More dead fish surface on the Darling River at Menindee

Masses and masses
of about 250ml carp. They’re all struggling
amongst the dead bony bream there. And in the water there,
one lonely yellow belly. Another one there, dead,
this morning.

13 thoughts on “More dead fish surface on the Darling River at Menindee

  1. Yes, weasels, 'dead fish surface' is a clear reference to Scott Morrison replacing Malcolm Turnbull.

  2. You can see on any live web cam, weather cam and beach cam what is going on. The weather is being produced artificially, and it is slowly killing everything on this planet.

  3. This is what happens when you drain the river. There is not enough water flow too stop blue/green algae from taking over and poisoning the water.

  4. Every politician along this River, liberal or labour should be punish next election . Vote
    independent they will do something. This is a moral catastrophe.

  5. This is in Australia border or New South Wales and Victoria, the water has been giving people diarea and isn’t far upstream from me, they are trying to use a poison to kill carp that make out river dirty and it mixed with algae and is killing fish.

  6. Menindee fish kill: another mass death on Darling River 'worse than last time' ►

  7. Why is no animal eating them? Like Crows or flies or something? Not that that would make anything better just curious.

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