Mutton Biryani | Lucknow famous Idris Restaurant Style Mutton Dam Biryani |

boil the rice till they done 80% and strain them and keep aside transfer mutton into a pressure cooker, add in ginger garlic paste, salt, red chili powder and all whole spices add 1/2 liter of water, cover the lid, bring one pressure on high heat them simmer it and cook for 10 min take out the mutton pieces and strain the stock keep it aside now take a big vessel and transfer milk into it add in all spices as well add in kewra water and rose water add in saffron as well add in 1/2 quantity of fried onions bring one boil into this on high heat add in cooked mutton into this add in half quantity of ghee as well cook it on high heat till the milk and yakhni reduces now transfer the cooked rice over the mutton gravy sprinkle fried onions, food color ghee and kewra water wrap it with the foil paper or seal it with dough keep it on dam for about 15-20 min. ready to serve..:)

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  1. Mam maine kal biryani banai… Aur bahot achhi bani thi gharme sabko bahot pasand ayi thanku so much… First me biryani itni achhi bani sirf apki vajah se… Love u lot….

  2. First time I went right with Lucknow Biryani. Yes, the recipe is lengthy but its worth all the effort. And the taste was awesome. I couldn't believe i made it so close to the originals.

  3. Really i proud to be Lucknauwa!!!!!😄😂😆😍🥰😘😘Idrish Bhai and Karim Bhai…..Thanxs a Lots for Behlaf of some Bhaijaans who has lived aborad

  4. First time I saw this type of biryani I belongs to mysore,without tomato and yoghurt we caunt make biryani but this is different I try this,this is looking sooo yummmm.Thank you lubna.

  5. Asak lubna aapke channel ko bht follow krte h aur sab kuch ab aapki hi recipe se banate h..maam aaj hmne aapki lko bryani banai to maam taste to bht acha aaya mgr jab doodh me mutton paka rhe the to jab meat add kiya wo phat isko kaise control kre next tym jab hm banaye.plz bataye

  6. Food colour use Karni ki kya jarurat h…wo toh sehat k liye hanikarak h….upar se aluminium foil Jo wo v health k liye kharap h….

  7. Ye idrees ki biryani resipi nahi h wo piyaz Kali mirch badi ilaichi nahi daalte

  8. Thanks for sharing delicious recipes I managed to prepare the as Idrish biryani 😊

  9. Mashallah bahut acchi biryani banai hai aap ne dil khush ho gya

  10. Mujhe apki har recepie pasand aati or mein try bhi zaroor krti ho..

    Apse request h kanpur ki famous luccai or sabzi ki recepie share plz

  11. Appi plz batae ki kon sa rise best hai biryani ke liye plz plz pakne par mahin bane

  12. Nihait he laziz biryani ban kar taiyar hui hai letest and diffrent thanks lubna ji

  13. Hum kal hi banaye ye Idris biryani bahut hi zabardast aur lazeez bani lengthy process hai bt zaiqa itna maze ka hai k farq nahi parta
    Awesome Recipe

  14. Lucknow ki biryani doodh mein hi banti hain.I am from lucknow. Idris biryani super tasty

  15. Mam kewra aur rose water ke badle kiya hum meetha atar rakh skte plz reply

  16. @cookwithlubna …Great recipe, this is the first time I tried dum style biryani and it turned out great!
    I made it with beef though.
    Was so determined to try it that I started at midnight and finished cooking by 2am! 😅 Love the infused flavours of all the spices!

  17. Very yummy and very tasty biryani I prepared before two days . Bahut mazedaar biryani Bani h lubna ji . Jazakillah. Aap bahut achche se samjhate h mashaa Allah

  18. Sis isme coriender leaves green chillies n mint nhi dalte h kia plzzzz rply

  19. Chaawal kaunsa lena hai? Basmati me kaunsa? Golden sela basmati ya sela basmati?

  20. Hi Lubna,

    Lucknowi biryanis are not cooked with long grain basmati because they have overwhelming fragrance, we in Lucknow use arwa rice which has muchh lesser fragrance than basmati.

    Also, there is a special mix of garam masala used in Awadhi cuisine. 🙂

  21. I followed the whole thing step by step, nice flavours but I followed your advice of salt on the higher side and that spoiled it all. Will be cautious next time

  22. Thank you very very much for the recipe.I live in Zurich Switzerland,I had gone to Lucknow in August 2019.I heard a lot about Idris biryani, But I didn't go to eat, because our driver said that it was in a very dirty location, secondly Since I had a bad experience with wanting to try Nahari,I went in the morning to a place suggested in the internet. The street was so dirty, where this restaurant was located.I had almost thrown up. Thanks again for the recipe.I will make it in a clean atmosphere and enjoy.🙏

  23. Assalamualaikum aap kisi ko replay nhi deti ho kiya bolo kuch pochna bhi Raha Kaise replay milega

  24. Hi Lubna….i dont have 1/3 tsp………so how to measure 1/3 tsp of nutmeg powder and 1/3 tsp of mace powder??
    Thank u,

  25. Very nice Lubna ji I live 50 meters walking distance from idrees 500 meters from tunday and raheem …you presented the real recipe of idrees biryani bravo … every day I see idrees cooking style. ..that is same as you represent here

  26. बनाने की कोशिश करूंगा । धन्यवाद

  27. Amazing recipe. I cooked this today and the taste was same as idrees biryani. Thanks for the recipe.

  28. The first time I went to Karachi, the Biriyani was amazing. (over 30 years ago) What I miss most is the unique aroma. Been back many times to different parts of Pakistan, the food has always been awesome. I'm from India but live in the UK now. Everytime I watch your recipes, it gives me the urge to start cooking. My wife is very happy when I cook !!!!!! 😬

  29. Best biryani ever .I am so happy to have tried this recipe.i am a hyderabadi and I love your recipe.

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