Motion Activated Ceramic LED Security Light by SANSI installation and demonstration

okay so out where I live we have lots of
bears Fox raccoons everything else that comes up to my house and checks into my
feeders so I have this old light on my back porch area that I’m gonna swap out
for a motion-activated ceramic LED security light and I thought I would
share that with you today and give you some of my thinking behind why I should
put it there this thing’s been here for 20 years since I built the house and
it’s corroded inside that bulb is broken I’m gonna replace it and I like LEDs
because use less power it’s gonna throw a lot of light and I
want a motion detector out there because when a bear or something comes close I
want this light to come on and I want to be able to angle the light I don’t want
this to shine through my windows I want it to shine outside at the animal that’s
coming on even if it’s my dog on the porch here the different modes test mode
auto mode auto and it has dusk to dawn all the way to the right so we can turn
on at night turn off in the daytime the housing is pretty much weather’s the
weather sealed on its own the details are on the back there there’s a center
opening for the screw the screws provided and we’re going to mount that
to an existing light fixtures since I’m pulling off the other one there’s a nice
weather gasket here the bar is here that is already set for this unit long center
screw that’s going to go through that and hold it in place and we have the
ground screw the two side screws and then that rubber seal that we’re gonna
put in once the screw is in and the fixture is mounted on the wall this is
what it looks like it’s called ceramic because those white liners there for the
LED are made from ceramic material the rest looks like it’s heavy duty plastic
and first things first we got to get this thing out of here turn the light
off at the switch and at the breaker panel before going any farther so then
we’re going to unscrew the wires here that are holding that light fixture in
and then we’re gonna pull the mounting bar out as well and again make sure the
power is off test it first and now we’ve got the hot lead and the neutral
disconnected and I’m unscrewing the ground here we’re gonna get that off of
there they’ve provided us with a new one so we’re going to use all the hardware
that they’ve given us I could just unscrew that Center screw and put it
the existing bracket but I’m gonna use what they provided might as well start
fresh the housing I’m mounting to is a weather sealed aluminum housing so
that’s already good to go it’s the right size and there we go we have the fresh
bar in there it has a ground screw which I’m not going to use I’m gonna hook the
ground wire directly to the ground wires that already exist in that outlet there
you have to put that weather seal on first before you run the wires through
and then we’re gonna mount it up there you go
and the weather seal is grate it covered the full circumference it looks pretty
nice much better than the light fixture that I took away and I want this as I
mentioned before to aim at the deck and away from the house when my dog jumps up
there I want to bear some other animal comes near the house I want to hit it
with a floodlight I don’t want these lights shining in my door in my windows
and the articulation here is pretty good there’s no adjustment as far as the
tension goes it does hold its position really well I don’t expect wind or rain
or any of the heavy weather we get here to change the lighting position there
right now it’s in the test mode so with that I could go oh 20 30 feet away and
this is during daylight but it is only 32 degrees Fahrenheit so it’s pretty
sensitive to my motion and then I’m going to put it in Auto mode which is
shown here and of course you have the option to have it come on you can
control the amount of time you can control the range that it senses don’t
forget to put that rubber seal right back in there to cover where you put the
screw in give a little additional weather protection and it just looks
better and there you have it so this was pretty quick this took me 15 minutes to
swap out this is showing the articulation for the sensor there
remember you can control sensitivity range of detection if you angle it down
it’s going to get my dog and other animals that come close I don’t want it
to come on every time a deer walks from my backyard and this is just close up so
the angles and articulation control I’m pretty pleased with the build of it the
brackets here or metal themselves the housing is as I mentioned before pretty
decent plastic material this should hold up for quite some time I got this from
Amazon I’m gonna put a link down in the video description so you can check them
out too I if I don’t get lazy here in the
summertime I should put a couple of these out probably by the bee yard as
well so that it can detect and light up when animals come near so I’m going to
close out here with my chicken I’m happy with it
this is a SANSI motion activated ceramic LED security light system easy
install thanks for watching

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