New Ford F-150 Platinum LED Warning Lights

How you doing? Thanks for tuning in. This is George again with Wicked Warnings, your number one source for construction and
safety strobe lighting and equipment for cars, trucks, vans, buses, SUVs. As you can see on this beautiful brand-new F-150 Platinum, we are running our Razor LED in
the grille. We have mounted that using the included 90-degree bracket from the
bottom up. We made sure to keep our vent hole down and we’ve attached it to the
bottom of the grille right there. We’re also running our Wicked Warnings Auto
Flasher Mirror Mod Kit on the white spotlights of the mirrors. We’ve set the
Razor lights to an alternation between amber and white and it does kind of skip
and change pattern from fast to slow. That’s one of the pre-included patterns
that you can synchronize with your Razor LED strobe lights. As you can see, we’ve
also enabled the flood mode switch, ever so popular here at Wicked Warnings and
by placing that second switch in the on position, we’re able to flood the Razors,
as well as the Mirror Mod, as well as all 4 lights we’re running out back. In
the back, we’ve got our LED HAW DUO, as well as another Auto Flasher on the OEM
reverse lights. Now normally, I’ve mounted lights in the past videos, you’ve seen me
mount those right about here on the vehicle. We just chose to go under here
on this particular build because we’re using the Razor and I wanted to try
something new. So this build right here, we did not drill any holes that are
visible into the grille. The only holes are two tiny screw holes coming up from
the bottom with the included 90-degree bracket. So if we were to take these
lights off the grille, there would be absolutely no damage. So if you have a
grille similar to this or grille just like this, this might be the solution for you.
Here you can see a little bit of the off-axis. The Razor light containing 9 amber and 9 white LEDs alternately firing produces a great array of light.
It gets out to, I would say approximately 150 degrees because as you can see, even off to the far side, you can still easily see both of those Razor
lights. Let me pull it forward. I’ll show you a little bit about the back. So as
you can see, out back we are flashing the OEM reverse lights, as well as an LED HAW DUO in the cargo. I used the high dome but the low dome will work just fine. You
can use low dome or high dome and you can fit up to 2 in each side. This
truck is running one set, one white in each side but if you wanted a dual-color, you could fit a white and an amber on each side, two sets of hideaways in
that third brake light and get an ultimate bright flash of both color. We
were not able to synchronize the cargo with the reverse lights because it’s an
Auto Flasher on the reverse lights and a DUO on the cargo and at this time,
they’re not synchronizable. They’re falling into sync right now, strictly by
accident but when you’re using cross products like that, some of them will
synchronize, most of them won’t. As we stated earlier, we also have the flood feature enabled, which steady burns the cargo light, as well as the reverse for
some added lighting when he needs it for loading trailers or working around the
vehicle. We are controlling all of this via two switches mounted right here in
the dashboard area very cleanly, where I mount them all the time. You can see that
they’re lighted. I put green for flashing, red for steady and that’s how this
system is controlled. Make sure to check the descriptions for links to all these
products individually, as well as a cart which contains all the parts that you
will need to do this installation yourself. We do not provide detailed
bumper-to-bumper instructions but we can provide a cart link with everything that
you’ll need to put this package together with some moderate level 12-volt skill.
Thanks again for watching Wicked Warnings, your number one source for
construction and emergency strobe lighting and safety equipment. Be sure to
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