N. Korea discharges water from dam without notice: Defense Ministry

North Korea opened the floodgates of one of
its main dams — without warning — following the heavy rainfall over the past couple of
days. South Korea hasn’t reported any damage yet,
but there could be dangerous consequences if water levels get too high.
Our Kwon Soa has the latest. North Korea began to release water from its
Hwanggang Dam at around 6 a.m. Wednesday,… WITHOUT notifying South Korea ahead of time.
Seoul’s defense ministry doesn’t see the release as a flooding attack,… but as a way to control
water levels. Seoul’s unification ministry spokesperson
said further investigation on the time and amount of water released is needed, but he
did comment on the North’s violation of its promise to notify the South beforehand,…
after six South Koreans at the Imjingang River were killed due to a sudden discharge of water
in 2009. North Korea has only given three warnings
in the last eight years. “If North Korea is sincerely interested in
dialogue, peace and the improvement of inter-Korean relations,… then it would abide by even
small points of cooperation like these.” No damage has been reported,… and the water
level is not threateningly high,… but evacuation alerts are in effect in 15 locations around
the area and authorities remain on alert. Hwanggang Dam is located on Imjingang River,
which borders South Korea and is around 56 kilometers away from the South’s Gunnam Dam,
which serves as a flood control gate. Kwon Soa, Arirang News.

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