6 thoughts on “Morris Invest Client Review

  1. How many properties do you own?, the cash flow amount is the same every month?, Has there been any slip ups?

  2. I'm in the bay area too, kinda, Fairfield Suisun city. Ill be right behind you my friend.
    Mr Clayton please take my money. ?????

  3. I like the idea of turnkey, but would prefer actually going there and walking through the place prior to having a tenant already in the place I buy and hiring an outside inspector to walk through it as well, Is that something you can do? Id rather lose a little rent in the short term so that I can see what's going on upfront seeing that I would be investing for the long term. Having all the work done for you and paying a premium for that is very appealing to me, specially since I live in socal

  4. This sounds very interesting & something that I was looking for.

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