Nawab of Kalabagh Malik Waheed Khan Speaks about Kalabagh Dam

It took place during the era of Liaqat Ali Khan Sahab during that time, our governments made policies themselves the masterplan said that a dam should be constructed after every 10 years So with that, Warsak came into being Mangla in 1965 Tarbela in 1975 And in 1985, it was the turn of Kalabagh Dam but then politics came into play. Opposition was faced and this was made controversial And thats the reason for the current scenario The government policy in the Liaqat Ali Khan Sahab’s master plan had Kalabagh Dam in it in 1985 There were plans From 1955 to 1985 It was in it The Dam site is 15 km upstream from Kalabagh City Because the most famous city close to it is Kalabagh itself Thats why its called Kalabagh Dam Its problem started the opposition’s problem is that When they were initially taking the… measurements for the lake behind, measuring how far the water will be Then obviously it will extend to the Peshawar Valley some of it will go and close to Nowshera they were taking measurements and marking them So out of this the mistakes made, either consciously or unconsciously I cant be sure of it there are a lot of theories But the problem arose when one rumor was spread that Nowshera would drown because of this dam Even when there is no truth to it Additionally later on one WAPDA chairman, Shams ul Mulq He belonged from Nowshera said that “I am from Nowshera myself and wouldn’t I know if it was going to drown?” So the opposition in KP, at that time it was NWFP this was from them The other opposition started from Sindh Their point of view was that the KP one was meaningless, while the Sindh opposition still made sense They say that Nawaz Sharif said in his first term that a canal would extend from Kalabagh which would lead to Cholistan Now dams are water reservoirs they are for water storage and regulation not for canals. For canals they are barrages But Nawaz Sharif said they will be After this NWFP also demanded a canal OK then we will also have a right bank canal which would provide for Dera Ismail Khan Now Sindh’s point of view is that, under IRSA another canal cannot be made If it happens, then SIndh will receive less water And thats why they oppose the Dam Yes then Musharraf wanted to restart the dam construction And he took an arial helicopter tour of the site And he made it clear that the only opposition is from Sindh and these are the reasons which I just put forward So he said that I called on and told the stakeholders from Sindh that “I assure you there will be no canal extending from it” So they said that your assurity is one thing but you wont be here forever And once you are gone, then what will happen? So Musharraf said OK lets sit together in Islamabad and figure out a solution If needed we can also amend the constitution But it is of utmost importance to the country so we have to figure out a solution But then this took place in 2006 Right after this Musharraf got tangled in his own many problems like the Chief Justice problem, the Lal Masjid problem he got tangled in those problems And Dam problem remained untouched It is the best natural location for it, thats why because, after the survey of Indus Basin And the sites selected were due to some reason And this was a great site too It was a natural site. A natural site is when you have to do minimum work in the place When minimum construction is needed, then its called natural site So this was a great site Obviously the WAPDA survey and the ones before that they liked this site So it was out on number 4 after Warsak, Mangla and Tarbela It was put on number 4 because it was a great site It was natural site Where it is situated, there are small number of residents but they are higher than the water level they will not be directly effected but it will effect ones in the lake area behind people will be displaced but when a construction of this scale takes place which is helpful to the country in many ways then obviously there will be downsides to it, it cant be all 100% positive There wont be a fairly tale ending that everything will be perfect Of course people will be displaced especially the ones behind the lake But like the people from Mangle resettled People were displaced there too Same with the Tarbela people, they were also displaced and got settled So this is all part of the planning The people who will be unfortunately displaced are all part of the planning stage The displaced people are all part of the planning and their re-settlement is also a part of it along with their means of earning Yes, the people of Mianwali and Kalabagh will greatly benefit from it Since the planning started and they came to survey And WAPDA came to make its colonies So we gave them the land for free We told to make it as it will benefit the country And Mianwali is a very backward area Of course when a mega project like this starts Roads will be made, jobs will be created. Mianwali will benefit a lot from it And now our current Prime Minister belongs from this sector, so he should be interested in this Its weird that he is completely silent on this matter He should take special interest in this and it should be number 1 on his agenda Its great Like I said before the purpose of a Dam is water storage and regulation That means the water will be released when you need it And they will save it. That is when the water is short, they will save it and when you need it, it will be released And its on River Indus so obviously it will benefit the whole country And electricity too, electricity is a by-product by the way People think Dams are made for electricity, Dams are not for electricity electricity is a by-product of a Dam Big dams or whichever dam Its a by-product, so electricity is also made so again its a benefit No that it will not This a combination I mean its a part of it Some hydrologists also say that you should not make big dams, in return you should line up all the canals Through that there will be more water storage than the dams These dams, like these big dams around 8 million acre field is Basha or Kalabagh Around 8 million acre field will save it If we could setup up an irrigation system with all the canals then 80 million acre field will be saved Now its the government’s job to figure out what is to be done on priority basis All of these things have to be done Now its upto the government to figure out what is to be done now or later what is to be done on priority basis Of course This is a continuous plan for the whole country The water scarcity is happening all over the World and not just here So for that the whole ongoing planning has to be implemented the population is increasing obviously everyone will have to complete it Its not that after this is completed everything will be perfect in the country, no But its an important part of the combination in that manner No, unfortunately. Charities dont complete mega projects like this See that’s the thing What Chief Justice said was public interest thing Cheif justice does not have executive authority on this matter What he did was a public interest thing That funds will come in, public interest will increase. Also that some money will come in And that a countrywide debate should start that it should be constructed Now the Prime Minister also said that He said that it will be achieved through this method, it wont happen like that! The only difference is that chief justice is doing a public interest thing because he is not an executive authority Prime Minster has executive authority on this. What Prime Minister says publically is part of public policy It becomes government policy Now Prime Minister has said that we will gather charities and make the Dam, how will you do it It wont happen, how can it happen Basha Dam is a 15 Arab dollar project currently So who knows how much it will cost when the construction starts So how much can we make through charities? May be you can make a crore but how will you make 15 arab dollar through charities? Just the thought of it… its a weird thing just thinking about it that charities will make it happen if a miracle happens that what Prime Minister has said all Pakistani expats living abroad would chip in 1000 US dollars OK lets say 1 million expats do chip in 1000 dollars each You have 1 billion dollars 1 Arab dollar done Rest of us here some wave a wand and gather 1 arab dollars too Even if we do that, where are you going to get the other 13 million dollars? So just thinking about it is dumb that though this charities will get the mega projects going That the responsibility of the federal government Now 3 provincial assemblies have passed a resolution against this KPK, Sindh and Baluchistan assemblies Then obviously you can build a dam in this situation Its the responsibility of the federal government to sit with with everyone like Musharraf did He asked for a dialogue Thats why Its the responsibility of the federal government that they gather everyone Sit with them an convince them of its importance to the country So obviously dialogue is the solution Both are possibilities Sindh has a huge issue that Punjab takes in more water which according to IRSA is part of Sindh’s quota Now i dont know if its true or not But Sindh does feel that Punjab is taking more than the assigned quota And if Musharraf did say that its being wasted then its a wrong statement because its not being wasted A certain amount of water has to go in the ocean Because if no amount goes in it then salt water starts to come inland causing more ecological damage So thinking that no water ends up in ocean is wrong too Its important that some amount has to go in ocean to keep ecological balance That again, there are disadvantages Obviously with big projects like these there are pros and cons to it Again, that’s a policy issue That there is ecological damage associated with big dams Also seismological damage because earthquakes can also happen Not in the place of the dam but upstream of that Due to water pressure when a lot of water is gathered in one place, I am not saying that it will happen God forbid, That earthquakes will happen But it is a possible danger And the ecological damage, the people displaced, they are there But then again pros and cons, you have to plus and minus and figure out which weighs more In every big project, you have to do this Look at the plus and minus and move forward Again this is the responsibility of the federal government They should do a complete study And convince the people The other 3 provinces, one of them is OK with it, the one where its situated Convince the other 3 provinces and move forward I dont think without it we would be able to make it We would eventually have to take it Take it from a government or a finance institution, whoever you take it from Without it, you cant construct it With our resources I dont know if we can make it with our own resources That is I dont know when, I hope to Allah they do But at the moment I dont see it that much surplus So definitely from friendly countries or financial institutions Or take it from DFI

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  1. With due respect you have brushed aside the reasons behind the opposition put up by Pakhtuns against Kala Bagh dam. we pakhtuns have very genuine reasons against the construction of this dam and will never allow its construction

  2. Mashaallah wonderful personality, Nawab sb answered all questions nicely and precisely.

  3. Present KPK government should take lead and pass resolution in favour of Kalabagh Dam. Government should buy services from consultants from China & Turkey for it to get unbaisd opinion.


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