Narrated animation of March 11, 2011 Honshu, Japan tsunami propagation

The following animation shows the Japanese
tsunami propagating throughout the Pacific Ocean. As the tsunami radiates from Japan, it encounters
complex topography and bathymetry in form of ridges and volcanoes that create this complex
wave pattern of scattering and reflective waves. By the eight hour mark, the tsunami had encountered
the Hawaiian Islands’ populated areas. After nine and a half hours it was hitting
the West Coast of the United States. Notice how complex this wave pattern is becoming
as it encounters more topography and more bathymetry and now you’re seeing reflected
and refracted waves throughout the entire Pacific. At the sixteen hour mark, the tsunami now
has propagated throughout the Pacific and is entering the Indian Ocean and enveloping
the New Zealand Islands. At twenty-two hour mark, the tsunami had propagated
throughout the entire Pacific Ocean. One way to simplify the interpretation of
this complex wave field is to compute the tsunami energy pattern, shown on this map. The red colors indicate where the maximum
force is directed.

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