NEW Milwaukee Beacon Hard Hat Light Kit

Check out Milwaukee’s brand-new red lithium beacon
hardhat light. This lamp is USB rechargeable and produces 600 lumens of
TrueView light which is easier to see and brighter than your standard LED lamp
the front lamps got a range of functionality from spotlight to flood or
a combination of both each combination will affect the runtime
accordingly and it’s not just so you can see what you’re doing on a dark jobsite
as well but that dual function rear light is for your safety. A total must on
many sites and mines. IP53 rated for water and dust it can take
a knock and it’s chemically resistant too. Hard hat clips are included so it’ll fit
to all makes and styles of hard hats securely. It’s built tough to be worn
while you work it helps you to see what you’re doing as well as be seen so you
can get home safely that’s the beacon hardhat light from Milwaukee. If you have
any questions at all about this lamp hit me up in that comment section below
until next time Tim you’re watching Sydney Tools TV you

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