Moon River Piano Cover with separate tutorials

Moon River Wider than a mile I’m crossing you in style some day Oh, dream maker You heart breaker Wherever you’re going I’m going your way Two drifters Off to see the world. There’s such a lot of world to see We’re after the same rainbow’s end Waiting ’round the bend My huckleberry friend Moon River and me.

64 thoughts on “Moon River Piano Cover with separate tutorials

  1. Gracias por todos tus videos enseñandonos a tocar una cancion. Thanks you so much

  2. @gymjunkie24 have to watch the fingers, note names are irrelevant here. Still, best to follow sheetmusic.

  3. I was playing this tonight and my mom sang along. It was so great. Thank you for making this possible. 🙂

  4. Makes me want to cry. This song is sooo be-u-ti-ful! I love it and I hope evryone knows anout this fantabulous song.

  5. This is one of your best, just learned Band Of Brothers and Now this you're amazing. Thanks on behalf of struggling piano players everywhere.

  6. muchisimas gracias por todo lo que me has enseñado, jamas pense que seria capaz de tocar alguna pieza al piano y tu sensibilidad ha sido el factor clave para conseguirlo. Solo una pregunta: ¿podrias colgar algun video con la cancion Alone again naturally, de Gilbert O'Sullivan?….., te lo agradezco de todo corazon, mil gracias de nuevo

  7. @xaviermiquel2 por favor haga clic en enlace de solicitud en mi perfil (google translator)

  8. SHARPLY SWEET MUSIC…HMMMN…SOUNDS GOOD.. i hope you can play also the song classic you are always in my heart.. i want to play it for my fathers birthday ..i hope you can grant my wish…excellent a million thnks

  9. @fniniel sorry, backed up on requests at least until next year. please read request instructions to get ready for the next rush.

  10. @bbdhrggl thnks …i hope you can make it another song title " you are always in my heart". i wait for it. heartily thanks for yor cordial response

  11. I've got to learn this.. This is my little sister's favourite song.. 🙂 Thank you so much.

  12. sorry, I'm not taking new requests, am still way behind on old ones. you'd have to send the sheetmusic to me anyway. when is their anniversary?

  13. Thanks . Very effective . MY daughter learned it and loves to play it now.

  14. That is amazing! Well done, truly! It's great that talent such as you have this. It is such an honour to have a reply from you too. It has made my day!

  15. Woah… this made me cry… thank you for posting this!! you are awesome, greetings from Colombia!

  16. I forgot this one again, better re-watch it. sometimes It's weird that when I play a piece I remember, then i forget about it in the middle of playing, I just went with it. I think the body remembers but the mind can't

  17. Very nice and just the right tempo; most online renditions blitz through it too fast.  And the lightness of the keys was just right, as well; this is a song about vulnerability and is played as such.

  18. You´ve just helped me decide to go back to my piano lessons. Your videos are inspiring, thanks for sharing them!

  19. With those slender fingers no need to insert a digital keyboard. Can perfectly see which keys you play

  20. So you don't get any pain in left hand when twisting for some of these embellishments? (E.g…. F-C-A & E-C-G)

    If not – any tips for me?


  22. Dear Jane! Can you send me the notes of this  musical composition?

  23. Love ur lessons Jane thanks for making it easier to understand how to read music

  24. Thanks Jane, and well done….I play along with you on my C harmonica, and we sound pretty good.

    WL Gary

  25. Beautiful slow version, but boy doesn't it make it seem like a sad song, perfect for a sad movie theme, bravo! Nice hands!

  26. beautiful melody well played. i enjoyed the touch and rhythm here – it was short & sweet ;))

  27. The best version piano version I have heard! Thank you so much, Jane. Yoan Xxx

  28. i love the timimg and this is one i was looking for thk james/jome whatever goodluck

  29. Thank you so much for what you do Miss Jane. I could never have played any of these songs without you.

  30. I loved listening to you playing this song, it made me go back to the past.

  31. Dear Jane, thank you and I know "beggars can't be choosers", but it would be truly nice and helpful for wannabes like moi if your renditions could create a midi file especially non-copyrighted classics, too. Aloha and thanks again.

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