My BIGGER & FIRMER BREASTS! All-Natural Secret! | Adina Rivers

Hello to all my beautiful queens out there.. This video is for you and only for you.. I will share with you a super powerful secret
to make your breasts even more magical… And over the course of the next weeks I ll
release even more secrets to orgasmic, full and tight and perky breasts. And all of those secrets are all-natural and
super powerful. So if you want to get notified about my next
videos make sure to hit this cute little subscribe button under this video.. or find me on Instagram.. and we can be friends there, forever and ever And if you love breasts in all shapes and
sizes give this video a biiiiigg, thumbs up.. And you shall have beautiful breasts forever. It’s a promise Okay my love, Enjoy my video.. Breasts are the seat of love and femininity.. It’s one of the most sensitive parts in
the female body.. Any strong emotions such as relationship problems
or heartbreak can easily cause an imbalance in your breasts.. That’s why we girls need to take care of
our breasts.. My first secret has been used for centuries
in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine This secret is called Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera help with breast growth since it
activates estrogen receptors. It activates blood circulation. A new flow of nutrients and oxygen os increased
to your breasts. This helps firm your breasts. Studies found that Aloe Vera kills 70% of
Breast Cancer Cells. Pretty awesome. It prevents damage caused by free radicals
and thus helps firm sagging breasts. So here is how it works Take a fresh Aloe Vera Leaf. Leave it in the fridge for an hour and then
cut it in half. Now apply the Aloe Vera directly onto your
breasts and massage it in circular motion for 10 minutes. Let it sit for another 10 minutes. Wash it off with warm water. Repeat 4-5 times/week to get best results. You can also intake Aloe Vera orally so that
it can directly enter your body and blood stream. I suggest to eat it in its pure form and right
after you’ve cut it. Like this all nutrients are still available. My sunshine ! I hope you enjoyed my little Aloe Vera secret. I ve personally been using it for a loooong
time and I swear it’s awesome and it s working. But you really gonna do it as often as you can to see some real benefits and results. But really important remember to use fresh
aloe vera because the one in bottle usually got some nasty chemicals in it.. And you don’t want these on your boobs. And fresh aloe vera is cheaper anyways. Okay my sunshine.. If you liked this video give it s thumbs up
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100 thoughts on “My BIGGER & FIRMER BREASTS! All-Natural Secret! | Adina Rivers

  1. you are beautiful and so sexy,many times a like and comments but you didn't read my comments, let it be but when I look your video I masterbate, don't understand me wrong

  2. so is this safe during breastfeeding? will it decrease milk supply?

  3. I attempted to snack on a bowl of aloe and regretted that decision! ooooof so bitter and weird! It's going to remain a silent winner in my smoothies, hee!

  4. I would like to tell u that u r looking super hot in that pink bra and I got a boner in full video and I just staring those boobs
    but the point is that it was informative and helpful

  5. I lost a bunch of weight and it took a toll on my tits, any way to fix them?

  6. "BOOBIES ARE MAGIC" 🙂 i love your videos. it teaches how our body and sexuality is a beautiful thing

  7. Adina, I will try your tip. I am an 18 year old virgin who is too afraid to have sex and reveal my body to someone. I have small tubular breasts that are cone shaped and have puffy, large nipples. I am beginning to lose hope that they will grow and become round. I think I may have tuberous breast deformity. I know you mentioned in another video that plastic surgery isn't good and we should all accept ourselves. But that is easy for someone as beautiful as you to say. I don't think I will find a man who finds my breasts attractive. I am waiting until I am 22 to see if they will have changed by then. If they don't, I will get them done.

  8. If I eat it will I still get the same effects? Or should I do both? Can I just do one?"

  9. One of my 'mates' said I should break up with my girlfriend cuz she had no tits. I punched him in the jaw. Some people like big boobs, some people like small boobs, deal with it

  10. If you're over 20 they won't grow even if you drink ambrosia & do backflips just saying, nice jerking off biddies

  11. Not certain about the points made but ,if anyone else wants to discover how to increase breast size try Knewreck Bigger Bust Guide (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my co-worker got amazing results with it.

  12. I'm in a relationship and we've been together for almost nine months now. He is someone who is into a woman with larger breasts, but sadly, I am only a c cup. He makes comments referring to my smaller chest size, and in a conversation we had he mentioned how the only thing his ex had that I didn't was larger breasts. I know he means nothing by it and none of it was meant to be malicious, but I feel incredibly insecure and inferior. Any advice?

  13. Ur so fucking sexy omg the things I would do to you .. probably stuff I learned from you????lol

  14. youre bobos are too small for me…. I need at least a double D or else i wont be able to love you.

  15. Just came upon your Chanel and I am so in love with your content and your free spirit!! Sending my love ❤️

  16. It is nice to lick, squeeze, and suck on a woman's breasts to give her lots of pleasure.

  17. Hey please help me i am jst 18yrs old and breast is sag .so please say what can i do please rply

  18. i'm almost a f;at board chest, can I use this technique as well to improove my boob size?

  19. Who else thinks the intro looks like the beginning of a porno lol

  20. I'm 13.. nd I got bigger boobs than you nd I still want even bigger than that.. lol ?
    Btw I'm noh hater -.-

  21. How long do u reccomend doing this to go from a b cup to a c cup??

  22. if u don’t have the plant use can also use Aloe Vera sunburn Gel ik it sounds like BS but i promise it isn’t BS ? just make sure to massage ur breast with the gel

  23. Am a 30a and I hate my boobs kids call me flat and I hate it and my mum is a dd d or a c and I with I had bigger boobs

  24. How did you get your aloe plant so big?? Those leaves are huuuge all of mine are little

  25. Yes she’s hot but this video is literally SO dramatic. I just love the fact that she’s having clips of her close up boobs and talking like asmr ppl

  26. I know this is a really old video and I don’t know how many times I’ve watched this but you have really beautiful breasts ? don’t mean to sound lesbian but I’ve never seen such beautiful perky breasts. ??

  27. Can I add any essential oils to it and massage like fenugreek oil and jojoba oil ?!

  28. She got no tities what so ever what is she trying to show off lol i saw my 6yr old sister watching this im shook

  29. Her first tip and I’m like, “well I guess this video is not for me….” aloe allergy lol

  30. Omg


    I have a look at the moment and I will be able to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best way to get the best

  31. Do you have to put it into the fridge for 1 hour before the use? Thank you for your video.

  32. Can market available packed aloevera gel be used after chilling it

  33. Hi Adina, do you think it’s ok to rub the aloe on and leave it on- let it dry and not wash it off? Thank you ?

  34. Friends are like boobs.

    You have big ones.
    Small ones.
    Real ones.
    Fake ones.

  35. First of all i LOVE ur videos! ❤️
    Do you have any thoughts about birth control and its affect on womens bodies? If you do i would love a video about that ?

  36. I dislike my breast always wondered why the hell we have them
    Always gets in the way

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