My Best Find so far on Magnet fishing In Seguin Texas River , River Treasure (OutdoorMore)

we are starting this back up guys we are
going to do a treasure hunt over here with magnet fishing down here back at
the same place we were yesterday where we found them hope the necklace a storm
just passed something and a lot of stuff probably came more this way because
yesterday we found out people hooks and waeights I’m excited for this venture
let’s see what we find a day eyes in the sky gazing far into the night
I raise my hand to the fire but it’s no use
cuz you can’t stop it from shining through see what we can fine well you found nothing but gunk let’s
see what else this time you toss it i may throw it far but not that far now your like me , now your just like me tryston so last time I was throwing it out over
here that’s where we were getting a lot of good stuff over here I think I’m
gonna try back over here and see if I can find anything else I was throwing it
over there no luck I drug it across here and I found hooks and stuff (Nothing) not
more gunk so let me wipe those off what did we get now a line right yep got
a hook and what the heck oh and let’s a springy I’m gonna toss this and my trash collector yeah nice little hook and
a nice little hook rusted but little okay guys found a bottle cap ah that’s
gonna go right here and these are cleaning up the river it’s a boy it’s
another net oh and that’s a good fine bestfine ever oh it looks it’s an NET for Roxanne
Roxanne look it’s got a little butterflies on you it’s got a little boy
perfect little a you can catch minnows in re ye o so we always wanted a net we
found a net right now we found nothing but gunk net and man it’s a mystery what
this water will hold so some little girl have lost a net we found it you know
Roxanne once announced she’s gonna have it hopefully we could find like a boy 1
that would be awesome um let’s see what else we could find
okay so we got more hooks little pieces of I’ll just stick with the hook and
ok we got more old nail rusty old nail found a razor blade that’s pretty cool
oh this magnet is different I don’t think this mani is made for like bobbing
on the floor like this but sometimes I’m dragging it and it makes me wonder
there’s a lot of stuff down there I can’t get because I’m dragging it so
maybe if I were to go by the the double-sided one because they have a
double-sided magnet where it’s made to drag I wonder if I can get something big
you know their stuff hidden in here and it’s pretty big but I just I don’t have
a bridge to walk over and and dip it down which would be a great idea
oh okay fishing line we found some wire an arrow and a
trouble hook and a fishing line but we don’t need
that so bye-bye okay so I found now I got it I bet you don’t know what it is
you put this on your fishing pole and when you catch a fish – me me me me me
me it’s such a you bail off that’s what this is and it’s so good I just got to
clear that mud out of there and then we found some chunks of metal nothing
really major but nice little find okay guys so this is what we found while
magnet fishing we found this big old net right here we also found a chart Sam
what’s that Alyssa we found a bunch of nails and stuff nothing
exciting uh-huh then you found all these hooks right here all these treble hooks
Danny found some razor blades some screws this is the thing that goes on
fishing pull my cap and wire so yeah guys that’s what I like about doing this
magnificient you never know what you’re gonna find in there
sadly all we found was bottle caps mat some pieces of metal we did find a whole
bunch of treble hooks that was because they were just sent on the side we found
that we did find some of the cool things that net was really one of the coolest
things that got me motivated to do more videos like this I want to try under a
bridge and Seguin Texas see if we can find anything there and slowly burgers
are heading out to more and more places

7 thoughts on “My Best Find so far on Magnet fishing In Seguin Texas River , River Treasure (OutdoorMore)

  1. We always wanted a $6 net. 😂 you're using a $30 magnet and $10 rope and you always wanted a net.

  2. Great edits man! I really like your style dude! Who's your favorite Magnet Fisher on YouTube right now? It's a butterfly net, it's used to catch butterflies. I'm still gonna stress the gloves for you guys though! LOL. Thank you for coming to my channel and supporting man. Great finds today, even though they aren't worth much, they are finds that you guys discovered out and about as a family! I respect that man! 🙂

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