New River Gorge National River: Adventuring the Gorge

[music] Hi there. I’m Kirsten Minor…
and I’m Julie Bugg. Welcome to New River Gorge National River, where we have over 100 miles of hiking/biking trail, 55 miles of river and world class rock
climbing. Got a few minutes? We’ll show you what we’re talking about. On the upper and middle gorge, there’s class
2 and 3 rapids with quieter water for fishing and swimming. On the lower end, there’s class
4 and 5 rapids to challenge the expert and advanced. Wherever you are, remember — New River is fast and high volume. It has sudden drop-offs,
strong currents and a rocky, uneven bottom. Got one of these? Wear it and wear it right.
It is your safety belt when you’re on the water. [music] New River has bike trails for all experience for all experience levels. For mountain bikers, check out the Arrowhead Trails near Fayetteville where we have 13
miles of single-track, fast trails that interconnect. Other trails in the park follow abandoned
railroad beds and run alongside the river. Some trails provide access to the water and
views of historic sites. And before you go, check out our trails pamphlet
to find out where you can and can’t bike. You can find it online. And while you bike,
please don’t forget this. Like rock? We’ve got rock.
1,400 rock climbing routes line the walls along the lower gorge. Most routes are rated 5.9 and above for the more advanced climber. You can reach many routes from hiking trails.
Some, however, are in remoter locations making rescues difficult. Additional information is a must. Check out our park website for climbing information
and visit our park visitor centers for free brochures and sales items. Whatever sport you choose, plan ahead. Know your skill level. Be smart and be safe. And remember, we share these public landswith others so please be considerate and leave the parks just as you found them, if not better.

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