MS Outdoors S28 E12 – Beaver Dam Lodge Rabbit Hunt

(upbeat harmonica
heavy country music)(laughs)(gun fires)(dogs barking and whining)– Alright, we’re
in Noxubee Countyrabbit hunting on a
glorious day in February.It’s about as good as it gets.If you don’t enjoy this,
something’s wrong with you.We’re at Beaver Dam Lodge.We’re right on the Alabama,
Mississippi state line.We’ve got about two
thousand acres right at it.We’re just a commercial
hunting lodgeand it’s been a long
journey but it’s been fun.We’ve had a good time doing it.– Well, I tell ya what, I tried
to go with my daddy so muchwe had beagles when I
was five years old, so,he started taking me at age fiveand, so, I’m 79 years old now,so, you might say I’ve gotabout 74 years of
experience rabbit hunting.Have done all kinds of huntingbut I enjoy this
more than anything.(dogs barking)
So, we like hear the dogs runand we enjoy the dog
work more than we ever doshooting a rabbit now.(gun fires in the distance)Somebody just shot at
a rabbit right there.Twice, that may be
a miss (laughs).(dogs barking and whining)How many total years you
had rabbit hunting, Taylor?– About 74.– 74 and 74, what’s that?
– 148.– [Man] 148 years.(upbeat country music)– And this is an
absolutely ideal place,Beaver Dam Lodge here,
to have rabbit huntsand you can image
a fella of 79’sgotta be retired from
something (chuckles).So, I’m spending the whole
month of February here.We’re hunting three
and four times a week.– [Brian] Alright.– Yeah, having a
good time, good time.(dogs barking)– I can just walk
right through here?– [Man] Yeah.– Let’s just go right
through here, Gary.Let’s go this way, bud.(dog whining)– You’re getting better at it.– Yeah, it could be louder but.– I’m fortunate enough to
be around Larry and Taylorall my life huntin’
and it’s probablyone of the favorite
sports of all time for me.I’d rather do it than
deer or anything, so.I just get into it for the
dogs and it’s a lot of fun.Lot of companionship when
everybody’s hunting together.Oh yeah, oh yeah, you
can tell each one of ’em.They’ve each got a unique
voice, different sound, yeah.You can tell the
difference, for sure.Particularly the
ones you’ve raised.You’re more familiar with them
than maybe somebody else’sbut after a hunt or two,
you’ll know ’em all, yeah.By their, way they open, yeah.(gun fires)(gentle steel guitar music)– Nice.– [Man] How ’bout that, buddy?– Hmm, pretty good.– [Man] What you
think, bud, alright.(dogs barking)– That’s a different rabbit.Well, it come running up
underneath this blind.I was standing back
here on the pathand when I raised my
gun, it turned from me.I ended up getting
it in the back endbut we got it, that’s
all that matters.(dogs barking)(slow country music)– First rabbit of the morning,the dogs jumped and run him byand I shot at him too far and
he turned and run right at me.He made a fatal mistake.And we having a big time.Rabbit stew tonight, boys.– I don’t ever remember
not hunting with him.That’s one of my favorite
things in the world to do.It’s kind of a dying
art but they’re a hoot.We laugh a lot and
have a great time.You learn a lot from
them, that’s for sure.Always doesn’t matter if
you kill a rabbit or not,we have a good time and
hurt from laughing, anyway.(dogs barking)– How long’s it beensince you’ve heard a
rabbit race, Taylor?Four or five years?
– Oh, yeah, that many.– That’s how long you
lost your hearing,four or five years ago.– I’m gonna have
my son research it.– Yeah, they may make a
smaller version of that.– Yeah.(laughing)– I forgot I had it,
I was hunting, though.– [Brian] We’ve been trying
to think of a way, though.– Sling the other night
and then found thatin one of my boxes
down there, I said,“Well, Taylor, that’ll
fit him perfect.”(laughing)(gun fires)
– Well, folks–– [Man] There it is, alright.(gun firing)(upbeat country music)– Ten-ho, ten-ho, come on.(dogs barking)
Come on, come on, come on.Right here, see, right there.Ten-ho, ten-ho, ten-ho.Come on, come on,
ten-ho, ten-ho.That’s it, that’s it.– Get ready.Get it, you missed
your chance, bub.If it breaks you down,
we’ll go hunt another.What do you say?Good dogs.– But each dog’s got
a different soundand, you know, you can tell
which one’s running whichand they get excited.And that’s when
it really gets funwhen you can tell they have
their enthusiasm in their bark.(panting)– [Man] Whoo, get it, boys!There’s a rabbit, yep.(gun fires)(groans)– Looky here, boys.(dogs barking)There it goes.– [Man] Hey, let’s see.(gun fires in the distance)– Somebody just gave ’em a bath.That one’s a little
fatter than the last one.How do you like
rabbit hunting so far?– It’s pretty good.I came last year
as my first timebut it’s pretty good.– [Brian] You got a
shot off today, so.– Mm-hmm.– [Brian] Got some action.(dogs barking)
– Yeah.– [Brian] Might
be on another one.You ready to go get another one?– Yeah.– [Man] Let’s do it.(laughs)(gun fires in the distance)– [Man] Whoo, alright boys!(dogs barking)– [Man] Two warning
shots and one for effect.– [Brian] That’s right.Ten-ho, ten-ho, ten-ho, ten-ho.Get in here, get in
here, get in here.Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.– Dead rabbit.
– Dead rabbit.– Good dog.
– Cut it off.– Circle back up
toward Taylor and them.Get ready, he didn’t
get that rabbit,he’s coming through here.(dogs barking)There he is, there
he is, there he is.(gun fires)He gonna come slipping
right back through here.He’ll be ahead of them dogs.(dogs barking)(dogs barking and whining)See, there he is right there.Yeah, you can kill him.(dogs barking and whining)Get down to business.(gun fires)– [Man] Right there.(gun firing)– Damn.– [Man] Is ready,
good dog, good dog.– Wherever they were,
they were a long way off.– [Man] What’s that, buddy?– [Larry] Being up
there caught him.– [Man] Oh, yeah, they work
harder than we do, for sure.(dogs barking in the distance)– There he go, flyin’!(gun firing)
Oh!I hope you got that, I
hope you got that, Rusty.– [Rusty] I did.Alright there, Quick Draw
McGraw, what happened?– Well, the first shot
was to speed him up.I wanted to give him
a sporting chance.(dogs barking)– Yeah, but what
would’ve been badwould’ve been if you missed
him that second shot.– First shot, like I
said, was to speed him up.I wanted to look good on camera.– Nice trying, buddy, nice try.– Yeah (laughs).(gun firing in the distance)Get redemption.That rabbit’s coming right
at me, I said, “Well.”– [Man] We’re gonna
have to get them over.– [Rusty] Uh-oh.– Or let them hunt that out now.(group yelling tally-ho)– Well if y’all never
have another chanceto film a rabbit hunt where
you get fed in the field.(upbeat country music)– Yeah, I worked on the
Rossburn Reservoir from day one.Oh, I was there when
they poured the spillwayand diverted the river and
that was a sight to see.We had, just like anything,
it was some fine timesand then there was some
very difficult times.– Come on, y’all’ve had enough.Come on.– [Man] That’s a good way
to end the day right there.– Yeah, it’s a good
day, it’s hot, though.So it’s gonna get hot
in these dogs’ wool.Come on, boys, here, come on.They’ve had enough.– Well, first of all,
Brian, John, Davey,they’re top of the line peopleand I’m just
fortunate to know themand for them to have me downbut they’ve got some of the
best hunting I’ve ever been on.And I’ve hunted all
over, some fine places,but I’ve never seen
anything nicer than this.There’s rabbit, anywhere you go.– Well, what I
love is, you know,deer hunting, you just go
and you’re by yourself.Rabbit hunting, you
get the camaraderieand you get to walk and
talk and joke aroundand you get to hear the dogs,
that’s the most important partis watching the dogs work.The music with them is
what I like the most.– If you ever wanted to
just find a place to hunt,this would be a little
bit of heaven right here.This is it, Beaver Dam Lodge,
ain’t no question, yeah.(“Mississippi
Outdoors” theme song)♪ Riding through the bayou
heading for the sky blue ♪♪ Back out on the
trail again and again ♪♪ Hiking and hunting
and fishing the land ♪♪ Time is time well spent♪ We’ll take you to the delta♪ To the great wide shores♪ There’s so much
to see and do ♪♪ Mississippi Outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi Outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi Outdoors♪ The great outdoors♪ Mississippi Outdoors

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  1. Thanks so much to you guys for making this video. Beaver Dam Lodge holds a special place in the hearts of my dad (Bob Mize) and son (the cute blonde kid in this video). They share a love for the outdoors, and you captured it perfectly. Thanks for what you do. Your videos are great.

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