100 thoughts on “Nardole Reads from River Song’s Diary | Extremis | Doctor Who

  1. "Only in darkness are we revealed. Goodness is not goodness that seeks advantage. Good is good in the final hour, in the deepest pit without hope, without witness, without reward. Virtue is only virtue in extremis. This is what he believes, and this is the reason above all, I love him. My husband, my madman in a box, my Doctor."

  2. Love this clip – it's one of my favorites! I'm so glad you posted it. It really shows that even though River is technically gone from the Doctor's life, she is still remembered and still has an influence on his life. Also love the fact that she made sure that there was someone still there to keep an eye on the Doctor in her absence.

  3. River Song: Wouldn't approve?! Whose diary were you reading? I killed people all the time!

  4. “Don’t forget to subscribe to the official doctor who YouTube channel”
    Me: YES!!!!!!

  5. Does this take lines from the Bible? Has a biblical sound to it. Is The Doctor in the Bible? He is a time traveller after all.

  6. 'Without hope, without witness, without reward.'

    Never realised The Doctor was quoting Nardole with that line.

  7. Ah, Nardole, you are a gem and a half

    Thanks for everything, and I hope you come back at some point

  8. I just realized: The Doctor left the diary on The Library after River's death. This is Nardole reading from the diary after the death of River. Does this mean that Nardole went to The Library and retrieved the diary from the railings? He could actually do it since he doesn't have a biological body, so won't be eaten by the creatures there.

  9. This scene is so underrated. This episode is so underrated. This series is so underrated. This era is so underrated.

  10. It feels like in an earlier draft this was going to be the Time Lords executing Missy, but then they decided against it and subbed in this random species instead.

  11. More Missy!! Like seriously I'll take anything at this point…..

  12. Too bad the show is going to die since Peters gone Jodie Whittaker will be the death of the show

  13. That last bit and nardole's expression… "Warning, I have full permission to kick your @ss…." XD

  14. pitiful season of a show i used to love. i doubt the next season will be any better. what a shame

  15. Why would River give Nardole her diary, isn't it private? I thought she never wanted anyone to read it because of "Spoilers!", so why does Nardole have it?

  16. Where'd he get the diary from? Ten left it the library in Forest of the dead.

  17. I personally think that the eleventh doctor was the best doctor. And i miss him and amy

  18. Dire episode – all three monk episodes were pointless wrecking a strong season.

  19. "Good is good in the final hour. In the deepest pit, without hope, without witness, without reward. Virtue is only virtue in extremis."

  20. The moment you realize the Doctor's wife has been dead for 1,200 years of his life. Rip.

  21. I liked how this explained how the Doctor 'inherited' Nardole from River. For a funny second I thought Nardole had a husband but Nardole's straight. And ends up with that female Mondasian Hazran. Matt Lucas also gives a helluva funny performance in Krod Mandoon.

  22. Love the fact that River made sure the Doctor would be watched over even if she wasn't around. She never did like the idea of him travelling alone

  23. "Warning, I have full permission to kick your ar**" haha, I loved that

  24. the doctor left river's diary in the library, but nardol has it here. at what point did nardol or the doctor go back to retrieve it? also, why didn't they bring her back?

  25. It's such a shame that River Song herself was not in this episode. Clara cameo I get, but River should have been there over Nardole and definitely over RUSTY THE DALEK. Hmph. What a waste of time the Rusty stuff was. I do like that Nardole imitates River's accent when he reads from her diary; nice touch, that.

  26. Without hope, without witness, without subscribing to the official doctor who youtube channel

  27. The question is; If Nardole has River's diary and refers to her as the Dr's "late wife" yet River had the diary in the library and it was left there – how did Nardole get the diary?

  28. the directing in this show got like 1000x times better in the capaldi era

  29. every one forgets about how much Rver and the doctor loved eachother

  30. "warning i have full permision to kick your ass!" …….. me: Dont we all?

  31. Who here is inspiring who here? That was written just before river died after the doctor told her those words which those word were inspired by what river wrote.

  32. Am I the only one that thought that Nardole was John Simms master at the beginning? Probably yes

  33. Nardole: "Warning: I have full permission to kick your ass." I laughed so hard when I heard that part.

  34. I think maybe Missy and River Song should maybe get a spinoff show they both are wonderful actresses

  35. "Warnimg: I have full permission to kick your ass" damn I gotta use this one 🤣👌

  36. Aww my mad man in a box ♥️ river has some adventures left in her she’s 200

  37. If u say those words again young man, you will get a jolly good smacked bottom.

  38. Gosh I know we get a tiny encounter in The Diaries of River Song, but we were robbed of River Song and Missy meeting properly and putting the doctor on the spot together, just imagine the panorama lolz

  39. River and the doctor loved it each other like a marriage and now that the doctor is female, she is now lesbian.

  40. River wouldn't approve of the Doctor executing Missy/The Master.

    Because River knows….

  41. I thought river had regenerated into a man in this scene, until nardole pulled his hood back

  42. nardole gets the best line in all of whodom.. i have permission to kick your arse

  43. Nardole is the best. 😀 I actually almost forgot that he's the one to first state that wonderful quote.

  44. Is he the person who played tweedledum and tweedledee in alice in wonderland?

  45. If i was the docter at the moment id be like "um i do not approve of the kicking of the ass" or something like that

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