Mustang Fog Light Installation – 5.0Resto (Fox Body)

[MUSIC PLAYING] SPEAKER: If you own an ’87 to
’93 Mustang GT or a ’93 Cobra, it’s likely that you
have had, or currently have, the problem of
a broken fog light. Now, these fog lights, they
catch road debris or rocks, and the lens breaks, and
then you lose your light. Just doesn’t look good
going down the road. Now, we’ve got covered
with brand new replacement 5.0 Resto fog light lenses that
have the correct glass lens, has the new nuts, the new
mounting stud, and new mounting bracket, and even features
the correct factory electrical connector for
plug and play installation. Now, to remove your
old one if it’s broken, you want to put on a glove,
because that glass is sharp and you may cut yourself. Now, the factory nut is a 9/16. Go ahead and remove that nut. Then you can unplug your
electrical connector, grab hold of the
light, and pull it out through the front
of the bumper cover. Now, the new nut on
the new fog light is actually a different size. You want to grab
you a 17 millimeter. To reinstall, you
want to make sure that the bracket
stays on the stud. Then go ahead and feed
the electrical connector through the oval hole in
the fog light bracket. Then go ahead and slide
your fog light into place, and get the stud
lined up in its hole, making sure that adjustment
bracket stays in position. Now you can go ahead
and slide your nut on. Just kind of run
it down by hand, and position the light
as close as you think you can get it, and then
tighten up the nut. All right. Tighten that nut
down, and go ahead and plug your electrical
connector back in. All right. And then take a look at
your finished product, and as long as everything is
centered up then you’re done. Now, for more lighting
options for your Fox Mustang, check out [MUSIC PLAYING]

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