I’m really, really happy today, because I’m going to present you with probably the most joyful topic in aquascaping, at least for me, personally. Because I’m going to present you with a maintenance session of my home tank, of my little nano tank at home. Stay with us! Welcome to the beautiful world of aquascaping! And why do I say that this topic gives me a lot of joy? I’m going to explain to you later! But before we do that, I’m gonna remove these tops of cardboard boxes from here. I’m gonna tell you why I have them on. But before that, let’s switch on the light! [Clap] Oh yeah! I got my green tea, so I’m happy. Let me explain to you, why we need to cover this tank for the morning. Because when we’re having breakfast, all the ambient lighting is on, and also some sunlight comes into the kitchen. I do not want to have any light on the tank, before the plants get the CO2. I know that this is not the best solution, to cover the tank, so I’m actually working on finding more professional solutions. If you have any idea, please comment below. But other than that, plants don’t want to photosynthesize , when there is no CO2 in the tank. Because you’re gonna have problems, you’re gonna have CO2 related algae, even though you have pressurized CO2. Sometimes I just feel bad, because I come to the kitchen to make a tea for us and you know, it’s really dark here in the morning… [Balazs] So you’re afraid, to turn on the lights. Yeah really, I feel that I make something very bad thing, when I turn it up. I didn’t want the aquascaping, to influence your morning routine honey, I’m sorry about that! it’s just too dark and we really need to do something with this! We don’t have any CO2 related algae in here, so it’s fine. Ah, okay. So we don’t have to use it anymore, it means? And I can use the light? Because you know, I love when I see things in the kitchen. Yeah sure, let’s try what’s happening, if we turn on the lights, without covering the tank. If we’re gonna have any CO2 related algae, then we’re gonna know, that it’s because of the ambient lighting in the morning. Not because of me? Yeah we’re gonna see, if it’s because of Dory, right? I’m really proud of designing the tank itself. And also the water change system in a way, that helps me with maintenances. Also guys, some of you have noticed, that I changed the ADA Aquasky G, into this Twinstar light, after setting up the tank, after I brought the tank home. This is an RGB LED light, which means, that it’s gonna give you a very nice warm tint and it’s gonna accentuate the color of the rocks. I’m so looking forward to the Aquasky RGB, that is really coming soon. And you’re gonna have an ADA workshop with Araki san from ADA, in a couple of weeks. And he’s going to introduce us with the Aquasky RGB, so maybe that light is the new generation light, that everybody was looking for in the small tank section. I brought in a Siamese algae eater, to help me with the eventual Staghorn algae, thread algae, or any other CO2 related hair algae. Fortunately I didn’t have any, so this guy doesn’t have anything to eat at the moment, so I’m gonna bring it back to Green Aqua. Okay, I got it! You’ve been caught! So I’m gonna give this to Seby and I’m gonna show you guys, what my water change system looks like. Come with me! I’ve got a barrel, a big barrel of 50 liters, or 13 gallons here, which is full with reverse osmosis water. Reverse osmosis water, for those of you, who do not know what that is, is a kind of soft water. So no Calcium, no Magnesium. The first prefilter is taking out all the debris, which comes in the tap water. This is the second pre-filter. It’s getting rid of the Chlorine in the tap water as well. And then there’s a membrane, which, if you take care of it, it’s gonna last for one or two years for you. And how do we take care of it? The membrane itself should be actually cleaned by rinsing it, before you start producing the RO water, and after you finished producing the RO water, by opening this tap, which is at the top of it. So right now the tap is in open position. That means that the surface of the membrane will be rinsed and it’s gonna be cleaned by the water. You have to open the tap, and then you have to change that lever into the close position, which will stop the water from going into the sink And will let the water go into your Reverse Osmosis system. What you can hear behind me is already the bad water being rinsed from the membrane, coming through the red hose. The good water has already started dripping. And when I close this tap here, after a while, you can see, you can see that this has already started to flow. Probably it’s two thirds, it’s one third. Or one half, one half. 50%, 50%, depending on the condition of your membrane there. After I finished producing the water and the barrel is full, what I do is I just close this and you can hear, that the bad water already started to be coming more violently. So the membrane is being washed. And after I’m done, I’m just gonna close the tap, and I’m finished! You don’t need electricity, you don’t need anything! This whole Reverse Osmosis system will need cold water to operate, so do not put any warm water into the system. Let me talk about, how the water change system, the barrel itself is mounted. First of all, I’ve got the pressure side. This is the actual reverse osmosis water hose, that comes out of the barrel itself. There is a submersible pump here. I’m gonna switch on the pump. All I have to do is to bring this hose to the tank. I have to open this tap here. And the water starts flowing! This is the drainage hose. So I’m gonna clean the tank with this. There are two taps on both sides , enabling me to have it full with water, so when I’m gonna put it in the tank, and I’m gonna open the tap, the gravity will take this whole thing out and will drain the tank. I have an overflow. The barrel itself has been drilled and I have like a thru-hole here. And who’s doing the maintenance? It’s you! [Balazs] Oh, really? But I… usually I feed the fish. [Balazs] Okay! [Dory] I really like that now it’s very clear. [Balazs] No algae! Actually I see some algae! That’s the suction side, because I didn’t clean the pipes. I wanted to leave them dirty, cause I want the viewers to see, how I clean them today. How long do you think, that the maintenance takes for me? It was only 10 or 15 minutes. But it’s always like… I don’t know, it’s always at around at 11 or at midnight. And it usually happens like: “Oh, I still have to maintain this aquarium!” So I’ll start working now! [Dory] Okay, good luck! Thank you! Okay, so I’m gonna start by taking the pressure side hose into the kitchen. And I’m gonna continue by taking the suction side hose. And then, here is the suction side hose and I can start draining the tank. But before I do that, I’m gonna take the algae scraper. I’m gonna clean the glass really quickly. I’m gonna stop the filter first. As I said, there is no algae on it. But there is some organic residue. There’s no circulation of water, whatsoever in the tank. I can just take this suction side hose. Remember the other tap on the other side, in the toilet is open. I’m just gonna stuck this in. Open the tap! And I’m just gonna gently move the hose itself, above the substrate, cleaning everything, that I see, taking out all the debris, all the floating organic things, that were stirred up by the movements of my hand. So I close the tap, I take that out . All I’m gonna do is just open this tap And the water started flowing in. It’s gonna fill up the tank in about a minute. So don’t let it go, because you’re gonna flood the kitchen! When you don’t hear the sound of the lily pipe, you’re in trouble. That’s when you’re gonna flood the kitchen, so… No sound is bad, in the aquarium hobby. When you can still hear the sound of the… Woah, look at that! It happens really quickly! But I stopped it. This was the quick maintenance session. This whole thing should not take more than 10 minutes. Probably, regardless of your tank, – because if you have a bigger tank, you should just get a bigger water pump. And you can change the water from there quite nicely. So let’s start doing the big water change the big maintenance now! [Dory] There is a plant, that has a flower. [Balazs] That’s the Bucephalandra. I don’t like that plant at all! No, I don’t like it either! Let’s start with removing the Bucephalandra, Dory’s “not-favorite” plant. Let’s take the wave type scissors! Let’s start trimming the background Eleocharis acicularis ‘mini’. I’m just trimming the overhanging part of it. I really like the uniform lines in the tank. I forgot to stop the filter. So I just did that. I’m gonna start trimming the Monte Carlo. Trimming it at an angle, as you can see, because towards the side glass, I want it to be smaller. It’s quite satisfying, isn’t it? This is also very high here. I’m trying to take out the Monte Carlo from the sand. I want to keep the background visible, nice and clean. I see some residues of glue, on that rock there. And I’m gonna use the ADA Pro picker, to get rid of that. Some of you guys have asked me, what do I use on the left side of the tank, there, in the background. And that is the ADA Vuppa, it’s a surface skimmer, it looks very good. Okay, so cleaning the rocks is really easy, if you have an electric toothbrush. I always start at the further end of the tank, because if the water gets cloudy, you will not be able to see anything through. As I told you, this tank is only six weeks old. So in about a month or so, all traces of algae should be gone. I’m really happy, that I glued these rocks during the setup process. So I strongly advise you to have a sturdy, very stable hardscape, because it’s much, much easier to maintain in the long run. These are the dentist sounds. Don’t show me from that angle! Are you craaazy? This is a longer maintenance session. It takes about an hour to complete. I’ve got some green algae on the tank. I used to have a little bit, just a little bit of black brush algae. And it was growing on the top rocks and near the surface, where the waterflow was stronger. So what I did, is I removed the water until probably half and then I took some Seachem Excel and I sprayed it, just dripped it on the top of the rocks. And then, everything has disappeared. So what I’m doing now, is I’m pushing the water in, while pulling it out on the other side. And this is a very good thing to do, because you can clean the tank completely with that. And you can do a big water change and just wash your tank through with that. I would not advise you to do this too many times, because you will disturb the biological equilibrium in the tank. We need to clean the lily pipes now. I have two kinds of brushes, to help me clean the hoses and the lily pipes. ADA Spring Washer, which is a great little tool. This brush comes from Eheim. And it’s good to clean the long hoses. So I’m just gonna push it in a bit, all the way. You can see that it already cleaned it. It’s stuck! Okay, the last centimeters! Woah! Okay, ready. There’s the diffuser, the CO2 diffuser. And I had to bleach that, we have this solution for that. ADA Superge. Good thing about the kitchen tank is, that you have the tank close to the tap. All I have to take care of, is the bubble counter solution. I don’t want that to be spilt. I’m trying to keep it in a vertical position. I’m gonna leave this whole thing there, for about five minutes. Algae has started to get yellow very-very fast here. This thing works. This has a lot of Chlorine. It’s very dangerous, so you really, really need to rinse it. And I’m gonna clean the sink now. Dory’s gonna be happy! “Oh, honey, did you clean the sink?” There are no real bacterial colony living in these sponges, so you shouldn’t be afraid of the Chlorine. I think we’re ready! [Dory] It’s really good, relaxing to watch the fish and the shrimp, how they are searching for food, or I don’t know what they are doing, but it’s really lovely, to see that. I’ve got a present for you! Oh wow, the shrimp! Oh and the yellow ones! I always wanted yellow ones! Cool! Alright, there’s only one thing left to be done, it’s to introduce these little shrimp. The orange Sakura shrimp into the tank. I’m gonna turn this with the hose towards the bottom, so that the water gets in. And I will leave that on, for about two or three hours now. Anyways, thanks for staying here with us! I know, that there is not a big difference between the end result and the initial state of the tank. I did not want to do a big rescaping session here, I just wanted to show you, how two different types of maintenances look like. We’ll see you next week! Please hit that like button, if you like this video! Subscribe to the Green Aqua channel, if you didn’t do so yet! Hit that bell button, if you want to get notified of our future uploads! Until next week! Goodbye!


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