NEW REALISTIC Pokemon Poké Balls from Bandai

what’s up all you sexy geeks and awkward nerds hope you’re having an awesome day I know I am let’s talk about balls pokeballs these these kind of balls right here ooh close one Bandai has actually came out with some pretty realistic pokeballs I mean it’s almost a legit real thing and it’s kind of a big deal because we have never gotten realistic pokeballs ever in the 20 years of post montt has been out I mean we’ve gotten pokeballs that look like this I mean not the best but these folky balls are crazy and st. and blow all the rest out of the water so we’re going to take a look at all the prototype pictures we’re going to talk about all the information that we have about it these are only pre-order items right now they’re not actually out and then we’ll take a little bit of a history trip at some old pokeball toys dating all the way back to the 90s it’s going to be pretty fun so pull out your balls your bookie balls and let’s have some fun together let’s dive right into it you know it’s hard to believe that within pokemons 20 years of existence that we really haven’t gotten a decent pokeball toy or replica you would think at least by year 10 we would have had one but somehow this item this item that is such a cornerstone in the Pokemon franchise has really ceased to exist in both the United States and Japan now that doesn’t mean we haven’t had pokeball merchandise available to us many big-name toy companies and non toy companies have had their attempt at one let’s take a quick look here some past attempts here in my home country the United States Hasbro the world’s third largest toy company lucky enough to be the first to hold a Pokemon toy license in all honesty not a bad attempt for the franchise’s first toy line especially in the 90s you can see that this was pretty much all there was to the toy line besides other random items such as keychains and little beanbag plushies you got a figure of a character from the anime ash misty Brock Jesse James a Pokemon and there it is our first pokeball now you can see the red part is clear and the sizing did seem a bit off I mean it did come with a figure after all I can clearly remember walking into the store as a kid and thinking ma’am this right here will make me a legit Pokemon master it doesn’t get much better than this little did I know it wasn’t going to get much better than this and my impressions we’re going to get anybody either now we can’t talk about pokeball toys and not bring up probably the most famous pokeball toy of them all that’s right Burger King yes even Burger King had their attempt in 1999 with the promotion to go along with the release of Pokemon the first movie 59 toys and all and each coming with their own pokeball and if that wasn’t enough with a little pleading to your parents you could buy one of six 24 karat gold pokemon cards stored in a display pokeball little did we know years later these would flood flea markets and online auction sites the value if it’s in top-notch condition with the box about $10 but at the time the pokeball displays were the best yet and to think it came from Burger King of all places once afro lost his license it was time for toy company Jack specific to step in now Jack’s really did improve on the toy license with its figures and playability but in the pokeball category we really just saw minor improvements the red part was now a solid color like it should have been but now the bottom of the pokeball was flat but much to Jack specifics credit the pokeball is now served an even greater playability purpose Pokemon figures can now pop out of pokeballs recreating the start to a battle oh you were waiting for the rest yeah just the start of the battle sorry you’re a kid use your imagination for the rest but seriously we do have to give Jack’s credit though they really took the Pokemon toy license to the next level introducing so many more elements to the toys than just looks adios nice knowing you Jax we appreciate all you did but we’ll take it from here enter Japanese toy company Tommy to me Oh Tommy now even though Tommy is primarily a Japanese space toy company they do also serve as the United States current Pokemon toy company Tomy does a phenomenal job with the Pokemon toys and their other licenses they’re really great at releasing a wide variety of different toys but the pokeballs are almost identical to Jax sizing color and that silly flat bottom all remains now one thing tell me does hold above the rest of the variety of pokeballs from a regular basic pokeball all the way to a dust ball you can pretty much find any type of pokeball you’re looking for I’m pretty confident when I this i think tell me we’ll probably have the license for a long time and i personally don’t have a problem with that bro toy companies the fast food restaurants and heck even a quick Etsy search pops up some unique homemade pokeballs assures us that there is no shortage of pokeball toys but now we just might have pokeballs to rule over all of their pokéballs something that would even make cosplayers drool from their mouths welcome to the neighborhood bandai this year to coincide with the release of the upcoming Pokemon 20 movie I choose you we have the most beautiful pokeballs today and the pokeballs we deserved years ago releasing into waves later this year they are made of plastic with an amazing shine finish to them not only is the detail on point but the size of the pokey balls are in scale Bandai has even cluded a waist accessory to hold your pokeballs just like a real Pokemon master now the odd thing about this seems to be that they are marketing it towards businessmen and business women okay so maybe they’re marketing images aren’t the best so there’s got to be a downside somewhere here’s the bad news these will only be available in Japan now you could still get your hands on them through secondary market sites or maybe you know someone in Japan they could pick some up for you either way you got a pay-to-play wave one consisting of the basic pokeball drape ball ultra ball master ball premier ball and the coolest of them Pikachu’s wall complete with that cute little lightning bolt will set you back about 5400 yen roughly $49 will have a release date of August 2017 wave 2 consisting of the twig ball dusk ball timer ball heel ball die ball and luxury ball cost seven thousand and twenty yen or roughly sixty four dollars is set to be released in September 2017 now really the only improvements that we could see is metal instead of plastic some lights and then some sound to go with it but I truly feel these are top-notch and will satisfy the itch of a pokeball toy to play with or a cosplay kudos to you Bandai for filling in that void in the marketplace I’ll leave a link in the comments below and you can check the site out for yourself just a heads up it is all in Japanese though wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute there’s mint candies inside the pokeball that’s it for this video guys leave a comment below and let me know your favorite folks montoya of all time you still have one from your childhood maybe you’re playing with one right now either way let me know what a fun discussion about it don’t forget to hit that like button and definitely definitely smash that subscribe button and I will see you all in the next video peace out guys

27 thoughts on “NEW REALISTIC Pokemon Poké Balls from Bandai

  1. So what's your guys favorite Pokemon toys of all time? Make sure to smash that subscribe button you awesome people!

  2. i did take out my ballz i mran poke ballz lmfao great stuff bro!!!!:)))

  3. still got my 24 carrot mewtwo card but I have to say my favorite Pokemon toy was the pikachu when you squeezed it's paws it would talk move it's ears light up it's cheeks it was awesome but I plan to keep my mental gold card man

  4. I remember back in 99 when Burger King released those Pokeballs ! Pretty awesome for a kids meal. I was way past the target demo, but I collected several of them at the time. #gottacatchemall

  5. Awesome video… I subscribed! I live in Japan right now so I will be on the look out for these!! It was really cool to see the history of the toys… Oh, the nostalgia 🙂

  6. If that's an original Game Boy, send it to me! You know how many of those still exist? Not many.

  7. looking forward to these. i ordered a set of 11 but with the shipping time i will probably get em somewhere midway next month. i am worried about how the back will look though because i have not seen a single picture of their back

  8. Yes I remember bugging my parents for the gold pokemon card and trading my xmen toys and pogs for the card. Where is it now? Probably a landfill

  9. Honestly just bought pikachus ball today at an anime convention for 10 buck not even kidding i must admit it is smaller than those pics make it seem tho

  10. These poke balls while looking nice, they are not to scale. They are about half the actual size I would say. And there is no lights or sounds. It’s just a nice case for some mints. I ordered some different ones from Etsy a couple weeks ago. I will let you know how they turn out.

  11. The first half of this video is full of misinformation, its not awful for what the video is meant to do, but still.

  12. watching this video in 2019 and here in texas i saw a poke ball like in japan

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