7 thoughts on “Naugatuck River Greenway

  1. a lady bus stop say everyone in nyc broke is why deplorable environment. it's a matter of bleach and soap not so expensive.

  2. perhaps an aerial dousing of soap,bleach- now car wash closed,refuse use anyway.

  3. lady at bus stop for sure would vote Donald Trump if sent trash vehicles thru the car wash 1 block from the celebrity hotel.

  4. This river has made one of the most spectacular comebacks in all of history. I can remember when I was living in Beacon Falls riding in my dads car to and from Waterbury CT on old Rt. 8 back in mid to late 1960`s when they had the high and low roads the river was purple! And I mean DARK purple and sometimes a green or reddish in some parts. I was very young but I knew there was nothing living in that water!

  5. Good luck to the Naugatuck River Greenway in western Connecticut. @NationalParkService @matmicmj @Scott Glendecko 

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