Never Do This When Cleaning Your Mass Air Flow Sensor

Rev up your engines,
M says scotty I cleaned the MAF sensor and now the engine idles rough what did I do wrong,
ok Maf sensors measure the amount of air going into the engine, if you’re going to clean
a MAF sensor in any modern car what you really should do is, remove the MAF sensor from the
car, take it off, then clean it and only use MAF sensor spray, their very delicate things
and the thing about MAF sensor cleaners are they completely evaporate leaving no residue,
if you use carb cleaner or something else it can leave residue,
but you use maf sensor cleaner and clean it off the vehicle, then let it dry for an hour
or two it will be completely dry then you put in on and you can’t hurt anything, if
you cleaned it on the vehicle and it was still plugged in the cleaner and the electronics
could have shorted things out, I’ve seen that, now if your luck and you didn’t damage anything,
some cars if they have a really dirty maf sensor and you clean it and now it’s got a
clean one that confuses the computer but after you drive it 2 or 3 days if it goes back to
normal they’ll often do that and the software is just recalibrating itself, so if it starts
running better in a few days that’s what happened, gomes, I have a 2000 acura integra and I changed
my fuel pump and now my car keeps flooding out and won’t start, ok I actually see that
often when other people work on cars, it’s important to get OEM original equipment manufacturer
fuel pump for that vehicle, if you go out and just go to the cheapest discount auto
parts store or online and buy one of those Chinese knock off pumps a lot of times they
won’t work, your fuel injectors work by a certain pressure
and it’s a very limited range of pressure, say if it’s like between 47-50 psi, if you
get an aftermarket pump and it puts out too much pressure that’s exactly what will happen,
if it is flooding out from too much pressure, first thing you’d want to do is change the
fuel pressure regulator if you didn’t do that, the regulator is suppose to regulate the pressure
and when it’s shot it won’t and then it goes, so you change that too, but on most modern
pumps when you buy them, the pump and the regulator is often one piece
and you replace them both as a unit so I would check the pump and the fuel pressure regulator
that you put on, it could be that you just got a bad one that wasn’t manufactured right
and I see that all the time, sure they cost a lot more money for the OEM ones but their
much better quality, magic says how do you find a bad ground,
well realize that everything in your car that works off direct electricity has to have power
but it also has ground to connect the circuit, you do a ground fault test,
you just get a meter and you measure the wires between the ground wire that you got and the
negative battery terminal, you connect it to both, and if your losing more than half
a volt between it the ground isn’t any good and it needs to be replaced, a lot of times
it’s obvious you’ll see corrosion, you take it off and clean it all of with a wire brush
and then put it back together and then paint over the top of it with anti corrosion paint
so it won’t corrode anymore, but you get yourself a good meter you can
check any ground it’s a simple ground test, it’s not that complex to do,
the hard thing is finding where the grounds are because they hide them all over the place,
you often need a manual for that, orion says scotty cadillac vs lincoln which
is better, ok today the lincolns are much better than the cadillacs, in my grandfathers
day, up until the late 60’s I would have said the opposite I would have said the cadillacs
were better than the lincolns but GM quality has been going down for a long time and ford
quality has actually been going up in the last decade and a half so, I would definitely
get a lincoln before I’d but a cadillac these days, gm quality is just bad, look their shutting
down all those factories in the US, peterson says scotty what do you do when your
windshield washer fluid freezes below 32 F and how do you replace a windshield washer
fluid hose to the sprayers thanks, well the first thing to replace the hose it’s
no big deal, just find the length of the whole thing, where it starts and where it ends,
and you can go to any discount auto parts store I use an autozone that’s 2 blocks from
here, and you can buy bulk hose just cut a piece off your old one with a razor blade
and then you can match up the diameter, now to get it off here’s a big trick and the
big trick is, their rubber hoses and they usually have plastic
connectors well as soon as they get old that plastic will crack so if you grab them and
twist a lot of times they break off so instead, get a nice sharp razor blade and be real careful
and slit the hoses all around the plastic connectors, don’t hit the plastic just slit
the rubber part and then it peels off just like a banana, I do that all the time because
I used to break them all the time myself and I’d be mad as heck, now I just get a little
razor blade and cut them, you can do the same thing with any radiator hose that’s stuck
just get a razor blade and make a bunch of marks and then you can just peel it off and
easily remove it, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that bell!

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  2. I love that hose trick. I have been frustrated because I keep breaking those washer fluid plastic connector pieces at work. Thanks

  3. I really like the straight up and no back personal stories answers you give scotty. You really help and never wasted anyone's time. 😂👍👍👍

  4. On the other video, you said it was needed to let it dry for 15 minutes, but here you say 2 hours (I am gonna leave it two hours just in case)

  5. I cleaned my MAF sensor with a finger, the car was not starting and still not starting, what could go wrong?


  7. Scotty just saw your MAF sensor video… you're a cool 🐈 cat, brother 🙈🙊you make me laugh 🤣 keep up with the crazy😵 videos I'll be patiently waiting 😖 don't let me down or I'll get sick🤮🤢🤕😷🤒🤪 love ya from Sunny Hollywood Florida 🌻

  8. I’d love to see a video Scotty reviewing the GMC/Chevy problems with the 5.3L AFM systems.

  9. Hey Scotty my dad rinsed out his air filter with water and i thank the mass air sensor got wet the check engine light turned on. For ignition coil number 1 i already changed coil 1 and it still say its bad and it says service traction control and sevice stabiltrack and battery light turned on i replace the ignition coil the battery and nothing do you thank the sensor went bad when it got wet? Its a 2008 suburban

  10. I just noticed you never take those goofy looking sunglasses off when you making these silly videos with the cartoon pictures I bet you have chank eyes

  11. Scotty can you show us a video how to test the oxygen sensors thank you

  12. Scotty i got a Honda Fit mass air flow and do you spray inside then sensor holes also ???.. Thnx

  13. Hey Scotty, can you please do a video on how to safely remove injectors? They are in thight and i am afraid i will break them

  14. Thank you again for another great video, there….scotty babe!I have a 2015 chevy impala limited ltz, with the 3.6ltr VVT DI. motor, which I know if very hard on oil, and carbon build up. I only have 41,000 miles, jerks like mad, coming down from a shift from 2nd gear going slow(20-40) jerks like heck!!I cleaned the MAF, 5 xs, got a OEM new one, same thing, jerking….even cleaned the throttle body, new air filter,new PCV valve,back firewall, rightside. it also backfires under the hood during heavy acceleration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  please help..before I torch this CHEVY..LOL. I thank you in advance.

  15. Scotty thanks for the advice re: MAF sensor cleaning. I have a Citroen Berlingo 1.9 diesel van that I could only start from cold with ‘Easy Start’ .I thought maybe glow plugs needed changing. Garage checked them. Tested ok. Engine slow cranking so I thought starter motor brushes. Nearly paid for recon starter motor but chose to clean MAF sensor with the advised cleaner. Boom! Boom! WORKING! Fires up immediately . Vans done 130,000 miles. Just prior to this I put injector cleaner in fuel tank and valve cleaner in air intake to clean up a bit. Thanks again. Great utubes

  16. Hi Scotty, the pictures are …..halarious! !! Especially the one where you said…" if you get a bad one "….the girl holding the butcher knife. God Bless, keith

  17. I clean my mass air and now check engine ligth and track ligth came on what do I do ,Scotty

  18. Hey Scotty, l like the comparison when you compare the mass air flow sensor being very sensitive and you display a picture of a woman crying, lol! I love it.

  19. A dirty MAF can be blamed for alot of people's rough idle issues. Cleaning the MAF on my old 4runner made a huge difference. You the man, Scotty!

  20. I had my washer fluid freeze at only 5 below F. Never had that happen before; but it happens every time I try to use the regular blue fluid in my 07 Mazda 3. I have to use the purple fluid that has a lower freezing temp in my car.

  21. Does Scotty have a video where he talks about products like Seafoam? Just want to know what his thoughts are on Seafoam and similar products.

  22. Hey scotty. I got a 2014 Sentra, check engine came on, took it to get scanned and said bad maf sensor. I replaced it and all was good for a month and the light came back on. I now smell a hint of gas thru the vents. What's your take on this issue

  23. Mass airflow sensor not map sensor very easily confused by alot of people mass airflow sensors have a very fine fillement in them that can be very easily damaged they make a special cleaner for mass airflow sensors even then a person should be very careful cleaning them SRX and STX Cadies out perform any Lincoln's hand's down but they are very different vehicles Cadillac went in the direction of high performance and make some impressive performance vehicles and Lincoln stayed in the luxury car segment still building some of the best luxury cars available.

  24. I have a overheating problem in idol that is confusing to me? I changed out everything you can think of to cool the truck down but still overheats in idol. I am wondering if it could be a Intake Gasket leak. Along with a Selonoid problem. Oil was on the plugs when changed.. Misfire code on a little reader. The bigger reader came up with a PO300. The weirdest thing is? No check engine light? Originally a Check engine light was on before I cleaned the Throttle Body. Afterwards the light went out. Never came back on again. I changed out all of the major Relays. It took time for the computer to catch up after I did that. Still overheating in Idol. Your thoughts I would appreciate. Thanks.

  25. If you clean the maf, clean the throttlebody too, some ecms need a manual reset so they can relearn

  26. I just can't let myself believe Ford quality has been going up after buying an '07 Focus for my son. Literally one repair after another. Worst car I've ever owned by far.

  27. Scotty…. My car rpm drops after driving half hour and keep dropping on every stop then i aplly full electric load to my car by turning the blower to full blast and headlights and beam full on and radio on then rpm stay at 850-900

  28. ive worked at an auto part store for almost a decade. I like watching your videos and learning more information + what i have learned at work. thanks scotty

  29. Dennis Hopper really like to talk cars after ripping an 8-ball

  30. Lol, Emmanuel. That made me chuckle. I love those little jokes in your videos.

  31. Hey Scotty. Thanks for answering one of my questions a few years ago and now I’m back again. Haha. I recently got a new start on my 2006 civic lx. And two days afterwards on my way home, me cel came on and it came up with its “too lean” code p0171. Car has 134k miles. Any possible thoughts on what it is?

  32. Hey Scotty, I changed my MAF Sensor with the MAF cleaner, I Let it dry and when I put it back on then started the car I noticed my RPM gauge immediately started going up and down idling very weird, I sat in the car and watched it and it almost wanted to cut off, a few minutes later it did, and now it’s been weeks and it still does it all day long and cuts off while I’m driving and while I’m in park a lot, what should I do ? I have a Monte Carlo SS SUPERCHARGED 2005. Hell me please

  33. Dear ScottyI SHOULD be able to use one product for both the Mass air flow sensor…and the throttle body . Yes. It cannot be that much difference.. except for the high prices.
    And carburetor cleaner is cheaper than throttle body cleaner. Can I use this carb cleaner on my throttle body? I would not use either of these on my mass air flow sensor.
    BUT. I should be able to use mass air flow on my throttle body and carb..

  34. Omg always happen with Nissan Sentra 2014 up ..I m already replace a mass air flow sensor..ND full tune up

  35. 04:53 I had that exact issue of mad magazine in i think 1972.. MAD mag is stopping in fall of 2016…. That is a keeper issue.

  36. 300zx engine. Do I work the engine until it disconnect from the transmission, after removing bell housing bolts.

  37. I think I damaged my MAP sensor cleaning it. It was fine, but I cleaned it along with the throttle body because the car has over 150k miles and it had never been cleaned. It only starts and stalls immediately now, where it ran perfect before. I stuck the red plastic tube from the cleaner can in the hole of the sensor to clean it out. I looked in there with a flashlight and it looks to be pushed in in the center where I poked the red tube in. I'm getting code PO108 circuit high input. I took it out and tried cleaning it again, but still shuts down after it starts. Actually, when I cleaned it the first time and put it back in, it stalled the first time I started it, but after starting it again, I drove it a couple of miles and it drove perfectly. I went out an hr later and she stalls every time I start her now and the check engine light is on. I know you're not supposed to touch the small wires on a MAF sensor as they're delicate, but a MAP sensor is probably just as delicate inside (?) It was enclosed so I though it best to push the tube in and clean the gunk out, but I fear I've ruined it. If I did, It's not a high dollar one, but I've learned a lesson. Does that kind of damage sound possible from what I've told you? Thanks, and keep the great videos coming.

  38. Scotty, when cleaning the MAF, can I use alcohol with a Qtip? Nice video man!

  39. Thanks Scotty! I followed your recommendation on a 2013 F150 with 30k miles that has been running real wimpy and lacking that 5.0 punch, and smooth power. 20 minutes later… Super easy job WOW! Big difference even in 98F Florida weather it runs like a Scalded Monkey. MPG Went from 14.8 to 18.6 MPG around town. Everybody should do this service. About the easiest tune up ever.

  40. hey Scotty. I've got issues with my car. I got an oil change done and now it has the oil light coming on and it's having a hard time keeping RPMs at idle. Last I looked at it, there seem to be a noticeable and audible air leak. What do you think is wrong? I'm thinking maybe the clamps work titanosaur I need a new hose. I'm about to look at the throttle body as well as it part up front where the spark plugs connect to to wish I have forgotten the name

  41. Anybody else having problems with the 2015 Nissan Sentra mass air flow sensor? Ive clean it before but in a few months the issues start again , should I buy a new one?

  42. Hi Scotty I have a friend with a 2013 Acura TSX, after a throttle body clean, MAF clean, K&N filter install and the car had been sitting for a month on a smart charger there is an idle problem. When driving and the clutch is depressed the RPM's drop then raise and slowly drop, then hover around 1000 rpm. When the car is stopped it idles fine. Have you ever heard of this? Thanks

  43. At 3:55, How do you replace the windshield washer hose? Just replace it. LOL Scotty, how do I replace a light bulb?

  44. I did this scotty, when I put my sensor back on, my car started for a second then shut off, now won't even crank☹️

  45. I have a K and N air filter. I changed my oil and cleaned the air filter. Sprayed the filter with the cleaner let sit for a half hour while changing the oil. Got done changing the oil then hit the air filter with water from my water hose. Put the air filter in front of a small fan to dry. Later oiled the filter with the K and N oil. Let sit over night to soak the oil up. Next morning wiped excess off. Then installed it back into the air box on my 20005 Taurus SE 3.0. The car ran flawless. But my gas mileage went down a bit so I went and got the MAF sensor cleaner took the sensor off and sprayed it down on both sides. Let dry for a hour. Now gas mileage is better than before. The trick is not to be in a hurry. Either with cleaning and oiling or cleaning the sensor. Use the right stuff and give it time to do what it's suppose to do. Thanks Scotty! My Taurus has 165,000 and going strong. Do my Maintenace my self with Scotty's advice. Shawn

  46. I brought my maf sensor in the shower with me, is soap residue okay on it ?

  47. Used hydrogen peroxide reinstalled and waited over night fixed rough idle as well as crazy rpm drop/stall.

  48. Scatty Kilmer after you clean THE AIR FLOW SENSOR can we clean as like filter on the bottom too , or not ?? please let me now ??

  49. Scotty, sometimes the problem with fuel pumps is the fact that cheaper pumps have less pressure than the recommended. In my 87 Toyota Celica 4A-GE I had that issue for a long time until I removed the pressure regulator and the gasoline splashed on my face due to the rail was full of air and there were a lot of bubbles of air😅

  50. My car won’t accelerate but rpms fine. I changed air and fuel filter but my car still won’t accelerate. What do you think is wrong??

  51. Hi Scotty! My Corolla 2004 idles high when cold then goes normal when normal temp is reached. Is it normal in this vehicle (bought the car 2nd hand).

  52. i cleaned … the mass airflow sensor.. .. The Engine light .. AKA. Money light. "Disappeared"!!
    But another thing i did that day was…. Cleaned the throttle body . without any devices to relearn it.. But after the 4th day… the throttle body idles normally.. "___ " . But now i have a 314.99 Scanner tools for Vehicles!!!!.. dont need it now!

  53. Hello sir I'm having an honda civic 2007 model 1.8 R18 engine The rat has eaten some of the wiring of my car and now it's not going above 3500rpm it just fells like the rev limiter is activated please can you help me

  54. Hey Scotty I have a Toyota echo I have replaced the throttle and it won't start but if I unplug the maf sensor the car starts but if I plug t in the engine stops what is the problem??

  55. Hello, I hope you can help me with this matter. I have a 2005 Subaru Forester X manual and during driving, the car accelerated by itself, specially when I turned on the heater. Please let me know what I have to do. Thanks

  56. I've seen damn near every video that you've ever made Scotty. I feel like I'm a mechanic at times with all the tops you've covered in your variety of videos. Keep up the great work Scotty. PROPS….👍👍👍

  57. Scotty, I accidentally touched the MAF sensor wires with the cleaner spray nozzle. Is it toast?

  58. i used C foam on my mass aorflow senser and it worked great…………………….. i bought the mass air airflow sencer cleaner and did not do a damn thing

  59. Scotty My 2002 regal LS was having trouble shifting into 2nd gear when at operating temp but always shifted normally every other gear,and when cold. Now it won't shift into 2nd at all replaced 1-2 and 3-4 shift solenoid ,filter and fluid at same time still wont shift into 2nd ???

  60. Ford didn't take the bailout like GM and pre-Fiat merger Chrysler did. They didn't sell their souls. Maybe there is a lesson (and some hope) for America there.

  61. Thank you Scotty another awesome video on how to clean the mass air flow sensor

  62. What I want to know is… can I apply spray paint to the mass air sensor a little at a time … to keep the sensor from noticing much of a temp change … and keeping the ecm from running rich?

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