hiiii my sunshineeeeeee.. lovey doveyy.. super
boo.. I’ve missed you.. .. fine let’s be a bit more serious for
this video.. .. quite many of you have been asking me about
my take on romantic relationships.. Open, monogamous, polyamorous.. You name it. Maybe this is because you ve realized that
I have a pretty different idea about love and relationships.. Soooo for this video I’ve put together my
wild little thoughts about this crazy confusing thing called love. and I have the feeling
that it might challenge your idea about romantic relationships. and boo.. let me know in the comments below
what you think about my thoughts.. whether you think i am crazy, weird.. or actually
pretty dope. or you can simply share bit of your learnings from your relationships in
da comments below. Enjoyyyyyyy my video. Love.. in the end it’s all about love. Isn’t it? The rich, the poor, the shy, the wild.. we
all seek for it.. .. for that one special person to live with
happily ever after.. And then one day you do stumble upon him..
or her.. you fall in love.. passionately.. and
you begin to create a life together.. it’s colorful.. and magical.. a few months.. or a few years pass by..
and somehow.. secretly .. silently .. things begin to change.. Where there used to be a wild fire of passion
is now only a little flame left. Where there ones where thousands of butterflies
by the mere thought of your lover are now unspoken thoughts, questions .. disappointment. Love has blended into everyday life .. or
everyday life into our love. You see .. love to me has many faces and phases.. I’ve seen them.. I’ve cried about them.. I’ve screamed at them.. until I came to
the point where I somehow learned to embrace them. And I started to understand that one of the
biggest problems with love is not love itself.. but what we have been taught about
love. We are supposed to give our love to only one
person .. supposed to have feelings for only one person.. until the end of our lives. But no one ever told me that love wasn’t
meant to be this perfect. No one ever taught me that love will shower
me with the full spectrum of emotions. Joy, lightness, heaviness, tears, pain.. All of it. And so we hold on to this ideal .. and try
to hide from the world when our relationship goes through hardships. But love doesn’t always smile.. For love is truth.. And truth does sometimes hurt. But love always comes as a gift… with the
potential to awaken our hearts and self to new heights.. You see I have messed up a lot in those 12
years of my relationship.. I’ve lied, I’ve cheated.. I’ve done shit I am not proud of.. and yet
I am grateful it all happened the way it did .. for through all this mess have I learned
some amazing secrets about romantic love.. .. I’ve learned that my partner is a reflection
of myself.. and if we want to make it work .. we need to speak our hearts with purity
and honesty.. And you want to know about my greatest learning
of all? Love has to be free in order to thrive. Love does not possess.. and does not own..
it only loves.. without restrictions or rules.. And so I began to call my relationship a “free
relationship” .. for my partner and I are free.. free to
explore.. to create.. to feel.. to enjoy.. to love.. even if it doesn’t include me at
times.. I want to empower my partner, not shrink him. I want to love my partner not own him. I want to trust my partner not make rules. Trust has to be build.. and the only way to
build it is through patience and honesty.. This is not easy my love.. I know.. But think about it my love…. do you only
love one of your friends? do you only love one type of fruit? or one
book? We humans beings have so much capacity to
love.. And when love comes in harmony with honesty
and the willingness to not to give up when things get difficult then love can take us
to unknown heights of our greatest potential.. So my sunshine.. Let’s try to let our love be free.. let
it fly.. let it soar and let it take us to new magical heights.. .. yayy you are still here with me. I hope you enjoyed this little video of mine.. I poured my little heart into this video because
you know.. love means the world to me.. and I know if we can free love from our ego each
one of us will be a little healer to this world.. and each one of us will experience
the full magic love has to offer. Don’t forget to .. let me know in the comments
below what you think about free relationships. Could you live in one or would it be impossible
for you.. I love to learn from and with you. I am sending you all my love my sunshine.. Peace.. I am outttaaaaa here

100 thoughts on “MY OPEN SEX RELATIONSHIP?😱💞 | Adina Rivers

  1. i don't judge you but i think your définition of love is lust and selfishness!! but you make it sound like is a wonderfull thing but personaly i really dont think so !!

  2. Open relationships do not always have to equate to anything goes or sexual intimacy with others. I think the video allows for creativity and uniqueness. Honesty and purity means truth about who you are and where you are at. No one is put on this earth to be used and lied to know matter what. If someone prefers sexual monogamy over polyamory it does not equate to a weak ego and vice versa. Do all things with truth, honesty and love. Know yourself 💖

  3. I love this video and I agree with it wholeheartedly. There are also many different ways to love someone and different people can fulfill different roles in your life. Personally, I don't like random sex with random people I don't feel ANYTHING for, but if you have a connection with someone that isn't the same familial, life-sharing bond you have with your primary partner but want to open new doors in your sexual experiences, I say go for it.

  4. Hey I love your video can you please do a topic about how to convince my wife into an open relationship. I love my wife very much she will always be the love of my life. the problem is I still have the urge to want to sleep with other women and I don't feel anything wrong with it

  5. Adina, your personality, your looks and your voice makes you a very attractive lady. Even though I am married, I would love to enjoy some mind blowing sex with you

  6. Adina I feel your philosophy about love and relationships is closest to what our human nature is supposed to be before society's influence started to change people. I love the way you see and feel life you are truly a beautiful person, like Adam and Eve for eating the forbidden fruit,Your way of life is it's own beautiful Garden of Eden.

  7. Commitment yes, Expressive with others yes, but never cheat.
    , Sidenote, your county side is beautiful. Where is it?

  8. Good video….I don't want to get confiused wih sex… For me love is one thing…sex…is not love…is only phisical atraction….I don't see my self being old… And in a Nursing Home… Sharing sex with everybody…And love in the seam time …but when you young…sex is the priority And people call it "Love"…. For me love is one thing…sex is other.

  9. I don't agree with open relationships why be open I can be single and have it all With no relationship

  10. Borderline Personality Dissorder? Parent problems? Stimulus/arousal addiction? There's a lot of exceptions and mental hoops to jump through to live the poly (etc.) life. I get it, I've nearly tried it with my woman. I can see how it could work the way I can see how communism could work; if the human element is taken out. We can't viably go through life chasing the feeling of butterflies and fresh passion the same way we can't over indulge ourselves in any dopamine inducing behavior without upsetting life's balance. Too much yin is bad for our yang, so to speak lol.
    If this ends up crashing for you, I hope your airbag deploys and y'all can pull through it to chalk it all up as another of life's learning experiences. You being you is perfectly fine with me though and I wish you well with however you live your life.
    To all else, don't let an emotion be your God. You are literally above that. It has the potentiality of being the highest and most noble of emotions but this doesn't call for the idolatry of it.

  11. Gosh I hate to be judgy but I feel if one person isn't enough there's something wrong going on there …. of course too each there own I guess but there's something to be said for people who stay together and make it work together , besides how exhausting dealing with more than one lover omg I kinda wanna say grow up :/

  12. I honestly truly believe the same i believe we shouldnt restrict our love, but im kind of afraid od whst my partner would think. I dont think he woukd agree

  13. Free, but for how long? A very beautiful video Adina! Your a very sexy free spirit, I realize that. It's very presumsemous of me, but I think it may be time to settle down in fidelity with that one good man I think you have. One good man can be "all men for you", if he has deep love for you. I think I seen that in some videos I watched with you and Oliver. Please forgive my opinion.

  14. Can you do me a favor, Adina? I want to lose my manhood to you. I want you to teach me how to make love to a woman the right way.

  15. My all time favourite and most powerful book The Best Seller’s Neale Donald Walsch “CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD BOOK 3” Page 211 episode 13 goes pretty well in this subject , I must explain that open relationship ended my weeding back in 2009 cos I wasn’t as evolved back them about the whole LOVE and the real meaning of it , ain’t even sure I am at it now .
    But Neale Donald Walsch CWG 3 book Page 211 onwards goes very deep into this subject as by the book describe the voice of GOD says and well explains that “PROMISES THAT FORFEIT FREEDOM IS A BLASPHEMY “ and describing very clear why marriage is a failure institution in most cases nowadays , as we all make promises of eternal LOVE and LOYALTY to someone we LOVE today as WE BEING SOMEONE TODAY it’s not and won’t be the same person and situation what we will be in 10 years time from now on , so ain’t the person that we dare to make a such promise , saying that I repeat God’s quote from the book CWG 3 “PROMISES THAT FORFEIT FREEDOM IS A BLASPHEMY” and it is a denial from you and all that you stand for as a God’s creation and a being itself , you cannot hold yourselves without the FREEDOM to be who you truly are of from what you truly feel in your heart towards others or someone else due to a promise you made to someone you loved when you were at another state of mind.
    For different levels of spiritual evolution, since WE/YOU are like the UNIVERSE in constantly motion and constantly changing , nothing in the UNIVERSE IS STATIONARY and that’s the most basic and obvious FUNDAMENTAL LAWS OF NATURE AND FUNDAMENTAL LAWS OF PHYSICS OF THE UNIVERSE AND UNIVERSE COSMIC .
    My Blessings to y’all from Down Under Australia the land of the paradise in earth that I am so blessed to call my paradise, my home , my country , my mother Australia 🇦🇺

  16. I never write comments almost anywhere, but this time I had to. I saw a beautifully filmed video, and I feel so much warmth coming from you… but it also made me sad. I happened to get a lot of information about energies and how they work including sexual one from ayurveda, bioenergetics and spiritual teachers. It is very pure and meant to be shared with one person only. By acting deferently there's a possibility to make a lot of damage, by time to start feeling empty inside and mistaking love with passion. You can have open heart and love everyone, but your yoni should be open only for you and your life partner. It is very important to look at intimacy with respect and purity, because there are so many problems and society degradation just from uncorrect usage of sexual energy. You collect an energy from all partners in yourself, you create carmical relations with them. After a while it can get very hard to feel clean again and start a constant trusting relationship with one person. I hope I didn't offend you. It's everyone's choice how to live. Just shared this from my heart ♥

  17. Powerful mentorship in love world.i appreciate.excellent video.super courageous personality.

  18. I don't know if you really know what 'ego' means. This is an ilusion, desire is less stonger than the delusion of self, something to achieve. Open realtionship and single is the same. We don't eve know ourselves, why to have an intimate relationship with so many people, besides the fear to envolve and the prision of desire?

  19. Im a one on one type of guy , sharing everything with my soulmate

  20. Dear Ms Rivers , I'll cut it short : Can I be your free butler , chauffeur, masseur, personal trainer, and tantra master ?

  21. How was the video shot? Did you hire someone? It’s beautiful.

  22. I have been in 1 relationship for 23 years. I am married to him, for 20 of these years. I make no judgement on anyone else's beliefs. I do have a question though, do you only have sex with your 1 partner, and he you, por do you have multiple sex partners? Like I said, no judgement what so ever, just curiosity. I do love your videos.

  23. Why cant people stay together without having sex with other people? Is there any guy who wont cheat

  24. Wow this is what o have been waiting to listen to…am in tears right now and want to thank you ….Thank God I started following you….you literally saved my life

  25. I adore this perspective and resonate deeply with free love. That is the most beautiful part of love, it is free and should be freeing. I do believe monogamy no longer holds the importance it once did when the family unit was stronger. Men and woman worked hard together just to raise children and keep them alive. Woman stayed home and focused on house duties while men provided, but as we evolved sustaining a family dynamic changed drastically. Now both parties usually work, while also balancing house hold tasks. Meaning both men and woman are independent and often independently sustaining a family.. Without the need to keep a life long partner to take care of the financial burdens of family life.

    What concerns me about being physical with those outside of the relationship, is how the other partner feels throughout the journey. I feel it would be very difficult to keep your relationship sacred and have mature communication between partners.
    I would love to embody this idea of setting your love free, but worry about finding a partner who is on the same wave.
    It would be a shame to connect with someone deeply and build a relationship, when later down the road miscommunication and insecurities become a barrier.

    Does anyone have similar feelings or experiences?

  26. Oh god she live in bali? its my dream country its heaven 😭😭😭😭

  27. Even though I don't think I could be in an open relationship when in a serious relationship with someone I'm in love with I'm not here to judge. In fact, I've become an instant fan of many of your videos this evening. From what I gather you have a lot of knowledge, passion, and love to share. I appreciate the details you have shared to help educate and encourage the strength of intimate relationships. For me the way I was raised and my focus on one women when in a relationship would make this difficult for me. However, when Single it totally makes sense. I remember Dr. Drew & Adam Corolla from Love Line warning about the perils of 3-somes and open relationships when in a committed relationship but if it works for you and your man who am I to criticise.

  28. I love you Adina but I disagree with you. Its not ego its magic and beautiful to share my life, my love and my youth with one person who I find worthy of and he who found worthy of me :)♡

  29. Adina please can you tell us how you get your flat stomach?

    Greetings from Germany

  30. You're one of the best human in this world, you're beautiful, you're creative, you're just great. All the best to this amazing girl. Much love💕💕💕💕💕

  31. I find it interesting how everyone chimes in with how sex is "sacred" between two people. First of all sacred is a term for the religious, so let's just scratch that, shall we? Sex is a physical act. It can be intimate, it can be serious, it can be productive, it can be social, it can be fun. Don't let your personal insecurities or the pressures of society cast judgement upon those who have different notions of how wonderfully diverse sex can be. If you can't handle seeing your partner have sex with another that's fine. That doesn't mean it's wrong for people who can. Far from it. It's quite possible those people have reached another plateau in their love, trust, and security. A recent study shows that 1/3 of couples admit to cheating… and people lie! So, we are obviously surrounded by hypocrites. Who really has it right? The couple that is honest and can partake freely in sex and still have trust and security to be together, or the couple that turns a blind eye to infidelity and accepts lies and deceit? I'm not saying all couples cheat, but people can have alternative sex lives and still have very secure loving relationships! Don't judge…..

  32. That was really poetic, but not sure if i fully understand it, to achieve in our relationship. The way you talked about love, it sounds carrying, adventures, romantic, and like you said “free”. Bless your soul. Thank you for your loving words. ❤️

  33. What is love? I believe it is different to many different people, we all think that we know love, Some people stay together from their school years, not knowing any other relationship and be happy all their lives. To me they are content. Others like me, who have been married, a few times, look for living life as it comes, As Adina might say, living life for the moment. There are good and bad experiences in that life, I would know. I think it depends on your character. Can you live on a high wire or not. My parents divorced when i was a very young child, so i had know roll model to go by. We live by social values too, so we think about what others think about us too. So i come back to your character, do you care?

  34. presatation is outstanding…make more vedios in this way…..goosebumps 👌👌👌👌👌

  35. Thanks Adina for being vulnerable and sharing your thoughts on this subject. A few things, 1, we as people are really different from each other and can truly see experiences, people, colors, situations differently, understanding this about your partner makes for a better relationship; 2, be genuine, this is the highest and most beautiful form of honesty, often we avoid this because we are afraid of being hurt or rejected, but this is so important. 3, communication as you mention Adina, in relationships again so important, best form i have heard of is NVC non-violent communication in which you understand what is your true motivation in a situation (ex, toilet seat up, not anger but really feel person not loving me) and you share this with partner, find this so good and true and genuine, giving the heart to your partner.4 got to agree with you Adina, love i think does not possess another, although i am not sure how i would do this, maybe partly remembering that we are partners, working together, respecting each other.

  36. true love is borne from (out of) appreciation of another person…when you find this person, let him or her know of all the things you appreciate about him/her…from there, a true connection is born.

  37. if one waits to engage in romantic love until they meet someone who they truly appreciate, and then tells that person what they appreciate, they will be on to real experiences!!!

  38. I'm extremely jealous but if he openly speaks about wanting something like this well I might be able to understand and try.

  39. I’m currently in an open relationship with my girlfriend. Personally I don’t get attracted to other people when I’m in a relationship, I just don’t. But should they want to branch out sexually or otherwise that’s okay, we are very good at communicating so it works. But I like the word open because it implies that there is a relationship with exploration not a lack of commitment

  40. I'm trying to start a relationship with a new lady. Life after a divorce is not easy.  The fact that she has Herpes ……well it just sucks. As beautiful as this video is. Honey there is a lot that this video DID NOT cover.  Sad but true.

  41. your video made me cry Adina, its so beautiful and I really felt it in my heart. Oh I wish to speak to you about a trouble I am having with my partener and want to messege you on instagram

  42. I love being in an open relationship personally, but could be in either 1. I think of love and lust/infatuation are COMPLETELY different feelings;which SHOULDN'T be mixed together with each other. I think open relationships tend to have healthy communication, trust and dynamics in the relationship.

  43. I think if u and ur partner accepts and agree that u want an open relationship then u can be open however if u both don't agree u can both accept that and just live in happiness together until u finally want an open relationship
    Thx 4 reading
    By the way u give lots of important tips about freedom and I appreciate that and I am grateful may ur dreams come true love u guys

  44. It's a beautiful lesson. But I personally do not understand how you can't love other's and express love to others and still be faithful to your partner. Love and sex are different. You can express love and let your partner be free to do as he or her pleases but still have the boundary of not having sex with other people.

  45. Soo i was passionate enough to watch it all. But it just didn't make sense. At all. İt isn't stable. İf i, or my partner can't be fulfilled by each other, then there is probably a challenge that needs to be faced. Of course we need so many different types of people to socialize and they all fill a different need. But sex, intimate love, reproduction, these kind usually go hand in hand. You CAN seperate it. But at a cost. İ mean there is a reason people get jealous. Just like feeling pain or any other bad or good feelings. And taming one in sake of freedom will result in a predictable discomfort. He is probably dealing with self-value issues because of your action. And he also probably taming it because of the stigma you apparently created and distibuted around. That is, any kind of bad feeling is wrong to feel. In other words every bad feeling is a sort of problem and needs to be solved.

  46. Just be single if you want to be FREE thats the most logical solution…if you feel trapped with one person then maybe you haven't found that right person for for your significant other shouldn't be shared with others, having that wonderful bond is what makes it special, and only you can enjoy that other person in ways no one else can. Seems you only want to be free of quilt not Love.

  47. I've always felt feelings like this, even though to some people it's forbiden or viewed as strange. I was raised very traditional. I never wanted to come out of my shell for the fear of being judged or viewed as a pig. Ever since I spoke to my girlfriend, now my fiance, about this…my relationship with her has since grown and I don't have to hide who I really am. Communication is key with every relationship!

  48. What has happened to the world man….this isn't love but only sex. It's so wrong….

  49. My greatest pleasure after sex is singing karaoke at local. Bar….if you ever in Yakima Washington would strut like proud rooster if you were my date

  50. Hmm. A lot of people commenting seem fearful. I don't think you guys understand exactly what she's saying.

  51. I’m open to a lot of things so I doubt this is societal conditioning. When I’m into someone I tend to become lazerpoint focussed on them, very deeply infatuated then in love. I don’t desire more than one sexual partner; I want to throw myself at this one person and give myself entirely to them.
    I am also naturally a jealous lover.
    Needless to say open relationships aren’t for me, but I understand that they work best for others.

  52. Adina, that was the most beautiful expression of love that I have ever seen. WELL DONE !

  53. Did your boyfriend leave you having another mans penis in you why do all women cheat

  54. Women dont like faithfulness maybe women really do have the hardest time not cheating

  55. Freeing love doesn't mean you cant be faithful to your girl and expect the same a women or man will do what they choose but why do females like you get on ruining families and teaching women it's okay to sleep around on your husband totally disgusting sadly there are no more faithful women left no wonder I dont trust women they cant be faithful they sleep around

  56. Thank you Adina. For going there. And talking about things and bringing light to darkness

  57. We actually started off Polygamous. Monogamy is more of a structured control concept that was pushed by religions. Its easier to control people & not have confusion if we one partner where the elites can monitor who's your family. The wars were easier when you know who's on what side based on family line etc. Real love doesn't restrict. People tend to be selfish because that's a natural tendency. True love has no conditions or boundaries. Jealousy is the number one relationship destroyer. It's typical to be jealous but it's again selfish. She's confident & that's why she's open. Honesty matters too. If guys could just tell Women what they want & don't hide it, she may be for it. But usually she would need to be Bisexual to maybe accept. Meaning, some rather be there or some rather not know even though they know it's possible they could be with another. It all depends on how you start too. It's more difficult to start over later on when expectations of some standard was already put in place. Actually, studies have shown relationships of 3 or more are more effective to last longer because there's balance. There's a healthy competitive nature to it all too. There's just so much to it all to say it's one way or another.

  58. Men & Women are just wired differently. This doesn't mean both can't be more like the other but you are attaracted to the opposite in nature. No Woman wants a lil Girl who looks manly but is more feminine than she is. But here's the crazy part: When Women fall in love, their testosterone levels increase, while estrogen is less now & when Men fall in love the estrogen increases, while testosterone decreases. What a fucked up balance? This is why you hear Women saying he becoming more like a Woman. They both care but in different ways. The Woman start to be more territorial & jealous than before & she can't handle the hormone changes just like the guy can't. More the female because she has imbalances anyway. Lol

    Both sexes have serotonin & oxytocin, which are very strong  hormones/neurotransmitters. Serotonin is the happy chemical & oxytocin is called the love chemical. Mixed together is the best feeling ever & While Men naturally have more serotonin, Women don't have less all the time but the balance is offset for many reasons such as menstrual cycles. You can feel it through just sucking something, like a drink through a straw. (Idk what else you were thinking lol jk) I give back rubs & this tingling feeling comes to the brain like a drooling sensation. Now, Oxytocin makes Women go psycho because they some how get spurts of it in intense ways & it's linked to the way they orgasm more intense than Men. Men have it too but they call it the "cuddle chemical," too because when you get comfortable with someone you share a special bond with, it releases. Women have been in studies where they see different guys & different amounts are released for each guy. Obviously she releases more for the ones of intimacy; But the best performers she releases enough to put her in a stupid mode. So when she snaps out of it, she feels played when the whole time it could have been her own mind playing games. Lol how's that for spy agents (aka Women). But on a side note, Women are still the most beautiful creature. The best life form of admiration even aside from their natural crazy ways trying to protect their heart. Gotta love em. 😆

  59. Sex is love because it becomes love for simple natural reasons. We are attracted to the other for whatever reason we find attractive enough & we want to be more with them to the best level you can play. Sex is the greatest intimacy of affection but obviously you can have sex with less feelings if you jump around & don't allow time to feel for it. Men are more physical & that's why they can have sex with less attachment. Women want sex to always feel special while Men want a release. There is Women who learned to be more like Men & actually many ancient stories have queens who lined up Men to impregnate her so no one knew who was the daddy to not take credit for she now can say it's of the gods. Women have multiple orgasms because of reproduction being easier & more pleasingly desired. Men typically don't go another round so fast but can. There's a refraction period. Long ago (& some today) would be more polygamous & multiple partners & switching partners would stabilize the reproduction rates. Plus, in some cultures Women would be passed around (being ok with it or not, it's easier to manage if the body enjoys what it can) (kind of like bdsm or asphyxiation, where oxygen is cut off enough to be aroused) (All Men die hard) so it makes sense that in times of constant sex, rape etc that Women would have multiple orgasms as a defense & for pleasure) 

    Sex becomes love because it's the main glue that holds most relationships together or makes it stronger. People can love each other still without sex but it's not the same & actually the desire for sex is what keeps them in a more harmonic bond. If there's tension then they may need to release because they fighting the real natural urge. All sex actually is, is chemical reactions. They come & go with phases because we mistaken natural order of sex to be love. Love doesn't exist the way most push it as. Love is a temporary survival method. It's better to love something if you want to be better at it. Love is just the ultimate positive we are temporarily satisfied with. We love our kids because they rely on us to & we spent time with the social bond forced upon the conscious of a relative past we want to correlate with to help shape us too. Family or closest known people are the  molders of influence. Empathy & affection show a better positive than anything in comparison & it makes us feel good, which is that driven ambition we label then express what becomes a sound reinforcement for some so called "deeper reality." So basically I'm saying that these chemicals are essential for life in general & we will make the best of what benefits us. We like companionship to have the ultimate experience or the reinforcement is less. We get used to being alone at times, so we learn to accept it. That's part of trying to make a negative a positive for a benefit. No one would ever do anything without it some how benefits a them. So these chemicals make us naturally high that it's like an addiction to want it back. All things we label are some how an addiction, even the desire to want a fantasy of some Cinderella & Prince etc…Love just is to broad of s term to limit it to just sex but yes, sex is still part of love & I'd say you can't full define love if it has no known capacity to measure. Just as perfection can't be reached if it's truly perfect. We change the value as we obtain it & desire more. Perfection is illusive unless you settle & that's a lesser manifestation to picture perfection & even at that, everyone has different levels. So all things are great with some benefit. Sex can make strong bonds too, & this can equal family & become love one way or the other. If there was nothing about sex that people didn't love (ultimate positive) then they wouldn't do it unless it was only to have a baby. The fact is that's not the only reason. So I guess sex wins even if love is more of a disappointment, Because no one would go back for sex if they didn't have that bond even after a break up. People move on easier when no sex is involved. Meaning, love is stronger with another social bonding connection like sex.

  60. I have two little sisters(my siblings) one of them like spicy food and one of them like sweet food. The interesting thing is the one who likes spicy food, she doesn't like sweet food at all. I never watch her eating sweet food and my other sister is totally opposite. And I and my parents like both spicy and sweet foods. Now one thing I have to make clear there is nothing right or wrong with my sisters.
    They respect each other tests even the one who loves spicy food she buys sweet food to her sister and other sister cook spicy food for her sister.
    A monogamous relationship is not your type. That's why you are unable to feel and understand the feelings who live their whole life with one partner.
    and there are peoples also who will not understand the feelings of your open relationship. I respect your ideas, philosophies about open relationships.
    But in this video, you generalized the feelings. it seems like you create negative feelings for those who are in monogamous relationship. Just like giving sweet food to my that sister who likes spicy food and forcing them to believe spicy food is not good, only sweet food is good.
    There are many other contents except this topic on your channel and you made those perfectly, I loved them.
    But in this video, you are forcing to believe the monogamous relationship is boring or will be boring today or tomorrow and open relationship or being polygamous is the only solution.

  61. I almost completely agree with what she says. I think our pride and feet gets in the way of letting people be free. I never though I could be in an open sexual relationship until one guy explained it to me. Now I love it. My partner believes in having one person for the rest of his life. I believe in having one main person, the person you come to for everything. I also believe in having other people that are experienced and brought in to be a part of you life at the same time. This to me is the difference between saying “I am in love with you” and saying “I love you”. I am in love with my main person but I love many people

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