Mpc X, Akai Force Jam W/ DSI Rev2, Deluge, Ableton Push 2 “Rider”

Hey whats up guys? My name is Will and thank you for checking out my YouTube channel. This is Modern K.i.t.t. / Vintage Soul The title does have some significance to it. My former instructer from my Berklee days, Goes by Erik Hawk on YouTube He’s got a piece of equipment called a Sequential Tom. He’s done a full review on it on his channel so you can go check that out. But he put together a multi-track drum pattern during his video and he sent it over to me so, I thought it would be fun to take the sounds from the Sequential Tom and mix it with my modern equipment. Also, you can ask him about some of the merchandise he has for sale He has cups and T-shirts (which I have both of) He’ll tell you how to get a hold of that stuff I’m curious what YOU prefer to use is it vintage gear or modern gear or software or whatever so, let me know in the comments section what you prefer to make music with or what you prefer to watch people make music with other than that we are going to get straight into the music thenk you EVERYONE for Subscribing for liking my videos for just being supportive stick around after the music, I want to share more with you guys Lets go Might as well put on some music with all these weird gadgets you would think they would give you a radio (KITT voice) “what would you like to hear?” “The helpless, the helpless, the helpless, the powerless” Well, there you have it… I will say this video was a lot of fun to make but, this is the third or fourth iteration of this project so im glad to be done. My thought on “never giving up” were really tested a lot of human error on my part I also had technical difficulties I had several pieces of gear burn down on me on a fluke accident so I had Many issues but also, you know what? life happens In those times where I was havving a hard time I recieved a hand out to help me back up. you know, you have to put your support into others and I feel like when you do that you will receive the support you need to keep going So, I just wanted to share that with you guys So, if you need help with something, feel free to hit me up or leave a comment in this video and i will get back to you and for all my subscribers and anyone who has ever thumbed up my video or even thumbed down my video for that matter Thank you guys so much So with that, im gonna close it out Til next time guys……….LATER

16 thoughts on “Mpc X, Akai Force Jam W/ DSI Rev2, Deluge, Ableton Push 2 “Rider”

  1. Hey everyone. What was your favorite show as a kid? I was sitting on the floor every time Knight Rider came on. Probably why I like gadgets so much. Please leave any feedback you feel is appropriate. I know it’s a bit dark….enjoy!!!

  2. Cool track , great fun vibe to it ,, i currently mostly use software but i hope to use a bit more hardware in the future .

  3. Wow, great track. I love the way that your whole video kinda just flows with the music. Nice job thumbs up

  4. Super dope jam !!!
    I like using the sp1200 with only 10 seconds of sample time and only saves on 3.5 floppy but the limitations really get the creativity going I've never had any other piece of hardware that comes close to that sp1200 , but cool content I'm subbing ??

  5. For old stuff, the Boss DR-110 drum machine is a lot of fun. It has that nice dusty analog sound. I also like to sample pretty much anything in an Elektron Digitakt, including weird boutique instruments.

  6. That was freakin' cool – sounds and clips!
    Could you tell us a bit more about your setup? What's the master sequencer? What did Deluge, Force, Prophet etc. do?

    Again! Cool and very inspirational track!



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