Mountain Biking in Alafia River State Park

Brian Maxwell Park manager at Alafia River State Park I’ve been here since December of 2015 we have over 20 miles of
mountain bike trails that range from novice intermediate expert and then
advanced expert best part about our trails that they are accessible for
everyone we are currently in the process of making some of our novice trails
accessible for individuals that need to use hand cranked bikes which will bring
a new user group to the park as well this park it’s awesome because everything is close and you can get to the bathroom and if you have a mechanical you’re not far from your
car you don’t have to walk miles so our visitation has been growing every single
year by at least 2,000 people a year we get more annual fast sales now we’re
getting more visitation again people are just any time of day when the weather is
hot cold buggy or not they’re they’re coming out and and riding on a yearly
basis like I said we’re going up a couple of thousand each year last year
numbers were around 110,000 visitors for the year and a lot of our visitation is
locals however during the winter months we get people from Colorado and
California and and all the western-style mountain bike areas they come down and
enjoy our trails I like that it’s a closed Network
everybody can ride together there is a lot of hard options off the blue trails
there’s blacks there’s everything for everybody friends of Alafia is a
non-profit 501c3 citizen support organization for the park and they have
a division within their unit that’s the Alafia trail crew these individuals
are made up of nothing but volunteers who love to ride and give back to where
they’re riding they ask for donations from from riders and try to do
everything as low budget as possible this feature that we’re standing in
front of was was funded by all the riders in the community that donated to
it and that was a $5,000 features so we were able to successfully get that
completed with a matter of local support I love it it’s pretty technical it’s got
a little bit of everything out here but for the most part of you can’t you can’t
beat these trails for Central Florida the skills clinic is something that a local
bike shop came to us about they have a certified IMBA level instructor so
everything that that instructor teaches is IMBA certified had a class that they had to go through they have a permit with the Friends of Alafia in order to hold those
clinics here in the park and we and the friends of Alafia get some revenue off
of those those clinics have been helpful at building our attendants getting new
riders comfortable with riding outside of their normal abilities the future is
that we’re gonna continue to make these upgrades and developments to these
trails and additionally we are we may put in a few more trails but right now our main focus is providing the opportunity for our riders to come through and enjoy themselves How we got into mountain biking he kinda got you into it ok alright Been riding for here for years friends of Alafia started working on this
place I guess about a year ago and they’ve done an incredible job
maintaining the trails it’s really a pleasure to ride again I already saw two
gopher tortoises an armadillo and a deer so I had a good day out
here it’s great to get away into nature well after hurricane Irma our trails
were completely shut down with a matter of five days and a hundred volunteers
that came out and did a volunteer blitz in one day we were able to get the
trails back open the following day there’s always something to challenge
you when you’re ready to go to the next level so come on out and make some friends you’ll love it

6 thoughts on “Mountain Biking in Alafia River State Park

  1. Love this place! I sure do miss it! Great trails for sure! I hope to make it out next weekend since I’ll be there on vacation! So glad you have a shop on site now! At least I’ve heard you have a shop on site.

  2. this was the first place I rode and now I teach here! full circle ! I can't get enough of these trails ! let me know what y'all think about spitfire ? (a Lot of time and sweat but worth it )
    and we are ICP certified LEVEL 1 AND 2 , HOPE TO SEE YALL !

  3. I go to tons of Florida parks. I haven’t been here yet! I’ll see it soon!

  4. I live next to Markham, but i love coming out to Alafia and Balm Bayette every chance I can get. Technical and fast flow trails galore!

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