Mysterious ‘Dragon’ FIREBALLS Rise From River EVERY Year: The Naga Fireballs

In our modern world, we are currently caught
in a tug of war between those who believe in the supernatural and paranormal nature
of extraordinary events and those who seek to refute them by providing rational explanations
or placing these unusual occurrences under the microscope of scientific investigation. One example of an on-going debate between
believers and skeptics concerning a supernatural phenomenon is the controversial mystery behind
the Naga fireballs. And in this video, we will not be just talking
about what the Naga fireballs are and the tale surrounding this extraordinary yearly
manifestation; we will also shed light on the two sides fighting to gain supremacy over
this alleged paranormal occurrence. One side believes in the legitimacy of the
Naga fireballs’ magical wonder, while the opposing side has dared to unmask this phenomenon
as nothing more than a man-made hoax. But before we delve into the two sides that
are fighting over its validity as an extraordinary event, first we must briefly discuss what
the Naga fireballs are and the culture, mythology, and folklore this phenomenon had originated
from. The Naga Fireballs are the reported tens to
thousands glowing balls which spontaneously appear from and float above Thailand’s Mekong
River at night every year. According to those who have seen them, these
blazing balls of light emit a reddish color and their sizes vary from smaller bubbles
to bigger orbs as large as basketballs. Also referred to as “bung fai paya nak,”
“Mekong lights,” or the “Naga Dancing Fire Balls,” these fireballs shoot up from
the water and rise in the air as high as around 600 feet before dissipating completely. They ordinarily occur in the chilly evenings
between late October and early November along the 300-mile-long stretch of the Mekong River. However, there are reports that they have
occasionally surfaced in smaller ponds, rivers and lakes found within this region of Thailand. Reports of floating fireballs are not solely
unique to Thailand as many cases of similar fiery orbs have also been spotted in different
parts of Asia. However, it is in Thailand that the Naga fireballs
are celebrated as part of the “Phayanak Festival,” an annual event in the country
in which Buddha is greeted by the locals upon his arrival on Earth at the end of “vassa”
– the three-month Rain Retreat or Buddhist Lenten season. This usually takes place on the 15th day of
the 11th lunar month, and is held in October every year. The “Wan Ok Phansa” is the last day of
the festival and locals in Thailand celebrate the return of Buddha by gathering near the
riverbank to observe the fireballs rise from the waters, float up in the air, and then
disappear in the heavens. According to local mythology, the orbs of
bright red light that appear above the Mekong River each year are actually the exhaled breath
of the Naga or the “Phaya Naga,” which is a colossal sea serpent residing in the
riverbed and wakes up annually to observe the end of “vassa” or the Buddhist Lent. Although many have reported to have personally
seen the Naga fireballs arise from the Mekong River, there is still no universal agreement
over the possible cause of the phenomenon and the reason why it consistently appears
on an annual basis. Several theories, however, have been proposed
in an attempt to explain the extraordinary event, and some of them can be classified
as supernatural, natural or man-made. Given the mythological origin of the Naga
Fireballs, the obvious supernatural explanation of this yearly phenomenon is that the burning
red lights from the water of the Mekong River are indeed caused by a huge sea serpent living
in its riverbed. Of course, to support this theory, the existence
of the Naga must first be adequately proven. And so far, one of the proof presented by
those who believe in the existence of these magical sea serpents is a photograph featuring
around 30 American soldiers supposedly carrying a 7.3-meter sea serpent found in the Mekong
River back in 1973. Another proof supporting the supernatural
value of the Naga fireballs and the existence of the Naga itself can be found at a Buddhist
temple in Nong Khai City where fossilized bones of the mythical sea creature, such as
an egg and a tooth, are reportedly in display. Though they do not refute the possibility
that reddish balls of fiery light can actually rise from water, some insist on a more natural
explanation for the Naga fireballs. A popular explanation raised by these individuals
is referred to as the Swamp Gas Theory. This theory is familiar to those who are interested
in UFO phenomena and it proposes that that the organic deposits in the riverbed of the
Mekong River decompose, which in turn, produce methane gas. This gas forms bubbles that floats its way
up to the surface, and once the gas comes into contact with oxygen-air, these pockets
of methane spontaneously ignite and are consequently set aflame before they take flight into the
sky. This theory was presented by pediatrician,
Dr. Manos Kanoksilp, who extensively studied the Naga Fireballs. To him, producing these blazing orbs also
require precise conditions such as the perfect alignment of the Earth, the moon and the sun. A similar explanation to the Swamp Gas Theory
is the reasoning raised by some people that the Naga Fireballs are produced by the combustible
phosphine gas that came from the muddy environment of the river. In fact, Saksit Tridech, the deputy secretary
of the Thai Science Ministry, along with a group of scientists, conducted a study regarding
the physical conditions surrounding the river, and they concluded that the Naga Fireballs
are produced as a result of the large deposits of phosphine gas found in the area. Phosphine, however, is not a naturally-occurring
gas and so, it is posited that this type of gas is the consequence of bacterial reduction
of phosphate in the decay of organic material. Other scientists also theorized that the Naga
Fireballs are free-floating plasma orbs that form when surface electricity is released
into a solution – which in this case, is the Mekong River’s waters. However, the problem with this theory is that
this type of orb is not only different in color and appearance from the reported characteristics
of the Naga Fireballs, but it can only be produced using high voltage electricity that
do not naturally occur in the environment. The plasma orb theory is not the only supposition
whose soundness has been disputed by skeptics and supernatural believers alike. The phosphine gas theory and the swamp methane
gas theory have also been cast aside by some people as the most logical explanation to
the Naga Fireballs. These people say that the perfectly precise
conditions required to consistently produce the orbs year after year cannot possibly occur
in a natural setting unless some man-made manipulation is involved. And so, we have now reached the most controversial
explanation of them all, and this particular theory claims that the annual appearance of
the Naga Fireballs is nothing more than a hoax to perpetuate the popularity of the Phayanak
Festival and the Mekong River, which consequently has a positive effect on the local economy
and the livelihood of the area’s residents. In 2002, a documentary aired on the program
“Code Cracking” of the ITV television network investigated what could be the source
of the mysterious fireballs that surface every year during the celebration of the festival. The team had to take a boat and quietly travel
to the Loatian side of the Mekong River. Once they crossed the river, they found Loatian
soldiers firing tracer rounds into the sky. Those who analyzed the footage of the event
also came to the conclusion that the Naga Fireballs were caused by the firing of flare
guns from the other side of the river while the festival is ongoing on the Thailand side. The loud audience of the festival was not
able to hear the sound of the gunshot as it was drowned out by the cheering noises of
people and the noisy crackle of fireworks during the event. And so, they would not have been able to tell
so easily if they were being deceived in the darkness and from half a mile away. With the stunning revelation that the Naga
Fireballs could be a man-made phenomenon originally intended to generate buzz and draw crowds
for the annual Buddhist Lent-related festival, does this truly mean that this strange phenomenon
is nothing more than a hoax? For me, the answer would be no. In cases where there are varying theories
to explain an unusual occurrence, we must not be so quick to cling onto a single explanation. And in the case of the Naga fireballs, there
is no such thing as single truth, as the opposing sides of believers and skeptics have presented
their respective evidences and have chosen to uphold their own perspectives on the matter. And so, at least for now, whether you believe
in the supernatural, natural, or man-made explanations about the mysterious Naga fireballs
is completely up to you. However, keep in mind that regardless of which
perspective you think best explains this phenomenon, you should always, always try to keep an open

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