New Ford Transit LED Emergency Strobe Lights Install

Hi and thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked Warnings, your number one source for construction and safety strobe
lighting and emergency equipment for cars, vans, SUVs, buses, trucks, boats and
even some trains. What we have here is a brand new Ford Transit, the little baby
Transit, Mama’s little soccer van or a nice small utility van like this one,
wide open in the back. This particular van is used to fly big drones to do
aerial surveillance, so the back is wide open. They needed some warning for when they’re on the roadway flying their drone via their virtual reality helmets,
or tablets, or whatever they use to fly those drones. They’re gonna be in the van
and chasing the drone, so we’ve set them up with a bunch of warning. As you can
see right now, this is the flood option. We’re flooding
our Razors, our Thin-X, our Wicked Stick and our LED HAW in the back. This
build features two Razors in amber-white on the front grille, two LIN-6 in
amber on the front grille, our Thin-X LIN series in amber-white on the sail panels
on the front of the doors, as well as our 23-inch Whelen Mini Bar hardwired permanent mount in all-amber on the roof and a 6 head Wicked Stick on the back
roof, as well as a set of white ECO HAW and a set of amber ECO HAW on the back
of this. You can see there, we’ve turned our flood mode off and we simply
activated the front light bar switch on our Mini-6 Control Panel, also featured
on this build. It also has pattern selection for the front light bar or the
rear Wicked Stick independently, so you can select the patterns for both of
these lights as the user sees fit. Slow down the pattern for a more calm warning
or increase it for a more radical powerful warning. The other switch we
have is set up to do their amber on corner warning. Basically, we have our
amber LIN-6 in a split pattern on the lower bumper. We have our Razor amber-whites on the front grille. We have our Thin-X firing an amber only pattern on
the sail panels on the side of the door and our amber LED HAWs in the back. That’s all ran off of one switch and then when we hit
an additional switch, it will add white to the Slick Stick and add a set of
white LED HAW in the rear. I did this because I wanted to give him an option
to have no white other than the two in the grille and then he could add the
white in if he needed it. So for instance, when he turns on the Slick Stick in the
rear right now, you can see by the reflection on the door there, that it’s
all amber. So he can have his front light bar, his rear Wicked Stick and most all
of his corners running all amber and the only white in this mode is the two
whites on the top of the grille there from our Razor. Which forward-facing
white is never really a big deal. It’s when you get the white facing the rear
that you might want to have it on a separate switch, which is exactly what we
did here. I’m just showing you this like this, I’m going to spin it around and
show you but this way is a little easier to see because the lights are extremely
bright. You could definitely tell by the reflection what’s going on. Now you can
see, I’ve hit the white switch which adds white color into the Wicked Stick and
adds a white set of hideaways in the reverse below the Wicked Stick.
Pumps up the rear warning, gives a much more powerful amber and white combo
facing the rear but again, if he’s in a situation where he’d like to run only
the amber, we can turn off the white switch and go back to running only the
amber. Our flood mode also incorporates the Wicked Stick in the back, as well as
those white hideaways. So one touch of the flood button in any mode, strobes on
or off, will bring the flood white in the Razors in the top of the grille, the flood
white on the sail panel Thin-X’s, the flood white on the Wicked Stick 6 head,
as well as the flood white on the LED HAW in reverse and it’ll work with or without
the warning activated. Now if you happen to have the warning activated, you’ll see
that the lower bumper LIN-6’s are still firing in amber, giving you some
front warning and the rear LED HAW is also still firing in amber. So we don’t
lose all of our warning. We still have front and rear warning, as well as
independent control over that front-facing Whelen Mini Light Bar. So
we can always turn that on or off as needed and continue with either the
lower amber warning or all of the amber warning you see here. And when the flood
mode is turned off and the white switch is turned off, we have all amber to the
rear; the Slick Stick, the hideaways, the mini light bar on the roof, as well as
amber to the sides with just a touch of white towards the front, as I mentioned
earlier. Let me spin around and show you the back. Alrighty, so out back here as I said,
we’ve got our 6 head Wicked Stick mounted high on the roof, right towards
the back. We’ve also got our amber LED HAW’s going and you can’t really see
the sail panel in front of that side view mirror there. This would be with the
amber switch illuminated and this would be with the added white switch
illuminated. You can see we’ve X-patterned the white and amber hideaways in
the taillights and parking light portion of the taillight in the back and you
can also see the extra white that’s going in the Wicked Stick there. Let me try
to get you a little better view. Alright, so I darken the camera up quite a
bit and show you a little bit more that white and amber alternation in the
Wicked Stick. In-person, it’s very prevalent and present. It’s just hard to
pick it up on the camera. Being so bright, it washes it out. You can also see on the
right-hand side there, our white and amber, white is on the bottom and amber’s on the top, as far as our hideaways are going and they’re set to do an X-pattern
and a real nice aggressive alternation. That is our ECO LED HAW in the back
there, as well as our Wicked Stick 6 head and in front of that you can see
peeking out also, the Whelen 23-inch permanent mount. Let me show you the
flood white to the rear and how much light it’s actually producing. Alright,
so as you see in the back of our shop there, nevermind the next build coming up, brand-new Explorer, but right now the vehicle is in warning mode. I’m going to
turn off the shop lighting. You can see everything is going crazy here
right now. I’m going to turn off the warning mode now. Now we’re in a totally dark shop. I’m going to turn on the flood
mode. That’s the flood mode for the Wicked 6 Stick and the LED HAW. Flood mode off. Flood mode back on. You can see the camera darken up quite a bit
when it initially goes on. The real flood mode is somewhat similar to that in the
shop. Camera darkens down when it sees a bright light. As you can see, filling up
the shop quite nicely. Definitely more than enough light to adequately light a
five-car driveway. More than enough for a two-car garage.

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