N. Korea discharges water from dam bordering South without notice: Defense Ministry

Our top story this morning….
Following heavy rain over the past couple of days,… North Korea has discharged water
— without warning– from one of its main dams.
The release affects the South as the Hwanggang Dam straddles the Imjingang River that runs
through both Koreas. We connect with our Kwon Soa for the details.
Soa, fill us in Da-eun, we have word from Seoul’s defense
ministry that at around 6 a.m. this morning — that’s four hours ago — North Korea began
to discharge water from its Hwanggang Dam,… WITHOUT notifying South Korea ahead of time. By around 7.20 a.m.,… the Korea Water Resources
Corporation was informed and currently an evacuation alert has been issued in 15 locations
around the area,… including Yeoncheon. No damage has been reported, and the water
level is not too high right now. Experts say there’s not much of a threat as
of now,… but authorities remain on alert. South Korea’s presidential office of Cheong
Wa Dae said all related ministries are closely watching the situation. Soa, this is not the first time North Korea
has discharged water without prior warning. This can have serious and deadly consequences
for people in the South, right? Yes, while North Korea is within its rights
to open the dam to release some pressure,… Pyongyang broke all the rules by NOT notifying
the South of its plans. Back in 2009, it had promised to notify the
South before discharging water,… after six South Koreans at the Imjin River were killed
due to a sudden discharge of water. North Korea has only gave warnings three times
in the last eight years. Hwanggang Dam is located on the mainstream
of Imjin River, around 42 kilometers north of the Military Demarcation Line,… with
roughly 3-hundred to 4-hundred million tons of water backed up.
The dam is around 56 kilometers away from South Korea’s Gunnam Dam,.. and the Ministry
of Land, Infrastructure and Transport says it’ll take around eight to nine hours until
the released water reaches Gunnam dam later today.
That’s all I have for now, back to you Da-eun.

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  1. I didn't even know about this.. .. I am learning a lot. thanks Arirang

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