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if you’re considering buying an outdoor
home security camera with a built-in light you’ll want to consider than at mo
presence that’s because it does something very different to most of its
competitors and that big difference is that it stores video internally on a
micro SD card there is no cloud storage service that Natak most trying to sell
you for a monthly subscription charge and that could make a big difference
over time a lot of natak most competitors will charge a few dollars a
month to store video in their cloud services which if you have this up for a
few years can run into the hundreds of dollars in addition to the price of the
camera itself so you could be saving money within atmo presence now if you do
want to put stuff in in the cloud you can set this up to work with a dropbox
account or send video to an ftp server one of the other big differences that
comes with storing video locally though is that you don’t need a fast internet
connection if you’re living in a house with a dial-up connection or a very slow
ADSL connection this thing will work fine because it’s not constantly
streaming video out to the internet you don’t need that fast connection many of
Noatak most competitors request at least a two megabit per second connection this
thing is only a few tens of kilobits per second the only time you need a fast
internet connection is if you’re going to be connecting to this remotely from
outside the home and viewing video live or viewing recorded video because then
you’re accessing the camera and pulling that video across the internet so you
will need a fast connection but inside your home on your Wi-Fi network there’s
more than enough bandwidth to look at the videos that it’s recorded the camera
has a hundred-degree field-of-view that’s a little bit narrower than a lot
of its competitors you can see in this comparison with a video from a ring
camera that the ring does see a lot more of what’s going on I also found that the
color was a little bit off on the new tap mo presence as well the camera has a
built-in microphone so you can hear what’s going on in front of the camera
and that audio is recorded when it captures anything but there’s no two-way
audio function so if someone’s in front of your house you can’t talk to them
through this camera like you can with some of the competing devices one of the
things that intact to do is classify what it sees into
people animals cars and other motion the system works pretty well and you can in
fact tell it to only send you alerts when say it sees a person and not an
animal however it wasn’t perfect I’ve got a couple of bird feeders near where
I installed the camera and for some reason it just kept on thinking that one
of the bird feeders was a person inside the unit there’s this large LED light
above the camera that has some infrared LEDs to provide illumination for a night
vision mode and then if it sees anything the floodlight comes on the power of the
floodlight is a thousand lumens but it is adjustable so if it’s a little bit
too bright for you you can turn it down and you can also set it to either come
on automatically when it’s dark so it just provides a general nightlight or
you can set it to only come on when it detects motion in terms of motion
detection you get motion detection zones with this you can draw them on the
display and it will look for motion in those areas and ignore other areas
that’s useful if you’ve got something that continually sets off the camera say
if it’s pointing in your front garden and there are cars driving by the range
of the motion detection is given as 15 meters or 50 feet and in our tests we
found it more or less worked over roughly that range installation of the
device is pretty easy if you’re replacing an existing floodlight you
shouldn’t have any problems using an existing junction box on your wall
otherwise you’re going to need to put one up there and you’re going to have to
run power to it now there is no battery option with an attack mode presence one
of the nice surprises that I had was that it came with British wire coloring
if you don’t understand that you’ll need to know that Brown is hot blue is
neutral and the yellow green color is your ground tech I’ve rated the note at
my presence four out of five we love that there’s no monthly subscription
charge and it has a big bright LED light but it would be great if it saw a little
bit wider and it had two-way audio you can find a complete review of the Natak
no presents on tech I’ve calm you

11 thoughts on “Netatmo Presence outdoor security camera review | TechHive

  1. How easy would it be for someone to simply open the panel underneath the camera and steal the SD card? Is it lockable? How well protected is the camera against water ingress?

  2. Are you related to the guy from Digital Foundry, your voice and behaviour seems identical?

  3. We live in an area with lots of wildlife prone to stealing Amazon prime deliveries. Is there a feature that distinguishes say birds, cats/dogs from gorillas wearing hoodies?

  4. Thanks for the review! Wanted to confirm this camera is powered via a hardwired connection.
    Not ‘wired’ and still needs an outlet to plug into.
    Are there any other outdoor security cameras you’d recommend that can be powered by an actual hardwired power source. No outlets! Thanks 😁

  5. Love the Homekit compatibility, but it needs a wider field of view.

  6. Agreeing with others here, don't just extend the video length with a blank screen out to 10+ mins for that golden youtube revenue. It's tacky and cheap and has a real negative effect on your good review.

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