Mustang Headlights: How To Adjust/Aim 87-04 Mustang Headlights

53 thoughts on “Mustang Headlights: How To Adjust/Aim 87-04 Mustang Headlights

  1. Just got an 88 GT and brams were down in front of the car. Thank you for the how to.

  2. just seeing this vid,my 91 gt has aftermarket lights from you and the vertical adjustment place you show on the bottom also has the same on top meaning there are one for up and other down?now u got me confused.

  3. Ok I'm REALLY confused. WHERE is the horizontal adjustment on the 03/4 Cobra. You show it in this video and I can NOT find it.

  4. Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the EXACT same issue on my 03

  5. I purchased the aftermarket headlights that you guys sell for a 94-04 (mine is a 01) and they don't have a horizontal adjuster… I am confused how do i adjust them then if I can't?

  6. Got a question I accidental stripped the vertical adjuster do is their away to repair it?

  7. What if I can't Get my hands on an adjusting tool right away is there an alternate tool?

  8. although its alot of extra time and work. a regular 4mm nut and ratchet should work for 87-98.

  9. thank you for the video,been a customer of your guys since you opened,excellent outfit,i recently put some new lights on my 91vert and i can tell from people flashing their lights at me at night that they are in need of some adjustment,lol, tomorrow im gonna go buy the tool to do it but on your video i wasn't able to understand the whole thing specially the part where you adjust them down and to the right,that part was a little vague, how much down and how much to the right? im sure there is a word or phrase im missing and once i find out what it is ill figure it all out."where they intersect" also didn't really register. thank you for any more info you might add.

  10. I just bought a pair of the aftermarket 99-04 factory replica lights. There is no horizontal adjustment, maybe older versions had this but it aint there anymore. You guys should update the description or something.

  11. My 1999 headlights do not move down when I adjust them, I had it all the way out and they just moved it horizontally, and that should be pushing down, but it's just pushing it out. at 12-15 feet out it blinds people. Pls help!

  12. I tried adjusting my after market headlights on my 98 mustang, and they didn't go anywhere. Is there a reason why?

  13. I forgot to say that they're a one piece headlight. Am I supposed to have all three headlight retainers or what?

  14. I stripped the cheap plastic(?) vertical adjustment screw while attempting this.  Is there any way to replace, or does this entail a whole new headlight assembly?  Thx

  15. How do I aim the OEM projector style headlights on my 2014 GT/CS?

  16. Fuckin thanks man! Pheeee I thought I was going blind Man! This helped big time!

  17. I was just trying to adjust my aftermarket headlights (eBay….sorry) on my 03 Mach 1 and could not find the horizontal adjusters. My passenger beam is right between the two tape crosses. This bugs me.

  18. I bought my smoked lights off of ebay and I tried a 4mm wrench not this tool and the retainers keep popping off and not adjusting anything

  19. what about those 1 piece Purdy headlights you sell for the fox i cant seem to adjust those monsters   cant drive the car at night

  20. Great video.
    Seriously helpful. Ordered the suggested adjuster for my '98, and the job just got a whole lot easier.
    Could maybe do with an annotation for UK owners that the adjustment is below and to the left rather than the right.
    Thanks for posting.

  21. Excuse me guys but the lightsbeam have to be in high or low beam to adjusted I did not hear it clear thanks

  22. the lights I just bought from LMR for m 04 don't have horizontal adjusters and advice to get mine lined up?

  23. What if I don't have a headlight adjusting wrench tool?

  24. If your lights are out of whack when you put your marks on the wall won't the lights still be out of whack when you back up for adjustment?

  25. If I installed 3 sides led headlights, do I need to install them a certain way or can I just do this adjusting ?

  26. Thank you! I was about to throw away my new aftermarket headlight because it was pointing downward! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!?

  27. Down and to the right of the center taped "T"….both headlights down and to the right?

  28. Video very unclear on the portion at end that shows the adjustment of a 2000 mustang headlight. Bad quality. Disappointed.

  29. I tried to adjust the lights on my ‘92 Fox Body and it didn’t work. I guess I need that tool!

  30. If you remove the blinker light assembly on a 96 there is actually a third screw adjustment Phillips head access from the front of the car ,directly above is the hex head adjustment back of the headlight , both screws control vertical pushing in or out on top and bottom .

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