MTG – A Guide To Sygg, River Guide Commander / EDH for Magic: The Gathering

Below the great river a bustling hub channels the flow of merrow trade schools meet and mingle on Lorwyn’s river ways in the bustling interplay the merrow renew their sense of Community as they sharpen their wits and hone their trading skills merrow schools rarely form by design They come together naturally as eager learners surround the wisest teachers though the currents of the lanes shift every year the merrow never lose track of where they are or where they are going and if there is a place worth going the merrow lanes already do and if there’s a route worth taking yours truly already has Sygg River guide is a personal favorite of mine one of my very first commanders You may remember I used him as the basis of my untap matters introductory commander deck Oh so long ago for this video I have dropped the untap matters and wizard tribal matters sub-themes and have upgraded the deck Dramatically with an intent to win Sygg is a great commander for two reasons first He is seldom seen as a threat at the table when you sit down across from Atraxa, Selvala, and Narset You are likely going to be largely left alone to your own schemes But Sygg is highly underrated and can get out of control fast Taking games with little to no warning second Sygg is a very flexible commander with multiple wind strategies I personally love having a commander whose deck can win through multiple different Styles and means as it makes it more difficult for my opponents to disrupt my victory and it keeps games Interesting because each match is different with Sygg the three main wind strategies are combo going infinite with Wanderwine Prophets Merfolk tribal slamming lords generating schools of fish and overwhelming our opponents with tribal synergy as well as good old-fashioned aggro swarm and Voltron equipping sig with powerful equipment giving him self-protection and swinging in for the kill What’s or these strategies have synergy with one another it all interconnects to form a tight fun and powerful deck Let’s take a look at the main components No better place to start than with sig himself Sygg is a 2/2 merfolk wizard For one white and one blue mana right off the bat I love low-cost commanders both because you could bring them into play early and even if they’ve returned to the command zone multiple times They remain affordable to bring out again And again, Sygg has Islandwalk But his real ability is giving target merfolk that you control protection from the color of your choice until end of turn for only one and a white protection from colors is Extremely powerful this means whichever merfolk you grant protection to which can include Sygg himself which can include multiple merfolk If you have the mana can’t be the target of spells or abilities Of that color can’t be blocked by creatures of that color Can’t be dealt damage by sources of that color can’t even be enchanted by that color protect Your merfolk can make them essentially unblockable chump block without actually dying for days There’s so much packed into this little 2/2 for two Let’s start with the combo in the deck the combo in this deck is built around Wanderwine Prophets a 4/4 merfolk wizard four and two blue mana that reads champion a merfolk meaning when this comes into play Sacrifice it unless you remove another merfolk you control from the game when this leaves play that card returns to play whenever Wanderwine Prophets deals combat damage To a player you may sacrifice a merfolk If you do take an extra turn after this one going infinite with Wanderwine is easy with Sygg in play Give Wanderwine protection from the color or colors an opponent controls So that you can swing in and not be blocked All you need then is a way to generate a merfolk each turn to be sacrificed and Stonybrook Schoolmaster my preferred means of doing this for two and a white Schoolmaster is a one to merfolk that whenever it becomes tapped You may put a 1 1 blue merfolk wizard creature token into play with Sygg’s protection Schoolmaster can swing in alongside Wanderwine creating a token each turn to be sacrificed to take another turn and go infinite we could also use cards like Opposition or Freed from the Real to just tap Schoolmaster to create a token without attacking Cards like Deeproot Waters create a merfolk every time we cast a merfolk something that will not a hundred percent assured we are likely to be able to do each of our multiple turns with Wanderwine Prophets and if we have other merfolk in Play we can keep getting summon the school back each turn to create two more folk tokens But Sygg makes a great win con by himself You can bring him out turn two place some powerful equipment on him and then by giving him self protection swing in Unblockable you of course can pick your own equipment although I don’t think things like Champion’s Helm or Swiftfoot Boots are necessary given Sygg’s own ability instead cards like Argentum Armor and a sword of your choice make for a more devastating attack But if you really want to get dirty and I do my favorite equipment to put on Sygg is Grafted Exoskeleton a four mana equipment that grants +2 +2 and gives the wearer infect yes, I play dirty with infect in decks like this and with that Argentum Armor on along with the exoskeleton Sygg swings in for 10 infect, unblockable if you give them protection from the right color and Destroying a permanent just for kicks in terms of aggro swarm the deck runs single copies of nearly everything that modern and legacy Merfolk run. For lords we have Master of the Pearl Trident, Lord of Atlantis Merfolk Sovereign and Merrow Reejerey We also run True-Name Nemesis because come on it can be given protection from an entire player Terribly overpowered should have never been made. That doesn’t mean I’m not gonna run it I’m here to eat fish food and kick butt and I’m all out of fish food Thassa God of the Sea may not technically be a Merfolk But her ability to make any creature unblockable until end of turn Along with scrying at the beginning of your upkeep is worth running by itself. Never mind that she can become a 5/5 Indestructible and speaking of devotion we run master of waves. Well, this is not a mono blue deck We should still have a large enough devotion to blue to make this cart worthwhile Lullmage Mentor is a 2/2 for one and two blue that lets us counter targets spell by tapping seven untapped Merfolk He also put someone one merfolk into play whenever a spell or ability of yours counters a spell great control Seafloor Oracle makes it so whenever a merfolk we control deals combat damage to a player we draw a card and Harpoon sniper takes out most threats so long as we’ve built up a reasonable sized school of fish Thada Adel is great stealing our opponents key artifacts and using them for ourselves I love getting extra Sol Rings and other fun trinkets with her while Rootwater thief lets us Literally go through our opponents library and remove any card. No restriction that we choose from the game bye-bye key pieces of your deck fantastically frustrating disruption here Surgespanner Lets us pay one and blue whenever it becomes tapped to bounce any permanent Including lands to our opponents hands this too works great with cards like freed from the real and some of our other combo enablers and accelerators Judge of Currents is good life gain for when we’re swinging in with a large force of merfolk gaining us one life each time a merfolk becomes tapped while Sage of Fables Ensures each other wizard enters with a +1 +1 counter and remembered nearly every merfolk in here is a wizard as well Sage also has the added bonus of removing a counter for two mana and drawing a card and since there’s not much in the way of ramp spells in blue or white in addition to our acceleration artifacts Which I will cover in a moment the deck runs Stonybrook banner a to make merfolk and wizards spells cost one less to cast with all of these merfolk Door of Destinies is a must run for 4 mana as Door of Destinies enters the battlefield choose a creature type whenever you cast a spell of The chosen type put a charge counter on door of Destiny’s Creatures you control of the chosen type get +1 +1 for each counter on door of destinies This gets out of hand fast, especially with deep brute waters or any of our other token generators in play so let’s talk tutors with combo, Voltron and tribal synergy tutors become especially Important the deck runs Merrow Harbinger to search for whatever merfolk we want as well as one of my favorite cards Vedalken Aethermage Which has the awesome ability of wizard cycling letting us spend three and discard to go get whatever wizard card we may want and although it’s Terribly off theme and disturbing when you think about the realities of this card Seahunter is just too powerful not to run A 2/2 for two and two blue mana You can spend three and tap Seahunter to search your library for any Merfolk card and put it into play not into your hand but into play but I suggest not reading the flavor tax store You’re gonna feel bad now I don’t run mystical or enlightened Tudor as our emphasis is more on creatures than enchantments, instants or sorceries but I do run some transmute cards namely Tolaria West which can transmute for zero drift of phantasms which can transmute for three and best of all muddle the mixture which can transmute for two or just Counter spell together these help me get the lands artifacts and creatures I need what about control following along the same lines with muddle the mixture the deck has a light control package Cryptic command gives us so much flexibility and choices that it’s a must run and if you feel like both being on flavor and Messing with your opponent’s memory the text lists full art features a merfolk and and nothing else Arcane denial recently reprinted and great for card draw, although your opponent does get to draw too You also may want to run one or more of the following Desertion commandeer and/or spell jack these are all really expensive counters But they give you ownership of whatever nastyplot your Opponent was looking to unfold they can turn games around especially when a win con was about to resolve having it result for you Instead can be brutal the high mana cost is prohibitive though And so you might want to swap some or all of these out for more counter spells that replace Themselves by drawing cards such as dream fracture sages dowsing or exclude we run board wipe in the form of supreme verdict Cyclonic Rift and Nevinyraral’s disk but given our often large and complex battlefield Teferi’s Protection is simply fantastic Especially in response to someone else swiping the board the deck also runs utility cards like Merrow commerce Commerce is a simple enchantment for one and a blue that reads at the end of your turn untap all merfolk you control great for swinging in full force to smash face and Ensuring we have blockers after passing The turn kindred discovery is an enchantment that lets a straw card every time a merfolk enters the battlefield or attacks make sure you’re running cards like reliquary tower because you are gonna end up with a lot of cards fast our mana base follows the guide I have outlined in my 2 color mana based video here with a few changes Path of ancestry obviously is a must since we are in tribal and Riptide laboratory acts as great protection for our many merfolk wizards and also can help out with some enter the battlefield effects our biggest Problem with this deck is lack of ramp So mana rocks are vital in addition to the regular Must-haves like talisman of progress gilded lotus and Darksteel ingot You’re gonna want to run any mana crypts or man of vaults that you happen to have handy As well as cards like sapphire and pearl medallion and I like to include Aether Vial Because once we get it to two or three it lets us put our fish into play while leaving more mana open for Sygg’s protection despite flashy new merfolk Commanders like Kumina and Tatyova, Sygg remains my pick for most powerful and best overall merfolk commander Kumina is slow building a board to draw more cards or buff with counters But in a very linear fashion with repetitive Games and Tatyova while a merfolk really is more of a druid or lands deck build but Sygg is the real deal and you can very much use this video as a Template for building a more combo heavy version of this deck or go straight out Tribal or Voltron if you wish it’s everything I’ve ever loved about Merfolk Customizable, flexible, able to do everything from aggro to control to combo and back again old-school commander at its finest build the deck how you like play what you love best of all it’s Strong and can and does win. I hope very much this video has been of some help to you What commander deck would you like to see a tech on next? Let me know in the comments below and this video is brought to you by my and many other people’s local games store Card Kingdom a brick-and-mortar pillar of this community as well as the patreon support of Viewers such as you these are the people that keep Tolarian Community College going and growing strong. So thank you.

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