5 thoughts on “New law bans homeless camps near river levees, public buildings in Sacramento

  1. All you have to do is stop telling people where they are NOT allowed and tell them where they ARE allowed. The only thing homeless people hear is that they don’t belong where they are but nobody gives them any other options. Where are they supposed to go? I understand they are causing damage but it’s not like anyone is giving them anywhere else to go. No matter what, there will be homeless people because there are many reasons why they are homeless in the first place so might as well have a designated area for them. There are places all over a city where nobody else wants to be like the empty land by freeways or whatever, nobody else is using it but the second a tent pops up, the cops have all sorts of fictional reasons why they are going to blow up the world if they stay. In my experience, homeless people can be extremely helpful if you show them some respect and kindness. I’ve had plenty of people help me by watching out for me and sometimes it’s someone I don’t know but I helped their friend. And let’s get real, everyone needs a little help in their life so who’s throwing the first stone?

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