New Chevy Amber LED Strobe Lights Package with Amber Strobe Light Bar

Hello everyone. Thanks for watching. This
is George again at Wicked Warnings here with a really nice new Chevy. I do like
those white DRLs. Unfortunately, the spec on this build was amber, so we weren’t
allowed to touch those white DRLs that you see. What we have in the front there is
our TIR-3 in amber alternating, vertically mounted on that grille. This
truck not only has the shutters behind the grille but it also has the funky
kind of angled honeycomb looking grille. So if you have a grille like this, there’s
not a whole lot you can do as far as mounting a light. But I found vertically
mounting the TIR-3’s right on the edge there, you can drill a hole, keep the
wiring out of the shutters off to the sides and you can get the screws to
actually bite in if you pre-drill the hole cuz it is- the plastic’s on an angle
but you can get the light mounted right there. Works great for a set of TIR-3’s.
It gives you a real good warning. As you know, I’m a fan for the warning where it
goes off to the side a little bit and as you can see on that camera angle right
now, this warning right here definitely kicks off a little bit on the angle
there. So when the truck’s on the side of the road, you’re covered very well. On the back of this truck, we’re featuring our Wicked
Stick, our Slick Stick 2-head in an amber alternating flashing pattern, as
well as our LED HAW DUO. We went with a high dome in the reverse and a low dome
in the cargo. The reason we went with a low dome in the cargo is because we
retained the factory cargo lights. We have our LED HAW in an X-pattern. Let me
pull it forward and show you. Alrighty, out back as you can see, we’ve got our
LED HAW DUO in amber in the cargo and in the reverse in an X-pattern, as well as that
Wicked Slick Stick in the 2-head mounted right vertically in the back
window. As you can see, we also kept the cargo lights, the original cargo lights
in that third brake light and we tied in the steady white Slick Sticks to the
same cargo switch and I will say publicly that I am a fan of how Chevy
does not automatically turn on the cargo when you open the door. We would have had to do a workaround if it was like a Ford, where you open the
door and the cargo comes on or every time the door was open, these lights would turn to white. Since Chevrolet is cargo activation only by
the dashboard switch, we are able to use the dashboard switch to control this
with or without the strobe lights active. Again, without the flashers active, you
can see you still have your cargo and your white on your Slick Sticks and as
soon as the cargo OEM switch is turned off, we go back to the amber warning
package. If you like this package and you happen to have a new Ford F-150, take a
look at our F-150 gallery and you’ll find this exact package, sister truck, done on
an F-150. On that truck, we went ahead and threw in another option to add white
lighting to the rear Slick Sticks on a separate switch and we did not use the
flood mode. So it shows you another set of options with the exact same lights.
Now as far as mounting the Slick Sticks here in the Chevrolet, this panel right
here has kind of a hard radius in it to mount, so we were able to lock this in
with one single bracket. It rests firmly down on here and it’s tied in. When we’ve
road-tested this, it’s nice and strong. We just used a universal bracket leftover
from one of our other lights. As you can see over there, the same style on that side. Here in the grille, you can see how we mounted our TIR-3’s and this
customer came quite a ways, so I think he wins the most bugs on the grille award.
Long drive here but that’s the TIR-3 mounted right like that in the grille.
Looks very nice. Now regarding the switches, we tried something new here and we just went ahead with this location. We have done them before right here but
I’ll be honest, when you put two in here it affects the mounting of this panel a
little bit. It’s really hard to jam two into there, so we tried two right down
here. We like the location. I will say one thing, raise them up just the tiniest bit
because this particular location puts some right here at the mirror switch area
and it’s very visible, while you’re driving here. As you can see in the cabin,
you can really see those lights, so I think I’m gonna start using that
location a little bit more because the driver can really see it and it’s easy
to get to for two switches on these Chevy’s. So once again, this is Wicked
Warnings, your number one source for construction and emergency safety strobe lighting and equipment for cars, vans, buses, SUVs, UTVs, CRVs, bicycles,
tricycles, and unicycles. Thanks again. Make sure you check the description for
links to every one of these products individually, as well as a cart link that
I’ve included some bulk wire and all of the products in one easy cart for your
installer to go ahead and put this together as a package. Be sure again, to
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