New Chevy Emergency Lights for Trucks

Hello and thanks for watching. This is
George at Wicked Warnings, here with a brand-new light grey Chevy.
I like these new Chevy’s, they look a little mean. What we’ve got on this truck,
as you can see here, here in the grille we’ve got some of our Thin-X. This is the
LIN dual-color series in amber and white. We’ve also done the OEM DRL flash. This will be a kit that’s available soon on the website for the Chevy’s and GM’s.
If you need it before that, just drop an email in and request the OEM DRL flash
kit. As you can see, the white lights underneath the factory headlights there,
that’s what we’re talking about. On the Thin-X LED, we just went with a simple
reversing pattern on the color. Here you can see a little bit better, that OEM DRL flash that we have going on. I’ll show you the side profile of the Thin-X
mounting right there on the grille. This is where we mounted our Thin-X right
here on the chrome belt line of the grille. It’s a nice slim fit, doesn’t
protrude out too bad and doesn’t look too bad when they’re off. I’ll show you
that once more. Here you can see how bright they are straight on and here you can
see how they kind of are a little discreet when they’re not lit. Not a bad looking
light on the front of this truck. These grilles are not the easiest to mount
anything in, so this is an easy quick solution if you’re okay with having a
couple holes, you can just surface mount a Thin-X right on the front of the belt
line here, on the chrome strip of these Chevy’s, just like that. They don’t stick
out too bad, they look pretty nice. So out back we did a couple of things. First, we
have a dual-color TIR-6, actually it’s a TIR-6 based LED stick in
the rear window. This is the dual-color version. We’ve got LED HAW’s in the cargo, reverse and the step pockets. So this will be the setup on the warn function,
as far as the program switch. Let me show you what I’m talking about. Right here, on
our controller in the truck, you can see we’ve got warn, flood, left
arrow, right arrow, siren, main power and pattern. Right now, we’re in the warning
mode. Let me show you what the flood mode does and the arrow modes do and that
controller is mounted right there, left of the steering wheel in a real nice
spot. Right there where the credit card slot used to be. We mounted it over the credit
card slot and securely mounted our Mini 6 Controller Panel right there. Let me
show you the back. So out back here, we’ve got our amber LED DUO’s side fire in the
steps. We’ve got our white LED DUO’s in a HD lens in the reverse and the cargo, in
an X-pattern on a quick double flash, and as well, like I said, that dual-color
multi feature LED stick in the rear window. The customer specified that we
absolutely need an arrow stick in the rear window, so we have arrow functions
on this stick as well. This is just a pattern that I chose that has a little
bit of white chasing the amber. Of course, you can pick any pattern you want. We did
install the pattern switch button on that controller, as I showed you. So the
client can feel free to choose whatever pattern he likes for the warning or
arrow stick feature of that LED stick in the rear window. As you can see, we’ve got the right arrow, just as well as the left. I’m gonna show you center out as well.
When you push right and left together, you’ll get a center out like this.
That’ll be our center out arrow feature. Let me show you what the flood mode does in the back. We’ve got the arrow stick on solid white, we’ve got the cargo
and the reverse all solid white on the flood mode button. This way, we’ve got
some extreme white light to the rear of this truck and let me show you how that
looks on the actual back shop wall, to show you just how much light we’re
really putting out here. Alright, so I’ve darkened up the shop here a little
bit and I’m gonna go ahead and sneak over to the truck and turn on that flood
again so you can see. As you can see, quite a bit of light back there.
Definitely gonna be a good improvement for this owner. Here you can see, we
elected to do our side mount on our step pockets.
That’s an LED HAW DUO LD lens there with our mounting gasket flange and we went
side fire, just to add a little bit of side warning to the back of this truck
and it definitely fills the whole step up with a flash of light. You can see it
from the back and the side. You can mount that light either rear-facing or side-facing or both, if you want to double up the steps. I’ve got a couple videos that
show both, but this client spec’d out to do it this way, so that’s what he got. Let
me show you that controller mounting one more time and then I’ll conclude the video. Here in the truck, right next to the headlight switch, we’ve mounted that Mini-6 Control Panel. It’s securely mounted from the back, doesn’t move at all and
you can go ahead and turn on all your functions, arrow stick, flood, whatever you
need to do and shut it right down. Again, this is brand-new Chevrolet with a custom package here for a local municipality, done at Wicked Warnings. If you want any of
these packages, please check the video description for a link to purchase or
send us an email if there’s missing items or something you wanted to add.
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our website. Check us out on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and stay tuned for
more videos. Thank you again for watching Wicked Warnings. We appreciate that
you’ve watched this far and have a great safe day everybody.

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