Multifandom ● Up The River

“Who knows what you’ve spoken to the darkness ?” “In bitter watches of the night.” “When all your life seems to shrink.” “The walls of your bower closing in about you.” “A hutch to trammel some wild thing in.” Going back up the river Beyond the rapids Beyond the clamors And the insipid crowds Where our exhausted bodies Under the Spanish moss Looks like broken used marble From the necropolises Where mariners of mist In the sulphurous odor Of molds from bitter and swampy wreckage We lead our souls To the frontiers of chaos Towards the confused clarity Of our ultimate echo Going back up the river Beyond the rapids Beyond the confession of our greedy desires Until the last cradle Under the vanilla flowers To the last arcanum To the ultimate fear To the fires of our doubts Until the last lie In the sinister complexity of our dreams Where furious mirrors “Let me see them” Swing us in rhythm The sumptuous darkness of our suffering souls Going back up the river “We should be grateful” “that we’ve managed to survive through all of our…” “adventures.” “Whether they were real” “Or only in dream.”

3 thoughts on “Multifandom ● Up The River

  1. This ended up looking so good!! The theme is so intriguing and every time I rewatch this I find I found something I missed the first time around and so I rewatch it again. Glad I could help out a bit in it's creation! ♥️

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