Nantahala River Whitewater Rafting with NOC

The Nantahala River offers the best
introductory whitewater rafting in the country.
The river’s rapids are exciting for most paddlers in the trip requires only
moderate amounts of paddling by guests. Expect fantastic mountain scenery,
continuous rapids, crystal-clear water, and a grand finale at Nantahala Falls,
the river’s only class 3 rapid. The Nantahala River is the best trip for
first-timers and groups with a wide range of expectations and fitness levels.
NOC’s Nantahala River trips start at our unique Riverside campus.
Here, NOC has on-site restaurants, shopping, clean changing rooms, and warm
showers. Even non-rafting friends will enjoy hanging out at NOC where
there’s plenty to do and see. If you’re not whitewater veterans then you’ll want
to trained river guide in your boat. Fully guided trips are the most popular. This
ensures that you have a guide in your raft so you get the right amount of
splash while still teaching you about the river.
NOC also offers rental rats and guide assisted trips for more experienced
groups. These trips are for paddlers that want to navigate the rapids
themselves. Most fully guided trips use stable, eight-person rafts.
However aggressive groups may choose to paddle one or two-person inflatable
kayaks called ducks. Ducks are fast and nimble and they allow their paddlers to
choose their own lines through the rapids. The Nantahala
River experience is pretty versatile. NOC guides can often change the character of
the river trip for different groups. More adventurous paddlers will enjoy making
big splashes but guides can also achieve smoother lines and rapids for more
laid-back paddlers. Most of the river features easy but
fun class two rapids. These rapids offer small splashes and swift currents
as most don’t have major obstacles. Nantahala Falls provides a grand finale to
the trip to the sample of more advanced whitewater rapids.
If your group loves the falls then you’ll want to try a more advanced
river for your next trip. Overall the Nantahala is a true crowd-pleaser,
accessible and engaging to all types of people, it’s a surefire way to have fun
and make memories with your group. Book a Nantahala trip online or by phone and
enjoy one of the country’s favorite rivers.

7 thoughts on “Nantahala River Whitewater Rafting with NOC

  1. I'm going to North Carolina in a month in a cabin. I'm doing white river rafting also

  2. This river looks great. I went to Ocoee River in Tennessee it was also a great time. I have a video of it if you ever want to check it out

  3. This was the first river I ever rafted. I went on to bigger and stronger rivers, but I can't wait to take my little girl back to the place where I got hooked. I will be an amazing experience. 

  4. I was there 2 days ago unbelievable! Just go and hang out. Put your feet in the water.have dinner oh yeah forgot get the tacos !!!

  5. I went to this river just recently and it is a experience I will never forget

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