back to status quo soon. Enough racket, really. Yes, sir, a little peace
and quiet all under (laugh) the guiding hand of the
venerable Dr. Boondis, oh boy. Then I can really focus on my brows. My luscious, strong–
– It’s empty, fuck. – [Shane] –good brows. – Empty.
– A Plopple guard enters. Plop! Ah, plop, plop, very good, send them in. Garse enters along with
Mike Soup and Jean. Oh, hey man, brows are lookin’ great, wow. Garse my boy, I see
you’ve brought some pals. Swanky stalactite, poople. Hello boys, I’ve heard many
great things about you. I hope Tamat Zero’s
been treating you well. My name’s Joblet. Ooh, drinks? Oh boy, we could use ’em. Wait, Jean. I’m not in the habit of taking
drinks from blue strangers. We gotta hold for sound. – Thank god. I’ve never been more happy to hear a plane than I am right now. Include this in the episode. I would like to break the
rhythm of his stupid story. – Just a second. – Please include this
entire plane interruption. – We can wait. – What if one of these,
I had a mental breakdown and I just started taking
off my clothes or something. – That’s fine. You do whatever you want. I’m in the zone here. Oh boy, we could use ’em. – [Ryan] I wasn’t prepped. – Wait, Jean, I’m not in
the habit of taking drinks from blue strangers. Oh, Michael, be reasonable, I
have no nefarious intentions. Plopple’s honor. Very well, we could use a drink. Joblet hands the boys some drinks. He raises a glass. Here’s to meeting new bros in space, hup. A bit presumptuous but
I’ll drink to that, hup. They all drink, hup. Hey man, no offense to a
plopple, but who are you? Oh, well, I’m sort of the
right hand man to the big egg. You mean Dr. Gundis? Oh, you’ve heard of the man? They go way back. They’re thick as milkshakes. In the Chili War together, right? I don’t wanna talk about the war, but yeah, we kicked ass. Anyway, we’d like to
collect our friend Maisy and talk with Gundis ASAP about a part for my beautiful Starship Minestrone. She’s ill, the poor thing. Well, any friend of Gundis
is a friend of mine. You wouldn’t happen to be looking for his Bernoulli converter, would you? Because I happen to have that right here. All yours. Joblet tosses the converter to Mike Soup. Whoa, that was easy! Well, let’s grab Maisy and get outta here. Oh, I just have one favor
to ask for in return. Small thing, really. Name it. Garse is gonna need you to accompany him on a short trip. That’s not really convenient. Is Maisy around? We’ve really gotta… Oh, Maisy’s in safe hands, trust me. In fact, she’s gearing up for trial by combat this very moment. Law’s the law, boys. No, Maisy… Say, what’s in this plopple grog? It’s… What did you… You shitty plopple. I’m gonna kill you with my hat. But I’m beloved. Oh, you were, beloved, Gene,
by the people of Earth, and I regret to inform you
that they’re all dead now, thanks in large part to you, actually. You’re gonna die for
this, you plopple f… The boys pass out. Well that took long enough. Garse, the Perseca’s all
fueled up in the launch bay. Coodinates should be uploaded. Don’t forget the converter. He wants that too. Whoa, you… I started doing Gene there. You got it. Haul ’em away, boys. Oh, hey, you missed a spot, papa. Joblet observes a small–
– How long is this one?
– This one’s standard. – It’s not standard.
– Yeah, this is fine. – This has to be longer than normal. – No, no, no.
– This has to be. – Joblet observes a small
patch on his forehead. It is not blue. Oh, seems I have. Garse exits with the boys. Suddenly, a communication. Joblet. Yes, yes, master. Is the package secured? Oh, yes, master. The soup and french fries are en route. And the converter? That as well. All of them tied up with
a little bow on top. Excellent. By the time the arrive, I
should be done digesting Earth. So we’re square then? I will extend a dark
cloud over Gundis’ mind for the time being, but
know that I may call upon your services in the future. Oh, thank you, master. Well, if that’s all
settled, I’m off to watch a giant plopped murder a holocorn. I don’t care. The transmission cuts out. Will Maisy survive a battle
with a giant plopple? Where are Mike and Gene going? Is Smeech still a part of this thing? Tune in next week for the return
of the venerable Dr. Gundis in an all new installment of the Hot Daga: Escape from the Planet of the Plopples. That was a standard length. I had fun. – Yeah, you did, you did. You’re still here too. We’re all okay. We’re all good, we’re all good. – Matching! – Matching, yeah! (laughter) Alright. – [Shane] Great, let’s leave forever. (eerie electronic music)

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