Navigating the Data Deluge – Drowning in Data, but Thirsty for Insight?

so really what do we do with all this
big data well we actually just have to figure out
how to navigate in it so looking at ways to help looking at our process and the
way we think about things so the way the brain works it really likes things to be
categorized and organized because then you can go it can go to the places it
needs for information so if you look at all the different types of channels
these may even be the silos you’re really talking about in your marketing
world pretty much anything you’re gonna do in your marketing portfolio any
contributions to your marketing portfolio anything that might be a
line-item probably falls into one of these seven categories so now why you
see this this huge world of big data there’s this handful of categorical
places where they come from and inside of those categories there are all of
these different types of amazing partners that you can work with so when
it comes to understanding the data in each of your channels one of the things
that really can work to your favor is having the right partner for you so when
you’re organizing your marketing world into those seven categories and then you
drill down because inside of each of these you know we have just a couple of
examples the search display paid social it can be Google AdWords being LinkedIn
Facebook each of these have different vendors that are reflected here so as
you’re looking at your categories and what’s gonna matter to your business
strategy to your goals to the places where you need to be to have these
conversations with your customers you can probably mind you could probably
pick a handful of these and they would probably be really great partners to you
so in terms of understanding your data knowing where it is how its impactful if
you have the right data a lot of those problems land on their shoulders because
they get to be the partner to you they get to be the expert in the channel you
get to be the expert in your customers and what they need and all this world of
data and what we’re going to talk about here in a few minutes but the right
partner is really key because it allows you to focus on your categories
categorize what you need pick your people and then strategize your
marketing portfolio and your strategy accord
that make sense any questions so far okay so one of the things that we also
didn’t want to overlook is that regardless of how big the world of data
is out there the main thing the marketing game is still the same it’s
know your customer now in this world of data it’s actually irresponsible to not
use the data to customer better because in a lot of ways you know they chose not
to opt out of giving it to us right they said okay cookie me right it’s okay so
given that we have all this data that we need to be respectful of and and use in
our right ways bring knowing your customer is key because it’s what
actually in the end of at the end of this thing the the punchline is this is
where you simplify your data to your point is starting from knowing your
customer so this kind of highlights the idea here is is figuring out what your
needle is

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