New 5000K Blue LED Grow Light

Check out my 4 chilly plants in these
homemade, 10 gallon bubble buckets- cozily tucked away in one of my Sunhut
Blackout 100 grow tens. But hey, if spicy peppers and deep water culture
hydroponics aren’t your thing, then please bear with me because I’m not
going to talk about either too much in this video. Instead, I want to focus on my
new grow light. You’re looking at my brand new Sun Par Grow 279 watt, passively
cooled LED: one of the latest offerings to the world of consumer LED grow lights.
I’ll drill into some more details in just a moment, but for now, note that it
consumes just a few more watts more than the grow light it’s replacing. My highly-prized Gavita LEP 270e. I’ve been using my Gavita plasma lights steadily for
three or four years now, and I love it! I got the gross spectrum with UV-A and UV-B
light, and it mimics sunlight particularly well. Plants are super lush,
healthy, and compact. However, at around 19 inches, or 50
centimeters, hanging distance, it’s no longer providing enough intensity across
my ever-expanding footprint. To be fair, this fixture is only really designed to
cover a 2.5 by 2.5 foot area on its own anyway. That’s just over a 1/2 square
meter, or 75 centimeter squared. I’m well into the 350 micromole zone directly
beneath the light, but when I move my PAR meter sensor toward the fringes, it drops
dramatically. Summer is approaching fast here in the northern hemisphere, and I
still don’t have any air conditioning installed in my attic. Obviously I’m
running my lights at night to try and keep temperatures down, but I’m also
endeavouring to keep my overall power usage to a minimum. Now some folks will
tell you that LEDs are the magic bullet when it comes to keeping on top of your
grow room temperatures, but hey! Back in reality, whatever your grow light
technology- a watt is just that: a watt. And, in the case of grow lights, that watt
can either be turned into light or heat. Grow lights differ in their efficiency,
and turning electricity into light, and also the form in which that heat is
generated. I’ll talk about all that stuff in another video. Back to my Sun Par Grow.
I’ve been running it for 3 weeks now, and my plants are lovin’ it. It produces an
impressive 1.91 micromoles per watt, and has a smooth continuous spectrum with a
strong peak around 455 nanometers. Clearly this is ideal for driving
vigorous vegetative growth. The overall color of the light is 5000 Kelvin. A
single Meanwell brand driver runs 528 Nichia chips arranged in a concentric
circle’s formation. As for the growing footprint: yes, it’s technically circular,
which may not suit all growers, but it’s working well for me in this 4×4 grow
tent. The fixture comes pre-installed with 120
degree optics, meaning that the light emitted spreads out from the source. The
manufacturer, AgroLED, recommend a three by three growing footprint at a hanging
height of 18 to 24 inches from the canopy. I’ve got minor 20 inches, and I’m
measuring 650 micromoles directly beneath the light, 400 to 450 at the back
of the grow tent, and a low of 216 in the corner, and 250 at the edges, but remember,
this is a 4 by 4 grow tent. There’s also a 90 degree optic kit that beams the
light right down for a more intense, smaller footprint, but you’ll need 24 to
36 inches distance. Personally, the 120 degree optics work fine for my
application. Also included in the box is a very cool socket converter so you can
run this puppy on 110 or 240 volt mains electricity. This is a very robust
fixture: no moving parts, and a calculated L 70 of 104,000 hours! That means
70% of the original output after running it for 18 hours a day for 16 years!
Incredible. Obviously, nobody’s actually done this yet, although I look forward to
giving it a try. I’ll finish up there, but note that I’ll be testing other LED
fixtures soon too – so make sure you subscribe so you get pinged when I
upload new stuff. Thanks for watching, this is Ever-grow, grow, growing, gone.

37 thoughts on “New 5000K Blue LED Grow Light

  1. I hope this is the start of the new season of videos that are more frequent!

  2. lights are great and all…I am looking forward to the video about adding O2 to your DWC (bubbler). Don't act like we didn't see the signs in your tent.

    Great Video as always!

  3. happy to be within the 1st few hundred views. finally. you taught me a ton! thanks for all your effort. 🙏

  4. look up pecific light concepts new light . if ya think your light is good , which it is , look up plc lights and see 4 yourself

  5. Great information! Really looking forward to the upcoming LED series. I'll take the plasma off your hands! haha just kidding

  6. nice led aren't there in price yet soon,hard to compare 1000 watt double end hps for around 200 dollars to the hi price led! soon they will be old school and the price will come down I hope

  7. You should check out this:
    These are the most efficent Leds on the market right now 2.87μmoles/joule

  8. Hey! If I read the spectrum right this led doesn't have uv. How do you plan to handle this?

  9. is your LEP still working well and if youre not using it would you consider selling it? :3 im planning to add a second light to my rotation and ive been curious about LEP and LEC to get more resin produc- i mean 'UV sunblock reaction.' 😛
    *also does LEP come with bulbs or does it just have like a cartridge to replace or is it just one of those things that eventually dies out after a million billion years? havent researched it too much.

  10. A bit off-topic, but are you filling and dosing each of those buckets individually? Seems like that would be a bit of extra effort?

  11. I appreciate the review on the lights, but i am way more interested in the electrolysis test. i have been playing with the idea of building a few electrolysis devices (either in 316l steel, titanium or carbon – to minimize possible reactions), but i am not really sure how much you can trust that to work in something like a nutrient solution that's so heavy on particles, without creating some nasty by products. although there are commercial devices sold, for shrimp tanks and for nutrient tanks. I ordered something to test out. But I'd be interested what your experience is.
    Good videos btw, love the quality and professionalism.

  12. I am, for obvious reasons, extremely interested in your ABCD test in the background of this video. LOVE YOU, EVEREST!

  13. You could do a comparison of one with a 3,500°K LED spectrum, which contains more red for flowering plants like tomatoes.

  14. Hey Everest, have you heard anything about blackdog LEDs? Could you tell me what you know.

  15. for that price id rather get an SK 400+. more applications then just vegging

  16. Will you be switching to a warmer spectrum for flowering/fruiting, or will that light suffice for the entire grow cycle?

    Personally, I'm experimenting with the 11W home led light-bulbs by breaking the diffusion domes and exposing the PCB boards. You can pick them up very cheap and in various colour temperatures. I prefer to supplement the red part of the spectrum with a 660nm red cob LED. I think this combination mimics the sun better –sans the UV.

  17. Hey Everest, Any chance you CAN talk more about setting up the DWC peppers? Especially some of the more touchy maneuvers. You've sort of touched on every aspect, but i'd really love to see a full guide: How long you germinate peppers or tomatoes, what sort of equipment you use to pump and airstone a DWC, how you transfer peppers as they get bigger (which can get really tricky if you let the roots in rockwool get too long!).
    I'd love to see one comprehensive "The Everest School of DWC" collective video.

  18. Great to hear from you after a break.

    1:28 – True, a Watt used is heat created; with an LED or a Freezer – it's Efficiency that is the key to less heat.

    2:17 – I like a little bounce off of the walls combined with rotation, with that 120° footprint you'll have to swap around the position of each to even the light each plant receives. With 4x using 90° and dimmed you'd be able to crank them at the end of the season. A fan instead of an attic hatch will warm your home, a Furnace Carbon Filter would provide less dust, etc. Vents each end or the eves are another choice if you like blowing hot air out of your home (usually not a good idea).

    Sure looks nice.


  19. I replaced my gavita 300 with ten 100 watt 5000k off the shelf led bulbs from homedepot. Only pull 14 watts each for 140 total. Best of all they are less than 50 cents a watt. looks like they have the same chips as the bulb in the video. You do need to cut the plastic bulb lens off and make a fixture, but I get much better growth in the corners of my space than I did with my gavita.

  20. If you want the highest yields with spectrum control go with the new solarsystem series from california lightworks. If you want the highest yields period try the alpha LED grow lights from hydro grow. The hydro grow lights are so hush hush that nearly no one knows to look for them but they consistantly put out award winning performance so much so that they had a $5000 contest to any LED light that can out perform them. Just giving you some ideas about other setups to try.

  21. Why don't they make LED lights square or rectangular? Or rather, why would they make them circular?

  22. I can't wait for you DWC Everest. best grower going my friend .

  23. my research says plants don't respond to light below 6000k or above 2500k?

  24. Agroled price is a ripp off.You can get the same light on Amazon for under 200.00 bucks

  25. Search high bay led lights on Amazon you will find it and many more that can be used for growing.

  26. love your vid man sorry i was gone for a while and i just rang the bell

  27. Wohooooohaaaa…. Let's go Speedy

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    Ahhhh Ahhh Ahhh Ahhhh "breathing at last" that's my tips on lights folks, hope you enjoyed my video and learned something 🙂

  28. I dont understand why people spend this type of money on growing peppers

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