New Raptor LED Strobe Light Product Demo by Wicked Warnings

Hi. Thanks for watching. This is George at Wicked and what do we have here? What we have here on our workbench is our newest light. I’m thinking I might call it the Wicked Warnings Raptor. It’s sitting
right next to its baby cousin, the Razor and as you can see, proud to announce
they’re sync-able with the Razor. So it’s from the same manufacturer, so the same
family of lights. Just a bigger, bolder version and as you can see, they’re
synchronized in an amber-white right now and we can very easily flip-flop that
color by simply bumping the middle light forward one pattern. Now we’ve got the
alternation of amber-white on the left two over here. I’ll turn them off and I’ll
show you a little more in depth. Alright, so there, as you can see, what we’re
working with here is a larger more robust light. I wanted to create
something specifically for dump trucks, flatbeds, things like that. So we’ve
partnered up and made the bigger brother to the Razor, you can see here together
the size difference between the two of them. We lay a tape measure on this light
here. We’re looking at about 9 inches from end to end. We’re also looking at an
inch and 7/8 in height and our depth here, it’s gonna be an inch and 1/2. As I said,
much bigger than the Razor. Let me disconnect it to give you a little better
view. So here’s the light. It’s got a great 180-degree lens that goes all the
way to the outside edge like that, so you’ll get your 180-degree view all the
way around. It is amber warning, white warning or amber and white warning, and
it also has our popular flood mode white wire for the steady white override. It
comes in a very durable stainless steel shell, so that way it is impact resistant
and hopefully drop proof. So when you mount it on the side of a flatbed, if you have
guys that might be a little aggressive loading and dropping things on the light,
the stainless steel bezel here should take all the abuse that you can throw at
it. Comes with two mounting screws, pre-drilled mounting holes, pre-drilled in the bezel. So I’m thinking Raptor and Razor. What do you guys think? Post up your
comments. Let me know what I should call this new light and it’ll be available
very soon. If you want more information, drop an email to [email protected] and request information on the new light and we’ll get you some of them
right away. We are awaiting our first major shipment. These two were sent in as samples to show you everything that we can do with the light and get it on the
website. So the first load is due in any time. Make sure you send an email and
post up the comments about what we should call it. If I find a name in the
comments that I like, we’ll make sure to get you some Wicked Warnings swag bag
prize of some kind and we’ll name the light after you, whatever you decide it
should be. So have fun with it! Thanks for watching again. This is Wicked Warnings. Stay tuned. you

5 thoughts on “New Raptor LED Strobe Light Product Demo by Wicked Warnings

  1. Good evening, i dont know if im looking right or if its even a product…. but is there a razor that does blue and white instead of orange and white? Im looking to install lights on my truck for road details

  2. Hi joe here . I think, ‘Raptor ‘ is a great name for it. It remains me to the F150 XLT and the F150 Raptor. Thanks or shearing videos .

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