Multi-Flood Landscape Light Fixture

This is the new MultiFlood from Touchstone
Accent Lighting. Constructed of solid brass, the MultiFlood enables you to use one fixture
for any of your wall washing or up lighting type of lighting effects. Designed specifically
for LEDs, the multi- flood enables you to use any beam angle from 15 degrees all the
way up to 120 degrees with one fixture. Here we’re showing the solid raw brass, which
in time turns to the dark patina type finish. To replace the LEDs, simply push the LED into
the lamp holder and then place it in front of a fixture on and then screw the front end
of the fixture into the rear of the housing. To secure the front end of the fixture on
a MultiFlood, replace the two Philips head screws on the front end of the fixture and
screw on tightly. The MultiFlood is available in raw brass and
it can be treated with a patina finish on it to create more of a dark, natural type
of an appearance. The unique shape of the MultiFlood makes it so that the fixture is
more inconspicuous in your landscape. The 8233 MultiFlood showing with the patina finish
or in raw brass.

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