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Hi everyone! We’re at Ali Nachia Briyani, one of Singapore’s most favorite Briyani hawker food stalls and they’re located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, block five, on the second floor and they’re best-known for the mutton briyani set meal so let’s go check it out and have lunch. Briyani is a popular dish among the
ethnics southern indian and malay muslim communities here in Singapore. The common types of the Briyani are either
chicken, fish or mutton. Mutton basically lamb just that it’s
odour tends to be goat meat rather than sheep meat. Don’t be fooled by goat meat being
tough though, this mutton and is super tender, spicy and aromatically slow
cooked in briyani which is a top grade ? rice infused with all the
succulent flavors of the meat and curry. The mutton briyani set comes with dalcha,
a curry based sauce, Achaar, pickled cucumbers, onions and carrots, and
?, yogurts, spices, onions and cucumbers. Ali Nachia Briyani Dam is owned and
run by ex-butcher, Chik Ali whose experience goes into picking the best
parts of the goat which in turn perfects his curry. Open Monday to Saturday, ten A.M to
two P.M and closed on Sundays. Traditionally and culturally, briyani is best
enjoyed using your right hand to dig in! Thanks so much for watching and if you’ve been to Ali Nachia Briyani Dam, please feel free to comment on tell us about your experience. Don’t forget to subscribe to the
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8 thoughts on “Mutton Briyani – Ali Nachia Briyani Dam – Travel Now Singapore

  1. For $7 a plate, the quality of the masala didn't live up to its price. The mutton has a big bone. The achar is not sour. No wonder even during lunchtime there is no queue..

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