Mustang Curb Alert Front Air Dam Sensor Review

Hey everyone I’m Justin with
and I’m checking out a nice little gadget that’s sure to save a few lower chin spoilers,
front air dams and even front bumpers thanks to this parking assist sensor for all model
Mustangs. We’ve all been there, pulling into a new place or parking lot only to not
notice those evil little concrete parking blocks resulting in a not so nice scratch
on that front end. Well with this kit those incidents become a thing of the past. The
sensor mounts on the front bumper or like we do with our 2011 GT here, under the front
bumper, and by using advanced infrared technology it audibly warns you when your front chin
spoiler is getting a little too close for comfort. Well, we can talk about this all
day but the only way to get a true sense of how this product actually works is to put
it to the test. Hey guys were out here in the parking lot of AmericanMuscle headquarters
putting our parking assist sensor to the test to see if it works. *Beep* *Beep* *Beep*,
Alright you aren’t missing that another spoiler saved thanks to this kit. The kit
includes an infrared sensor itself and waterproof housing, an alarm, and also a control box.
The install is made very straight forward thanks to the detailed instructions and thanks
to the fact that there is no drilling required for this kit what-so-ever, all you have to
do is run a few wires and find a place to locate the sensor after that its basic power
and ground installation that should take you no longer than an hour, when you factor in
time to calibrate the kit. Calibrating your new kit is very easy, all you need is a cardboard
box that your kit came in to be placed in front of your vehicle at the desired location
you would like the alarm to sound, once you have done that simply adjust your sensor while
holding the button on the calibration box until you start to hear the beep, once you
have that done you are all set and ready to go. So if you’ve been on the losing end
of some of those parking lot battles and you’re tired of scraping up your ride you’ll definitely
enjoy the extra protection from this parking assist sensor.

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