Moon River Jazz Piano by Yohan Kim

Hello, this is your Jazz pianist Yohan Kim Today’s tutorial is going to be Moon River. Dm11 might be a bit challenging. Please pay attention to the voicing! For C7(#11)/E on 12th measure, I used 7, 9, #11, 13 for voicing If you only look at 9, #11, and 13 it’s an upper structure voicing that looks like D chord. It’s one of my favorite jazz-sound voicings

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  1. I made Moon River tutorial for my member.

    If you want this tutorial & midi file please visit my Member Me site.


  2. My Friend : BTS, Blackpink, Twice, Momoland bla…bla ..bla
    Me: piano- Yohan Kim, guitar – Sungha Jung.

  3. Спасибо! Это одна из моих любимых тем. Доступно и деликатно исполненное доставляет чувство умиротворения и восхищения твоим желанием приобщить к искусству людей, желающих самостоятельно освоить принципы джазовых гармоний.
    Thank you! This is one of my favorite topics. Accessible and delicately executed gives a sense of peace and admiration for your desire to attach to the art of people who want to learn the principles of jazz harmonies.
    감사합니다! 이것은 내가 가장 좋아하는 주제 중 하나입니다. 액세스할 수 있고 섬세하게 실행은 의미의 평화와 존경을 위해 당신의 욕망을 첨부하고 싶은 사람들의 원리를 배우기 위해 재즈의 하모니.

  4. 요한 형제님 축복합니다 주님의 은혜가 늘 함께 하시길??❤

  5. Hi Yohan, I have a nice groove for you. If you like it, can you use it for a session?

  6. 소ㄷ ㅊㅗㅐㅕㄱㅇㄴ 내ㅕㅜㅇㄴ ㅎㅐㅐㅇ ㅠㅣㄷㄴㄴㅛㅐㅑ

  7. 가을 분위기에 너무잘어울리는 연주네요
    듣고있으면 행복해져요
    좋은연주 감사해요 ^^

  8. You know, there are a lot of people jealous of your skill……greetengs from italy.

  9. 집에 누워서 폰으로 감상하기에는 한 없이 아까운 연주입니다ㅜㅠㅠ 최고입니다?

  10. beautiful performance! please never stop playing. You're truly gifted, thank you for sharing with us

  11. Omg finally someone I follow did a cover my fav song! Because it is not so popular these days (in my opinion) so this is just sparks joy. Thank you you did it beautifully

  12. Awesome performance. Would love to hear your take on The Way you look Tonight ?

  13. 연주 늘 잘 듣고 있어요~
    타지에서 적응중인 사람으로서 요한님 연주를 통해 힘을 얻을때가 많아요.
    늘 축복하고 기도로 응원할게요~

  14. Is there specific a reason that you put a F-sharp instead of a G-flat in the second cord of the notation (in the Cdim7 cord)? I'm a bit of a noob tbh when it comes to music theory. I often get thrown off by that kind of stuff.

  15. Yohan, this was so beautiful! Thank you my handsome and talented friend for making my day with your wonderful music.??

  16. This is the first thing I heard this morning. My day is already complete!!

  17. do you use the Roland RD2000 piano sound or software piano sound??

    gread sound and beautiful played..!!!

  18. Oh Yoham you been at it again… you got it brother, the talent, the slick finger work on those ivory keys.. SO GOOD !!
    Thank you for sharing with the world… May God Bless you and your talent… oh by the way… you smiled again, that's nice too!

  19. Yohan Kim and Henry Mancini, a beautiful combination! I feel Yohan's love of music when he plays a lovely song like this. I hope he revisits the Mancini songbook often!

  20. He is 17 yo
    M 17 i play like a 5 yo kid
    Maybe the 5 yo kid plays better than me

  21. I have circulated videos in Hungary to my relatives. I am sure they will pass them on to others, too. Yohan Kim will be famous in Hungary.

  22. 뭘 아는것같다 어디서 강약을 조절하고 어디서 느낌을 살리는지 너무 잘 느껴져서 그의 감각적인 연주에 매료된다

  23. well done to Kim) I'm also trying to develop my channel) who are interested come to my channel

  24. Hi Yohan, here's a New Groove.

  25. 요한님 공연보려면 어떻게해야하나요?
    가까운 시일에 연주계획이 있나요?
    꼭 라이브로 듣고싶은데^^

  26. 4년 팬인데 제일 좋아하는 문리버를… 드러눕겠습니다 >->o

  27. Keep Shining! You bring me so much joy! In time, I hope my playing can reciprocate that joy. God Bless You Always!

  28. have you been listening to Bill Evans lately? I think I hear some of his influences in your playing.

  29. Sir, can you teach me jazz? i'm also a pianist, i want to learn jazz improvisation? 🙂

  30. 좋은 음악 감사합니다. 다만 너무 화려해서 원곡의 맛을 해치는것 같네요.

  31. Замечательно. Я очень рад, то появились уроки.

  32. 혹시 한국분이신가요?
    한국말은 못하시나요?
    Are you korean?
    Can you understand korean?

  33. all of your arrangements/improvs are amazing but this is one of my favourites — soft and beautiful with a precise touch ?

  34. Man i really love your playing,tts some true talent, Im 16 as well, i wish you could once come to Africa,it would be a dream come true to Jam wif you?,i play the bass, drum and guitar,

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