Nắng sớm lung linh trên ruộng muối Đầm Vua – Ninh Thuận

Located 10km from Phan Rang – Thap Cham towards Vinh Hy Dam Vua salt field is one of the biggest salt farms in Ninh Thuan. The salt-making season goes from December to September of the next year. Salt made in Dam Vua is very nutritious, as it takes lots of time and effort of the salt farmers to make it white and pure. Grains of salt are crystallized after all brine on the field vapolized. Salt farmers’ day starts when the sun is still low, when everyone together rake salt into big piles. Salt of Dam Vua only needs to be processed once before being distributed in the market. However, salt making is highly vulnerable to weather, as a sudden thunderstorm can wash away all effort of these people. Crouched figures on far-reaching salt fields is a majestic scenery that will certainly daze your soul If you ever have a chance to visit Ninh Thuan, don’t forget to see Dam Vua salt field – the biggest one in the province.

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