100 thoughts on “Mysterious Arctic Shark – River Monsters

  1. Probably 300 years on earth undisturbed, one encounter with a degenerate TV host. Dead.

  2. Is it possible for river monsters to have a new season and continue?
    Like if you also want this so he can see

  3. People…you guys and gals really need to chill (ha…haha) regarding how the Inuits live their lives. And Greenland sharks are NOT endangered.

    They MUST hunt. It’s a way of life; and has been for them forever. And their loyal companions must sustain themselves, too.

    I’m an animal lover; truly. And hate the needless killing of beautiful creatures. But this was NEEDED, nor are the Greenland sharks anywhere near the verge of endangerment.

    The Inuit people are simply doing what they must to do in order to survive in the harsh environment that they occupy. And don’t blame mr. Wade here, lol. He’s an amazing man when it comes to studying and bringing awareness to fish species all over the world…and as he stated…he wasn’t happy about the shark being dead either.

  4. Yeah feed a shark that can live for 600 years to fcking dogs that live 20 years. Human stupidity at his finest.

  5. Wish they didn’t have to kill it, that shark is ancient and could’ve lived for hundreds of years evening surpassing half a millennium 🙁

  6. It's a part of survival ….who the fucks catches a rare shark to feed there dogs

  7. I know the locals would make good use of it but a real shame to see an amazing creature like that die just for the sake of good tv

  8. If you ever feel like you’re gonna overeat just want this video and you’ll lose your appetite in a instant.

  9. Donc cet animal plusieurs fois centenaire et rare a eu pour destin de nourrir des chiens ! Ils font une intolérance aux croquettes ? Vraiment on ne valorise pas ce qu'on perd.

  10. Struggle trying to pull it up orrrrrrrrr lil tip:chain it to the dogs🤦🏿‍♂️🤦🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️

  11. The reason it died is likely due to suffocation, shark’s cannot breathe when they stay still, so therefore they stay in constant motion.

  12. I have noticed a lot of people claiming the Greenland shark is endangered. It is not. They are "rare" sharks mostly because they live in the deepest/coldest ocean region where not much researchers can go (yet) there are recorded healthy populations tho from microchipping. Also people of judging the man for eating the shark. In the Arctic there is not much to eat like in other countries they eat everything they can sometimes people go weeks without food which is why there is hardly anyone living in the Arctic region. They can no longer hunt other animals like seals and now polar bears (*currently waiting for the smartasses to bring up the mans pants*) so they mostly rely upon the fish which are just as hard to find. It could be worst, the man could've left the dead shark and allow his dogs/himself to starve. He respected the animal for its sacrificed life to help keep many other lives alive and well.

  13. Inuit: give Greenland shark to dogs 🐕
    Icelandic people: eat with pride Håkarl. Which is Greenland shark meat. Rotten. 👍

  14. I think this shark is called green land shark I’m not 100% sure but I think it’s green land shark

  15. Did anyone else find it satisfying when the shark was about to get pulled through the hole?

  16. It's hunt or go hungry for the winter, you people aren't doing research properly, we hunt and fish in sustainable fashion, it's become a rather unique ecosystem where we humans aren't excluded on the circle of the food chain, it eat it before it eats you or someone else.

  17. That shark probably been around for 200 years and it’s a female, a shark to produce more even if there isn’t much of then left

  18. Was it just me or was anyone else starting to cry cause that guy clearly killed a polor bear for them pants 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  19. This sucks!! That shark is the longest living animal on earth! You just want to feed it to dogs and its older than george washington! Lived that long to become dog meat

  20. I can’t right now those sharks could live up for hundred of years and they’re feeding a divine beast like that for dogs
    I do very much understand that dogs have lives to and need to be fed but the species of these sharks should be protected.

  21. Woulda been funny if the shark woke up as soon as it got out the water

  22. 3:05
    that knife is so close to his head what if it went out like this…

    Jeremy: What kind of fish is this?

    Goatman: Oh it's SHANK! Mi dogs need whale but I Need HUMANN! then looks at camera man.

  23. Bruh the half sheep man cutting the shark


  24. "The shark isn't fighting. It probably died on the line over night." O how silly. Stupid shark! Got what it deserved. How dare it just swim around looking for food not bothering anybody!

  25. Food 4 all,now inuit don t kill for nothin they have respect 4 life, like ameridian

  26. Couldn't they leave the shark in peace and die with dignity under water, instead of feeding to dogs. This is not wow factor, it hurts.

  27. animal lovers: OMG that is so terrible

    also animal lovers: pass me the chicken nuggets

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